Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1753

Bang! When two big Expert collide after together, both sides returned the home position. Silent. This person of beast fighting speed was too a moment ago fast, they have not seen clearly, how therefore everybody did not know the result. Crossed three minutes of nobody to speak. After five minutes. We walk.” The hegemons have turned around, flew back to the chair place directly. Saw the hegemon to come back, all Expert of demon also all removed, the hegemon said removed, they naturally must withdraw. That fought regarding all people a moment ago many are a riddle. How nobody knows the result. The kings of ten thousand beast also brought that flock of wild beasts to leave. Comes the person, has a look at that several injured super Expert quickly, no matter must look to me, other people will give me the injured brothers belt to go back.” Zuo Hufa shouts hurriedly. During the fight, two super Expert deaths, three super Expert life and death do not know, if this war continued, that three people can definitely die cannot die again, but the war has not continued now, perhaps that they also had a slim chance of survival.

They are the demon teach Expert of alliance, left protector such shouted that will make everybody hopeful. After all no one is able to guarantee the own later fight will not be injured, in the situations of ten thousand First Layer wounds got rid, that died finally, that type desperate is terrorist, at this time left protector such shouted that lets present in all will of the people one warm. The fight ended. Enormous and powerful treasure hunt team such had finished, before they come, is holding very excitement, but their anything has not obtained now. What is main was each of them has paid 50,000 low grade spirit stone, at this time drew back them also is really not willingly. Although is not willingly, but they do not have any means that these wild beasts were really too strong, the especially final that wild beast, the strength was the strong fearfulness, the hegemons took him not to have the means. Although everybody does not want to acknowledge, but they understand that the hegemon definitely has not grasped has killed the kings of that head ten thousand beast, therefore ordered to withdraw troops. The hegemons cannot rush, can they be able to be what kind of? The enormous and powerful person went back to walk for three days, came time, they were energetic, therefore the speed was fast, however went back was different, went back on them had the wound, the speed of march on slowly. Arrives the tiger leaps outside the city time, the hegemon has anchored the footsteps, his vision looked that on the scene has opened the mouth to say to the people afterward slowly: Buried treasure position was I have possibly made a mistake, went back to rest, after waiting to rout eight big entrance allied armies several days later, I carefully was studying the storehouse treasure chart.” Hears the words of hegemon, the silent demon taught the people also to restore all the way. They think before 50,000 low grade spirit stone such blindly fell, after they hear the words of hegemon, they were happy immediately, the meaning of hegemon is telling them, you have the opportunity.

After the people returned to the city, starts to heal from a wound, three days later, Zuo Hufa was called City Lord Mansion, after he comes out and left protector to call Xia Tian. Hegemon called me and right protector to have secret mission to give us.” Left protector light saying. Xia Tian and frozen princes have not spoken. Left protector from the bosom has put out a chart: This chart is to photocopy version, this is the so-called storehouse treasure chart, you look, this storehouse treasure chart is just the same as forest inside mountain.” Xia Tian and frozen prince, when sees chart to nod, but Xia Tian suddenly thinks this storehouse treasure chart unusual looking familiar. But at once he could not have thought that which was. Boss, this map is not the tiger leaps behind the city mountain, but is day Lingshan.” At this moment, the day spirit second child opens the mouth to say suddenly. Heard the words of day of spirit second child, Xia Tian wants to understand all of a sudden, he said how such to look familiar, this was not just day Lingshan, position unexpectedly of this storehouse treasure chart was day Lingshan, after learning of this news, Xia Tian was startled at heart immediately. Originally that so-called unrivalled buried treasure unexpectedly in day Lingshan, this news, if passes on, perhaps on that day Lingshan is going the rivers of blood. Because of this chart, therefore the hegemon leads us to seize the tiger to leap the city, the hegemon also knows that before the fellow in forest is not affable, therefore he planned spirit stone that with receiving has destroyed the entire forest directly, but has not thought that spirit stone lost.” Zuo Hufa helpless shaking the head. Now what to do that should we?” The frozen prince asked. „The hegemon called us two pasts a moment ago, said to our two that he suspected the buried treasure is not that mountain, but is other mountains, therefore hopes our two to be able secret investigation.” Zuo Hufa answered.

Isn't that mountain? In this chart picture is obviously same as that mountain.” Frozen prince puzzled saying. Hegemon said that wild beast should not lie, there definitely is not the storehouse treasure place . Moreover the hegemon has now been injured, he was impossible to go with that wild beast again hard anti-.” Zuo Hufa said. „Was hegemon injured?” The time frozen prince and Xia Tian who hears this news are startled. Em, low voice, cannot make anybody know that the war nears, will affect the morale of troops, the hegemon said that uncultivated land beast strength was too terrifying, even if were he cannot win absolutely, moreover that wild beast has guaranteed with him, this forest absolutely did not have the buried treasure.” Zuo Hufa answered. That looked like the buried treasure place has other place.” The frozen prince nodded to say. Em, therefore we need to investigate well, this needs us to stress one about the person who the serious famine knows.” Zuo Hufa said. Sir, happen to tomorrow here will come a person, she is the disciple in day Lingshan, before she and my person under have cooperated, happen to now she was expelled a day of Lingshan, I thought that this possibility will have big using, therefore I called people to bring her, I heard before her, probably was the day Lingshan anything scarlet disciple, the status was high, therefore she should quite know about the serious famine.” The frozen prince said. Yuanyuan!” In the Xia Tian mind presented this name. He knows that person in frozen prince mouth is Yuanyuan, because the before subordinate of Yuanyuan, and frozen prince has cooperated, to kill Xia Tian, moreover Yuanyuan was expelled the scarlet disciple in day Lingshan. Therefore this person certainly is Yuanyuan. Yuanyuan can definitely look at this is day Lingshan, she hates day Lingshan, she will certainly tell frozen prince place is day Lingshan, when the time comes day Lingshan must meet with a disaster.” Xia Tian innermost feelings immediately one tight.