Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1750

Bang! A hammer that left protector pounded directly on the body of other that wild beast. Bang! The body of that wild beast changed into dirt walls, attack that left will protect buddhist law directly keeping off. Hateful!” Zuo Hufa hurried retreat. He has not thought that IQ unexpectedly of these wild beasts so will be high, but also understands the support, his can break the leg of that wild beast a moment ago absolutely, but the super serious famine beast of this earth element has blocked this terrifying directly strikes. These wild beasts are quite fierce, moreover their IQ are very high.” Xia Tian said with emotion, him also thinks a moment ago left protector will certainly go well. That was natural, Elder Brother Tian, they, although has not changed from, however their IQ are not lower than humanity, moreover they can understand the human the words.” Spirit said. What? Can understand the logical expression, that left protector the said words they heard a moment ago.” Xia Tian surprised saying. Em, therefore they intentionally will protect their both legs.” Spirit nodded. Good, is very good, in any case they are the people who the demon teaches, dies dies.” Xia Tian had not forgotten own status, he is the disciple in day Lingshan, he is ambushes, the person who therefore these demons teach does not have any relations with him. Left protector strikes has not gone well, hurried fast retreat, at the same time, the demon killed the guard to clash, has blocked the counter-attack of that serious famine beast for him. Demon kills the guard, ties down that soil series serious famine beast to me, other people help.” Left protector shouts loudly. The demon killed the guard to fire into that huge soil series wild beast, moreover other surroundings two cauldron Rank 7, Rank 8 Expert all has fired also into that giant wild beast, they were want to tie down this wild beast, then gave left protector the sneak attack the opportunity. But they made a mistake. They do not know that these serious famine beasts can understand the words that they spoke, therefore their being doomed are unable to succeed. Bang! Collision that the serious famine beast starts to make an effort to surroundings that several people, when everybody does not understand he must do, that serious famine beast suddenly starts to turn head, at this moment everybody understood, his unexpectedly must turn head to attack that 16 Expert. Sees such scene, left protector shouts hurriedly: Runs away, your 16 a bit faster run away.”

May late, that 16 Expert originally in the tackled uncultivated land beast group wholeheartedly, the flash that this giant wild beast turns head, they without enough time responded radically, moreover they do not have the strength to respond now, two super Expert died in this giant uncultivated land beast under foot instantaneously, three people pulled out to fly by its tail, the life and death does not know. Sees such scene, other Expert all fast retreat. Tactic. Wild beast unexpectedly also started with the tactic. They just started not to go to pay attention to behind that 16 Expert, this is not they do not have the brain, but is they are looking for the opportunity, at this time 16 Expert soon reached the limit, therefore they have carried on the sneak attack. This sneak attack, has killed them instantaneously, three lives refuse stubbornly to know, the probability that but in this case, lives was too low. Other Expert saw that to run away hurriedly backward. Feared. At this moment they have feared, looks that usually the familiar form died, they have feared , the death fear arrived on their bodies, these five serious famine beasts were too terrorist, their unexpectedly will also sneak attack. Hateful!” Zuo Hufa is burning with anger at this time. 16 Expert casualties regarding them are the massive losses, he wants to make these 16 Expert delay meets the time, he quite kills a large-scale wild beast, like this their here pressures can alleviate, but now he not only cannot kill a wild beast, instead by this wild beast killing five super Expert. At this time other 11 super Expert flushed. They 11 conditions are not good, the consumption is big. However everybody also saw their success, 16 person unexpectedly stiffly have blocked these uncultivated land beast groups for a long time. This absolutely is the super strength. But they also reached the limit at this time, in a short time did not have to fight the ability again. 16 Expert casualties five, other 11 people also all removed, these uncultivated land beast groups did not have any impediment, directly flushed. Bang!

The arrival of uncultivated land beast group, gave the front these people to create very tremendous pressure immediately. Dies!” Zuo Hufa has seized the opportunity, when that giant wild beast clashes, a hammer pounded directly on his leg. Bang! Ka! Leg this of that wild beast stiffly left was protected buddhist law breaking by smashing with stone, at the same time left protector fast retreat. Whistling! Left protector the big mouth pants for breath this degree of fight is being the consumption is also big regarding him, but this time has truly made the contribution, that uncultivated land beast leg broke later, the body forward tipping, then the surface uncultivated land beast group was also blocked immediately by its giant body there. ! A sorrowful roar shouted from the mouth of that serious famine beast. Is now.” Great hammer in Zuo Hufa hand to another lead leg of that wild beast pounds once more. Bang! Left protector second to strike hits once more, very smooth, smooth makes left protector a little lifts inconceivable. Pounded this time. Bang! The tail of that wild beast has swept directly. The body that left protector maliciously was flown by pulling out directly. Puff! A blood the mouth that from left protector spouts, the flesh and blood flying in all directions that on chest left protector, directly pulling out did not have by the tail of this serious famine beast.

Left protector.” Surrounding Expert comes up hurriedly the rescue, at this moment, another soil series serious famine beast also flushed, its goal left protector, it looked left protector was fierce, therefore it wants to kill directly left protector. Gave up any idea of!” The demon killed the guard to fire into that wild beast, they got rid together, has blocked that wild beast directly, but injured that uncultivated land beast tail pounded at this time once more to left has protected buddhist law, these, if hit, that left protector to die without doubt. Yeah, thinks that my first illustrious name, unexpectedly will die here.” Very left protector saying that does not dare. ! Seizes dragon. Strength of the cauldron. At this moment, he as if heard Dragon Yin, afterward the form kept off in his front together, the tail of that wild beast on this stopping stiffly in his front. Whiz! Afterward his body carried off directly. Wei Guang, is you!” Zuo Hufa looks at Xia Tian surprisedly, he knows that the attack of serious famine beast tail fierce, he was scratched a moment ago only to one near almost died. Let alone the words, I could not insist quickly.” Xia Tian deeps frown. The demon taught the armies of alliance to start rout. Snort! One flock of wild animals, unexpectedly also dare to block my road.” At this moment, the numerous pshaws reach in the ears of all people together. The pledge was initiative.