Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1752

That fellow. Hears this synonym time, Xia Tian knows that was. In forest strongest wild beast. Here can order all that to exist. The Boss of this forest, the protector of that corpse. At this time that strongest wild beast must come out finally. The kings of this head ten thousand beast finally must send the young tiger now, it is here most Expert, looks that own subordinate was nibbled, how it possibly sits by and does nothing, moreover its goal is the protection, it has the human invasion repugnantly. ! This sound spreads, scene all wild beasts simultaneously did retreat, withdraw troops? No, they promote about 500 meters time stopped. ! All wild beasts exclaimed together, they as if were greeting the King to arrive to be the same. The demon teaches the people of alliance not to pursue, they all stand in the hegemon. Looked like has an extraordinary fellow to come out.” On the face of hegemon unexpectedly presented the excited look. He is the demon teaches the hegemon of alliance. The demon teaches in the alliance the strength strongest person, receives existences of all respect. The opposite party is the wild beast in the kings of ten thousand beast. Both were many are the King.

But one is the demon teaches the King of alliance. Another is the King of wild beast. Both must have one time to collide finally in the true sense, reason that before the hegemon plundered spirit stone everywhere is because he must detonate the entire forest with spirit stone, all killed these wild beasts, such will not have the present situation. However now spirit stone was stolen, he also can only have the person positive and these wild beasts carried on to attack. Peaceful! The scene was suddenly peaceful. Entire simultaneously of wild beast there station, moves heedlessly without any wild beast, the demon teaches the alliance here all people also to stand in nobody of hegemon speaks, at this time Xia Tian their three sat. Actually they want to take a look at legend Wang of ten thousand beast are any appearances. At this time the delicate eyebrows of spirit all wrinkle in the same place, obviously she does not want to see the kings of that so-called ten thousand beast very much, she also some worried that as for worrying about anything, perhaps she does not know. Bang! Together form steady falling in that stretch of open area, is height one meter many wild beast, is not big, not only does not have the heads of these serious famine beasts, even does not have these ordinary wild beasts to be big. Its head has an alone corner/horn, four hooves like are the donkeys, his face likely is the lion, his body likely is the leopard, his tail probably is the tiger. Can say this wild beast not Might. Even makes the person seem the feeling does not have no extraordinary. That moment when it presents, behind all wild beasts all crawled there, this sees the etiquette of King, although it looked like common, but it truly was the kings of ten thousand beast. The vision of kings of ten thousand beast took a fast look around on the bodies of all people, when he sees spirit, spirit lowered the head. Humanity, here does not welcome you, get lost.” The Wangkou of that head ten thousand beast spit the criticism.

Hears his mouth spits the criticism time, surrounding person all very surprised, they were first time see to say that the wild beast of logical expression, these wild beasts were really too fierce. The hegemons have taken a look at kings of the ten thousand beast carefully. I do not want with you for the enemy, but I want the buried treasure, you have blocked my way, I must put down your here.” Hegemon very aggressive saying. Good extremely arrogant tone, but I advised politely you to look well that you think in this forest can have the treasure, I told you, here in 1000 did not have humanity to visit, was the treasure that you said world breeding? Even if that most precious object, you think do one have the qualifications to control it?” Very the kings of ten thousand beast disdain looks at the hegemon to ask. The treasure and buried treasure are the person or the super family remain. Is no one can have as for these super most precious objects, if no control of big destiny, then can only be finally injures someone to cause self infliction. „Didn't you say? Why do I want to believe you? Only if you make me go to have a look.” The look of kings of hegemon repugnant ten thousand beast, because Wang of ten thousand beast are looking down upon him probably, he is the demon teaches the hegemon of alliance, true super Expert. He will not make others look down upon absolutely. I here, that nobody can pass.” Wang of Muguang ten thousand beast look with raw hate to the hegemon. The hegemons have not spoken. The scene returned to once more normal. The hegemons did not speak do not represent this matter to pass, this was tranquility before the storm gather. Ka! The hegemons move their arm, afterward his within the body erupts to fight intent infinitely, at this moment the flames of war must light finally, this is the collision between both sides strongest strengths, the collision between hegemons and ten thousand beast kings. Actually are they fiercer?” Xia Tian curious looks to the hegemons and ten thousand beast kings, these two people regarding existence that present him is unable to defeat. I looked that the hegemon is fierce, the hegemon is very strong.” The frozen prince said. I also believe that my strength promotion are more my exceed to think the hegemon terrifying, therefore I thought that the hegemon is fiercer.” Zuo Hufa followed the hegemon to be very long.

That fellow is fiercer.” Spirit light saying. „?” Hears spirit the words, three people looked to spirit. It is here master, it lived most minimum in 1500, the strength early has achieved inconceivable Realm, moreover its main body moving clouds and flowing water, fight time can have very big superiority, moreover its alone corner/horn understood at a glance that is the might is infinite, it should be the Ancient wild beast.” Spirit said. Ancient wild beast? What is that?” The people look puzzled to spirit. „In the wild beast very fierce that.” Spirit does not know how should explain. The people have not continued to closely examine, at this time everybody will focus on the body of hegemons and ten thousand beast kings of once more, scene all demons looks to the hegemon who teaches the alliance Expert is anticipates. Regarding them, the hegemon is the legend, but the kings of opposite that ten thousand beast should also be terrifying existence. Sees the hegemon to get rid not the easy matter, this opportunity is once in a thousand years. Especially the fight of this rank, this regarding their later growth, is important. „The kings of ten thousand beast? In my eyes is a joke, nobody can block the path that I go forward.” Saying of hegemon coldly, above his both hands has twined black air/Qi afterward, on his face the blue vein sticks out suddenly, muscle from top to bottom rises suddenly instantaneously. My that nobody can rush here.” The kings of ten thousand beast lowered the head, the alone corner/horn of its head turned into the golden color instantaneously. Kill! Both sides have fired into one instantaneously, this is the ultimate collisions of two big Expert.