Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1748

All people obey orders, will immediately have the serious famine beast attack, two cauldron Rank 7 following people use the element and special method make an issue in the under foot of serious famine beast, two cauldron Rank 7 above Expert all send out, to cut off the both legs of serious famine beast, keeping them from leading the way, 16 Expert copy the escape route, separates the support of following wild beast, certainly cannot make that several large-scale wild beast clash the chaotic formation.” Left protector shouts loudly. Everybody understands, once the formation were flushed chaotically, they will be hunted and killed by the wild beast, is unable to counter-attack, the will of the people will also disperse. The wild beasts rather die also to play a role, but they are the person, once the formation were chaotic, is unable to counter-attack, their first response runs away, but does not win the time for others. Wei Guang, and spirit do not leave here, I one will come back.” The frozen prince reminded. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. Before the eyes of frozen prince had Xia Tian, but the ability of spirit makes him hold in high esteem today, therefore he spoke also has taken spirit. Bang! Actually when everybody has doubts serious famine beast where, the ground suddenly starts to vibrate. Time everybody who hears this vibration understood, the serious famine beast appeared. Vibration in ground was the serious famine beast runs to bring. What Zuo Hufa said is real. Has the serious famine beast. At this time the people on the scene are confident, the morale surges upward, has this type to know the probability that the commander-in-chief in match whereabouts, their this fights wins will be big. „The present morale is very high, left protector to do is very good.” Hegemon satisfied nod of. Today left protector the leadership that shows to make him hold in high esteem, moreover those who made him most surprised will be left protector unexpectedly to know that the whereabouts of opposite these wild beasts, this made the fight relaxed.

These wild beasts had the wisdom. They are not that type only understood wild animal that batters, this Advanced wild beast is not only has the fondness of countryside, and is full of wisdom, therefore they are most fearful. Heard that is information that the frozen prince investigates personally, therefore left protector to do to deal immediately.” An demon kills the guard to say. Em, is good.” Saying that the hegemons appreciate. At this time the demon teaches the elites of alliance to get rid, two cauldron Rank 7 above people are the elites in elite, their main attack gets up is very fearful, moreover there are other people to assist in behind, therefore they, so long as were not hit by the wild beast directly, that can very optional display own ability. This type of weaponry hits is a character, happy. This is two characters. Bang. The serious famine beast appeared when the eyes of people, about 20 meters in height serious famine beast, a claw can pat fixed number ten people of that sees such big wild beast, presented all people shocked, if were not ready beforehand, when they saw these five serious famine beasts flushed, they all will definitely escape, because saw this serious famine beast time, they did not have the desire of fight. It can be said that Zuo Hufa has given them the opportunity of rebirth. Perhaps they are escape unable to run away. Was good because of left protector has made them be ready, at this time they have completed a series of traps, although these traps cannot kill the serious famine beast, but can actually slow down the rate of progression of serious famine beast. Big.” Xia Tian saw these serious famine beasts time says with emotion. Elder Brother Tian, they are the fight wild beasts, is very big, moreover they, once runs fully, that is irresistible.” Spirit said.

Meanwhile, scene all two cauldron Rank 7 above Expert flush away to that five serious famine beasts completely, their goals are the legs of serious famine beast. Although they do not understand why left protector must make them attack the leg of serious famine beast, but since left protector ordered, they must obey the direction. Two cauldron Rank 7 and Rank 8 of troop Expert has fired into that five large-scale wild beast. ! The attacks of these people fear. Strikes casually, the surrounding great tree will change into the flying ash. Good fierce one group of people.” Xia Tian says with emotion. These many two cauldron Rank 7 and Rank 8 Expert begins together, this is unique in the serious famine.” The day spirit second child says with emotion, these Expert each figure that takes to become rules a region by force, but they are only the demon teach the soldiers of alliance at this time. These many super Expert attacks, striking power very formidable. Following wild beast saw that serious famine beast was blocked, wants to go forward to help. But at this moment, 16 forms stood upright there, their 16 people as if were 16 unattainable city walls are the same, kept off the support of wild beast there directly. shit, is so abnormal.” Xia Tian sees there fight surprised saying. Words that their 16 people attack fully, that naturally is very overbearing.” Zuo Hufa said. That this little was also too abnormal.” Xia Tian sees their 16 unexpectedly stiffly uncultivated land beast group keeping off outside.

Although they seem the power and prestige, how long but they could not support, after all the strength of their element also had the limit.” Zuo Hufa answered, at this time tactical situation was urgent, if were others chats, that left protector definitely to come up a palm of the hand to pat that person, what chatted was Xia Tian, he will not begin, he not only will not begin, will also answer the question of Xia Tian as far as possible. Xia Tian has seen the abilities of these people. When 5 th elder uses. Two cauldron Rank 8 deep meanings. At this time in Xia Tian also finally experienced in the legend the false domain of frozen prince, the ice has conferred the title of prince upon, the cold ice periphery all will freeze, but the frozen prince was to change into the ice piece at this time, cold ice centered on him by far unceasing spread to the surroundings. In 16 people, attacks at this time terroristly is the strength king, he at this time simply is the incarnation became the war-god. The wild beast is barbaric, batters, when they meet that moment of strength king, was not anything, strength king compared with wild beast barbaric, compared with wild beast battering, his place visited, regardless of any wild beast, all by him as soon as fought with the fists dead. Elder Brother Tian, inside has a very extraordinary wild beast, words that such hits, even if has won, so long as that wild beast gets rid, that we also will be finally annihilated.” Saying that a spirit face worries about. „? Such fierce?” Xia Tian doubts looks to spirit. Em, I listened to these wild beasts probably in shouting the protection a moment ago, they as if in protecting anything, regarding the wild beast, the protection are the orders of highest rank, the wild beast can protect to meet a cruel death, moreover inside probably is not the buried treasure.” Spirit said. „It is not the buried treasure, is what?” Xia Tian surprised saying. Remains!”