Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1755

Chest was penetrated!!” Hears this news time, Xia Tian is startled immediately. Before the hegemons and ten thousand beast kings to war that nobody saw, only knows that finally resembled the hegemon not to have any superiority, but he has not thought of chest unexpectedly of hegemon penetrating by the kings of ten thousand beast. The strength of hegemon is very terrifying. Absolute tripod Expert. But unexpectedly linked him one to be penetrated the chest by the kings of ten thousand beast. At this time the Xia Tian back is the cold sweat. Is good has not gone to steal remains because of him, otherwise, he now perhaps is a deceased person. „The kings of ten thousand beast are fierce, his alone corner/horn penetrated the chest of hegemon in the flash, if not it keeps the hand intentionally, hegemon penetrated was the heart, but the hegemon afterward the hegemon does not know why fast has changed clothes, therefore everyone discovered.” Spirit said. Why spirit does not know. But Xia Tian knows. Reason that hegemons fast trading clothes because of him for face, and for stability morale of troops, if makes the person know that the hegemon almost died, that demon will teach the will of the people of alliance to be lax. The allied armies of eight big entrances must hit shortly, the words that at this time the morale of troops was defeated and dispersed, they lost. Therefore the hegemon has been supporting by hard and stubborn effort. This regarding Xia Tian absolutely is a good news. He so was fierce in the worried hegemon before, the allied armies of that eight big entrance are impossible to win, was the present hegemon unexpectedly severe wound, other Expert were also has the wound, the allied armies of such eight big entrances had the achievement assurance. Spirit, kings are the ten thousand beast you have seen the fiercest wild beast?” Xia Tian suddenly very curious looked that asked to spirit.

„It is not.” Spirit shook the head. „? Kings of were the ten thousand beast so fierce also not?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Em, it is truly fierce, but it is not I have seen fiercely.” Spirit nodded to say. You have seen where is the strongest wild beast?” Xia Tian asked again. Also is the serious famine.” Spirit said. „? In the serious famine does unexpectedly have compared with king of also fierce wild beasts ten thousand beast?” Xia Tian surprised saying, he has thought the kings of ten thousand beast are in the serious famine the strongest uncultivated land are beastly, but listens to a spirit such saying now, he discovered one underestimated the serious famine. In serious famine the strongest wild beast lives in the uncultivated land beast region, there is gathering is in the serious famine strongest one group of wild beasts.” The spirit world said. „.” Xia Tian nodded. Actually Xia Tian has had a question, actually spirit is, but he is embarrassed asks directly, at this time Xia Tian has a suspicion, that is spirit is not a person, but is a wild beast of changing from. Because understanding of spirit humanity are few, on the contrary is to the wild beast understanding unusual are many, moreover she can also understand the language of wild beast. All sorts of signs indicated that spirit 80% are the wild beast changes from. When spirit spoke of uncultivated land beast region, Xia Tian had 90% has determined, because spirit said that she has seen Xia Tian, but looked that spirit just arrived at the world, therefore before her, saw Xia Tian should in uncultivated land beast region there, that time that Xia Tian chased down. After knowing these, Xia Tian has not changed to spirit any loves, he still regards spirit is Little Sister regards. Xia Tian becomes friends does not care about her is anything, only cares about her is sincere, spirit treats Xia Tian is very sincere, therefore Xia Tian has also taken spirit, when gets married Little Sister to treat. Xia Tian has not exposed spirit the status, since spirit wants to conceal the truth, he made spirit conceal the truth.

Spirit is the wild beast or the person is in any case unimportant regarding him. He only knows that spirit is his Little Sister. Thump! The Xia Tian gate was sounded. Prince, you came to come to be OK directly, but also always knocked on a door.” The Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye saw frozen prince directly. I did not fear that you are not convenient.” The frozen prince pushed the door to come in directly. Time has not arrived, what matter does the prince have?” Xia Tian asked. Wei Guang, I come, had a matter to want with you to say.” The frozen prince opens the mouth to say. „The prince has the matter to tell and that's the end.” Xia Tian said. „Hadn't anything told that has a matter to make you help.” The frozen prince said. What matter?” Xia Tian asked. I want to play dead.” The frozen prince said. Plays dead? What meaning?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to the frozen prince. I with you, when the trusted subordinate you told that your boy cannot betray me.” The frozen prince looks very earnestly to Xia Tian. I pledged.”

Was good, was good, do not pledge that I, since wants to tell you that believes you.” The frozen prince lags behind the hand that Xia Tian must pledge to continue saying: Is this, I participated in this alliance before, actually rushes to the buried treasure to come, although now the buried treasure has not obtained, but I have plundered the good thing, these thing enough my cultivation have used, therefore I plan to be separated from here.” Why?” Xia Tian asked. Just started me to think that hegemon strength formidable, has him to lead us, we can definitely obtain the treasure, but the time one is long I to discover that the temperament of hegemon is strange, under works in him, momentarily possibly was killed, said again, can that buried treasure find is uncertain, even if had found, I also feared one have not assigned to enjoy.” The frozen prince answered. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. I, if leaves directly, will be gossipped, moreover I also feared that the hegemon will get rid to me, therefore I planned that is separated from here by the status of playing dead, then leaves the serious famine directly.” The frozen prince said. I knew.” Xia Tian nodded. Therefore I need you to help, actually I know, deceitful is you, because I have seen your sharp incomparable [gold/metal] blade, is kills to assassinate black clothed the blade of that Gold Thread, the flame queen guesses right, is the basket that in dungeon you destroy, reason that I have not said am because I know that I sooner or later will use you.” The frozen prince looks at Xia Tian to say. Hears the words of frozen prince, Xia Tian has not spoken, he just started also to think that the frozen prince is exploding him, but hears the latter half a word words of frozen prince, Xia Tian understood, the frozen prince is not exploding him, but has discovered truly his status. You walked, your subordinate what to do?” Xia Tian asked. My subordinate can all listen your, these people are I recruited, I am different from other Expert, they have their entrance, but I do not have, I have come and gone freely.” The frozen prince said. Good, when do you plan to play dead?” Xia Tian asked. Early tomorrow morning.” The frozen prince said. Good, I for the road that you prepare exiting, later our two perhaps could not see.” Xia Tian said. Em, just before leaving before , reminded your one time again, careful left protector.”