Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1751

What rescues left protector is Xia Tian. Reason that he rescues left protector is because he wants to continue the support that mixes also to need left to protect buddhist law here. If Zuo Hufa has had an accident, his status will drop, handles matters to be also troublesome. Because of so, therefore he cannot look that left protector dead. When left protector to see rescues his is Xia Tian immediately is startled. That of serious famine beast tail swept away a moment ago very terroristly, on that contained the strength that is he sees will feel afraid, but Xia Tian unexpectedly has blocked that although before him, has thought Xia Tian can add on him in the most crucial time, but that also was only restricted in that special situation. Like spirit translator spirit beast language. He cannot think absolutely that Xia Tian unexpectedly can in this case save him. After Xia Tian led him to be out of the danger. Bang! The body of Xia Tian fell down directly. When sees such situation, Zuo Hufa understood, Xia Tian definitely used anything to ban the technique a moment ago, the demon teaches inside to have many bans the technique, Xia Tian uses should be in very overbearing one. At this time Xia Tian should be is withstanding backlash. Zuo Hufa really very much thanks Xia Tian now, if Xia Tian does not save him, he must die without doubt. Actually the Xia Tian such big side effect, he has not been to install now, although strength of the cauldron is not he wants with be able to use, but absolutely does not have such big side effect. If he does not fit out this, that left will protect buddhist law will certainly suspect him.

At this time he fits out intentionally is the side effect is very big, even if he anything does not need to explain that left protector can also want to understand. Comes the person, lifts him.” Zuo Hufa said hurriedly. At this moment, the voice of hegemon has conveyed, hegemon unexpectedly got rid personally. The present situation teaches alliance regarding the demon very disadvantageous, because following uncultivated land beast group at this time already with, serious famine beast and wild beast aggregated, front these Expert must draw back, otherwise their will not be careful will die by that crowd of wild beast sneak attacks. But they do not continue to delay the words of serious famine beast, that serious famine beast will flush, their formations same will be chaotic. The hegemons get rid. Sees the hegemon gets rid, the vision of all people all concentrate to pass, regarding them, the hegemon is a legend, living the legend, the hegemon is most formidable person. Whiz! The body of hegemon has shot at that injured ominous beast directly, his speed is fast. Puff! His both hands held on the tail of that injured demon beast fast, at the same time, his both hands make an effort suddenly, afterward the body of that wild beast stiffly had been brandished by him, then big unexpectedly like this directly had been brandished by the hegemon. This was also too terrifying.” Although before Xia Tian, has thought that hegemon was very fierce, but he has not thought that the hegemon can fiercely become this appearance, that wild beast is so big, unexpectedly was turned the tail to brandish by him. That several serious famine beasts have not thought obviously hegemon unexpectedly can be so terrorist, Xia Tian discovered that the hegemon is pure strength cultivation, just like strength king, but his strength obviously already over 10,000 jin (0.5 kg), is strength of the cauldron. Otherwise he is impossible so to be big a head the wild beast to brandish. Bang!

Has not waited to respond from hegemon recent that soil series serious famine beast that directly pulled out to fly by the hegemon, hegemon unexpectedly is brandishing the serious famine beast on this hand, when the weapon, after he pulls out flew that soil series serious famine beast, has not stopped, but all brandishes to fly the surrounding 360 degrees all things, these rushed to the beast group was directly maliciously is also flown by his pulling out. Finally the hegemon threw in that injured wild beast the beast group directly. This wild beast is big, the density of uncultivated land beast group is also very big, these has most at least been battered to death several hundred wild beasts, moreover has created the turmoil in the uncultivated land beast group, simultaneously enhanced the morale of one's own side. Sees such scene, left protector holds the injured body to shout hurriedly loudly: Brothers, clash with the hegemon.” Now the demon teaches the alliance the morale most to surge upward. How left protector possibly to miss this opportunity. These demons teach Expert of alliance to see the hegemon so overwhelming power, all rushed, the balance of fight in one time was steady, because only a person has joined the fight, that is a hegemon. Hegemon was really too fierce.” Xia Tian says with emotion. Whistling, the narrow squeak, almost cannot live a moment ago.” The frozen prince also lies down on the ground is resting. Wei Guang, many thanks you, if not you, I perhaps died now.” Zuo Hufa grateful saying. Their three all lie down on the ground now. Where words protector Sir, this is I should do.” Xia Tian said. I also know that you definitely used anything to ban the technique, this was also your card in a hand, if traded to do is others, their in this case exposed own card in a hand will not save me absolutely, but you actually not hesitant, therefore I truly should, after waiting thank you, I can well thank you.” Zuo Hufa said that he took the therapy compounded drug. Our three just started steadily, now is most miserable, but well died and nobody.” Frozen prince sober saying, saw before that several Expert deaths time he truly feared. Because they are existences of same rank, a moment ago what if got rid to sneak attack is their behind serious famine beasts, that death was they.

A moment ago at that moment, death so short distance contacted their. Em, is living importantly, now the hegemon has gotten rid, this fight should be able to win.” Zuo Hufa knows the hegemon fiercely. Yes, the hegemon is quite fierce.” The frozen prince says with emotion. They saw hegemon Might that side, at this time the fight of hegemon also is still the violence, although did not have that type super to fight a moment ago, but the hegemon can also resist a serious famine beast with ease, reason that a moment ago he can be so imposing, was because that wild beast has been injured, became his living target. At this time other four wild beasts have not been injured, therefore he did not have that opportunity. Bang! The sound of fight continuously, has been short of a threat of greatly ominous beast at this time . Moreover the ominous beasts were shouldered by hegemon, other demons taught Expert to ease many pressures immediately. The balance that fights shortly thoroughly inclined, the hegemon is also more and more overwhelming power, soon, this serious famine beast will also defeat in the hand of hegemon. ! At this moment a giant roar transmits, this roar passes from the forest. Elder Brother Tian, that fellow came out.” Spirit very serious saying.