Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1749

Remains? What is that?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. I do not know that I also can only listen to a general idea, but I heard remains these two characters from their words.” Spirit said in a low voice, this time left protector still in issuing the operating instructions, therefore he has not heard Xia Tian and dialog between spirit. „Before it seems like should be , the demon killed that corpse that the guard looked up.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. Boss!!” Day spirit second child in the Xia Tian knowledge within the four seas, saying of incomparable anticipation. Spirit, you know that which strongest uncultivated land beast position is at where?” Xia Tian asked. Knows that I can induce to its position, here wild beast does not change from, therefore it treats in the form of main body now there.” Spirit nodded to say. What is changing from?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. „The variety of wild beast is different, the ability is different, some can choose to change from, changes into the human form, but the wild beast does not like humanity, therefore they will not choose to change from, after all the majority of wild beasts want to change from are need cultivation for a long time.” Spirit patient answered. „!” Xia Tian nodded, he has not gone to ask why spirit knows these, everyone has own privacy, Xia Tian also has, therefore he does not want to inquire about the spirit privacy, if these privacy spirit want to tell him, he knows sooner or later, if spirit does not want to tell him, he asked also useless, will affect spirit on the contrary the mood: Spirit, told me the position of wild beast.” Elder Brother Tian, you cannot go, it casual moves can kill your.” Spirit said hurriedly. Boss, ok, many of spirit to wild beast understanding, since she said that that definitely is very dangerous, I do not think that you have an accident.” The day spirit second child has also understood what is heard, that super wild beast is one super exists absolutely, therefore spirit can not make Xia Tian go. Spirit, I may not go, but I want to know position that it is at now, if there is an opportunity I to go, does not have the opportunity, I do not go.” Xia Tian looked that said to spirit. Good, Elder Brother Tian, if no opportunity, do not pass, that fellow is very terrifying.” Spirit said. Saw that spirit is so anxious, Xia Tian also understood, that wild beast is not absolutely simple, otherwise spirit did not need anxiously to become this appearance.

It seems like this time was impossible to succeed.” Xia Tian helpless saying, he also wants to inject the soul of day spirit second child to that body, but seems like is now impossible. Here wild beast was really too formidable. First did not say super wild beast that in had not gotten rid, these wild beasts that solely is the present attacked already enough terrifying. Although left protector has made all people complete the combat readiness. However that five large-scale wild beast was too terrifying, just fought in together shortly , the demon teaches Expert of alliance already the casualties, moreover just started very imposing 16 Expert at this time also to retreat in defeat again and again. Although they just started very formidable, but they jump over their consumption to be in the future bigger, at this time they 16 people of heads all are the sweat . Moreover the opposite wild beast was really too many, how long they cannot delay. Hateful, has not thought that these five large-scale wild beast unexpectedly are so hard to deal with.” Zuo Hufa deeps frown, he wants to let a moment ago ****** Expert pushes the following uncultivated land beast group, then other people attack that five wild beast together, after cutting off the leg of that five wild beast, the bodies of that these five wild beasts have blocked the following uncultivated land beast group, when the time comes other people can use the element to attack. But the plan forever has not changed quickly. Although 16 Expert have truly blocked the uncultivated land beast group. However other Expert add unable to cut off, the legs of these five serious famine beasts. Therefore balance of fight inclined all of a sudden. What to do should, their 16 unable to support how long, once the uncultivated land beast groups and these five large-scale wild beasts converge in together, that was miserable.” Left protector back and forth turns circle, in the mind is thinking deeply about all kinds of means. !

The fierce roar transmits, hears this roar the time together, left protector looks hurriedly to spirit: Spirit, what meaning was roar?” Is calls these wild beasts to speed up the order of speed, perhaps then these five serious famine beasts must breakneck.” Spirit wrinkled the delicate eyebrows slightly. Five serious famine beasts must breakneck, hateful.” Zuo Hufa clenched teeth: N , N , D has spelled, here do not move, I support them.” Em.” Xia Tian nodded. 16 Expert obey orders, no matter I you use any means that delays again for five minutes.” Left protector to exhaust shouts fully loudly, afterward he rushed directly, saw that left protector has gone forth to battle personally, surrounding these Expert also all rushed. On you, assists left to protect buddhist law.” Hegemon light saying. The demon killed the guard to move, demon killed Expert that guard each was selective, their strength lowest was cauldron Rank 5, moreover all was cultivation human body Expert, their mortal body intensity each was very abnormal. At this time these people all turned toward left protector there to flush away. Whiz! Left protector fast flushing away forward, at the same time, in his both hands presented a person of high great hammer, sees this great hammer time, Xia Tian hoodwinked, left protector seems gentle, however his weapon unexpectedly was such thing of violence. Then the big great hammer seems a broom is in his hands same, can brandish easily. Moreover the weapon of great hammer ultimate Spirit Tool rank left protector. Xia Tian discovered that this batch of demons teach the Expert weapon in Advanced compared with serious famine be many, looks like the beforehand that sneak attack sounds of nature City Lord person, in his hand takes is treasure.

However although their weapon very Advanced, but also is the weapons of ultimate Spirit Tool rank. Treasure also similarly is very rare, reason that person has treasure, should be the hegemon gives him, to let him affixes the imperial seal sneak attacks sounds of nature City Lord. Ah! Ah! Ah! Pitiful yells transmit, demon taught the Expert casualties of alliance to be getting more and more serious. Dies.” Great hammer in Zuo Hufa hand pounded directly to a thigh of wild beast. dāng! On great hammer in Zuo Hufa hand adhered to stick cohere a [gold/metal] element, the might on great hammer became bigger. After the great hammer brandishes. Bang! The air has made the explosion same sound, the might of this hammer is doomed is outstanding, the might is unusual. Very strong.” Xia Tian surprised looks left protector the hammer that. Other surroundings people also all looked that to a hammer that left has protected buddhist law, the hammer that left protector shortly must pound on the leg of that serious famine beast, at this moment, another wild beast flushed.