Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1756
Em?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to the frozen prince: Although I know that left protector is not the lamp of province oil, but you are very probably high to his vigilance.” Xia Tian does not understand that the frozen prince so will be why vigilant left protector, he more than once reminded Xia Tian carefully left to protect buddhist law. I you told a matter, after listening to this matter, you will understand my meaning.” The frozen prince looks very earnestly to Xia Tian. What matter?” Xia Tian asked. „Before assassinating the black clothed, is the trusted friend who left protector.” The frozen prince said. Anything!” Hears this news time, Xia Tian stared in a big way the eye. Although this matter is very secret, but I actually from assassinating black clothed there have heard this news, although he said.” The frozen prince said. I understood your meaning.” Xia Tian nodded. He understands finally the frozen prince so has been why vigilant left has protected buddhist law, because assassinates the matter of black clothed, before assassinated the black clothed for left to protect buddhist law the management, he possibly thinks one displayed was stronger, then left will protect buddhist law more will hold in high esteem to him, but he has made a mistake, when he put out oneself all cards in a hand, he caused coveting of left having protected buddhist law. Left protector to look for the new trusted friend, that was the frozen prince and Xia Tian, then made them kill has assassinated the black clothed, will assassinate all treasure of black clothed to rob, assassinated the black clothed to have a dream does not have to think one can be such fate. At this time Xia Tian and frozen prince as well as spirit displays is fiercer, left will protect buddhist law more will covet them. Then they are the second assassination black clothed. I what goal, no matter you mix are, but I must remind you, should better a bit faster leave here, left protector knows that the hegemon has been injured, he forever places the first benefit, once he felt that the demon taught the allied armies unable to shoulder, he without hesitation will throw the hegemon, oneself ran away, you think to look, before he ran away, what will the last matter make?” The frozen prince looked that asked to Xia Tian. Has killed me and spirit, robs our treasures.” Xia Tian light saying.

Right.” The frozen prince nodded. I knew.” Xia Tian acknowledged that oneself before truly to left protector relaxed vigilantly, but at this moment, he restored vigilantly. Good, in the evening I look for you.” The frozen prince said. Em.” Xia Tian nodded, afterward he directly quietly fled from the window, spirit treats in the room, sits spirit vision firm saying in room: Who dares to move Elder Brother Tian, I have killed anyone.” After Xia Tian leaves, the place that he goes to is west, he in the channel that the west covert place has dug exiting directly, and doing the symbol, he returned to his residence afterward, reason that he does not walk the gate, to provide against contingencies. The night falls. Xia Tian was bringing spirit and frozen prince goes left to protect buddhist law there together, at this time left protector there to gather many people, two cauldron Rank 7 above Expert that before these entered the war all here. This manor is holding a banquet at this time. Peaceful.” Left protector beckoning with the hand of gently. The surrounding person was peaceful immediately. „The main purpose that today I hold this banquet was to thank Wei Guang has rescued my life.” Zuo Hufa drew his side Xia Tian, afterward continued saying: Wei Guang is my savior, starting today, if who dares unable to pass with him, that do not blame me not being impolite.” Left protector this is setting up prestige, his words are telling others, do not look that Xia Tian Realm is not high, but you must respect him, otherwise I do not comply. This matter Xia Tian should be very affected, after knowing to assassinate the matter of black clothed, Xia Tian does not have any has been moved, he even felt the crisis.

Left protector to him more is good, the beginning time of then on the distance left protector was nearer. The Xia Tian present status elevated all of a sudden, has left protector to support, that is other super Expert must give him the face. Moreover, my also matters must announce that this matter is the hegemon makes me announce.” Zuo Hufa said. Hearing is the hegemon lets announce that the people were peaceful, the hegemon lets the matter that announced absolutely is the important matter. Because must carry on with the allied armies of eight big entrances recently immediately has always fought a decisive battle, therefore the hegemon decided that mixes all strengths separatedly, has super Expert to lead, fights a decisive battle with the allied armies of eight big entrances.” Zuo Hufa said. Hears words that left protector, everybody understood his meaning, is led them to fight by super Expert of frozen prince rank, this does not have what extraordinarily, because before , they also like this fight. But before , has many skirmishers, therefore fights to be chaotic. The opportunity of this time being to counter-attack, truly needs to reorganize the team. „It was recently big because of the change of super Expert, therefore the hegemon decided that designates 12 super Expert.” The vision that left protector after the surrounding person took a fast look around saying slowly: Beforehand 18 super Expert, died now three, is assassinates the black clothed separately, soul Venerable and ghost king \; Severe wound has four, separately is the flame queen, the golden fist tyrant, Black Gown and corpse king, they cannot fight again, now they had been delivered to a safe place therapy, therefore the hegemon had designated 12 Expert, are generally called 12 star Mr.” 12! Hears left protector to speak of 12 times, the people stare, before was 18 people, now died three, severely wounded four, should be remaining 11 was right. Was Zuo Hufa miscalculates. It is not right.

If Zuo Hufa miscalculated, he will not say 12 star Monarch titles. In other words. The hegemons have selected new super Expert, works as that 12 th person, thinks of here, people on the scene very excited, elects a person, represented them to have the opportunity. They may be very yearn to this position. So long as can become 12 star Monarch, that status will rise suddenly all of a sudden . Moreover the later advantage will be also getting more and more. Strength king, the frozen prince, the blue seductive woman, Niu Wang, the years emperor, the blue former Great Emperor, the jade sword emperor, the demon blade king, god (spear|gun), the turtle double variant leaves ranks.” Left protector said loudly. Their 11 people walked directly. Hegemon grants you star Monarch medal, this medal is representing your status.” Zuo Hufa has put out 11 medals. Their 11 people all received medal, afterward left has protected buddhist law and put out the last medal, sees this medal time, all person eyes all centralized on that medal. „The 12 th person is.”