Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1757

The 12 th person is all people anticipates. Fate these people are also Expert of first, regarding this position, they is also drools with envy, because this is the symbol of status and advantage. Peaceful! All people all static looks protector toward left. „The 12 th person is.” The Xia Tian vision looked in the surroundings once more: He is Wei Guang.” What?” Hearing is own time, Xia Tian stares immediately: Protector the Sir, I am incorrect, I am only a boy of cauldron, the strength am insufficient the obedience, moreover I am not interested in this star Monarch's position.” Who said you unable obedience, the war time, if not you, I possibly know that the front information, these information can reverse the entire war sometimes, moreover you have also saved me from the subordinate of serious famine beast, can block besides the hegemon who the serious famine beast strikes fully is you, is this also insufficient the obedience? Moreover this time is the hegemon mentions by name personally.” Left protector said directly. Surroundings these people a moment ago also very excitedly, when they hear the 12 th person are Xia Tian, on their faces all presented the disappointed look, just started them also to think that will have the opportunity, but looked now that any opportunity did not have. Because this is the hegemon personally orders. No one can change. Was good, this matter was needless saying that such has decided that moreover, all two cauldron Rank 7 and two cauldron Rank 8 Expert disrupted the subdivision completely, the population gets down on average, when the time comes I with Wei Guang one team.” Zuo Hufa understands, if lets Xia Tian one team directly, that these two cauldron Rank 7 and two cauldron Rank 8 Expert definitely is not willing with him, because the Xia Tian strength is insufficient the obedience. Even if were he said intentionally Xia Tian detection ability, blocked the greatly ominous beast to strike, these two cauldron Rank 7 and Rank 8 Expert is not willing with his one team. Once because erupts into the war, but super Expert unusual butt buffer, if behind does not have super Expert, they always did not feel relieved that because they worried that bumps into opposite party Expert time to be helpless. However was now good, Zuo Hufa said that with Xia Tian one team, that did not have the issue, strength very formidable that left protector, although left protector has been injured now, however other Expert did not have the wound, camel of skinny was big. Even if left protector injured, his strength is also very formidable.

Stood in line to finish quickly, each star Monarch behind had 14 two cauldron Rank 8 Expert on average. Because there is a attendance that left protector, therefore Xia Tian behind also some people voluntarily have joined, after standing in line to finish, the banquet continued, everybody was chitchatting mutually, left protector to call in a corner the frozen prince. Before long the frozen prince walked. Perhaps Wei Guang, I must carry on to plan ahead of time.” The frozen prince said. How?” Xia Tian asked. Left protector that several injured super Expert has placed one, he made me kill that several people, took carry back that several Chu bangle of person.” The frozen prince facial color is very ugly. Greedy.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. I have prepared scapegoat, and I will tell that several person truth, besides the flame queen, other people I plans to let off, the flame queen is I gives your final gift.” The frozen prince understands that the flame queen hates Xia Tian, if the flame queen does not kill, she will retaliate Xia Tian sooner or later. Many thanks.” Xia Tian cups one hand in the other across the chest to say. Said goodbye.” Zuo Hufa said that went out of the courtyard quietly, Xia Tian has treated here, he cannot walk, this will not cause the suspicion that left protector. Many two cauldron Rank 7 and two cauldron Rank 8 Expert all goes forward to inquire after the well being of Xia Tian. After two hours. Whiz! A shadow falls on the front that left has protected buddhist law.

Sees this shadow time, the person was all peaceful. Reported left protector, the enemy raided, four injured super Expert died, other three missing, frozen prince to save them also died in battle.” That black-clothed person said. Attract! Heard his words, all people have all held breath cold air. The enemies raid! unexpectedly has the so terrifying enemy to raid. The frozen princes died in battle. Hears the frozen prince died in battle this news time, brow that left protector immediately a wrinkle, this news regarding him is not the good news, the flame queen died he to understand that what he did not understand will be why another three big Expert will run away, that three person wounds of were very serious, frozen prince unexpectedly cannot kill their three, moreover instead by their three killing. This also too exaggerated. What's the matter?” Zuo Hufa asked hurriedly. „When we hear the fight the sound has overtaken, goes to the place time discovered that the flame queen died, the corpse of frozen prince on the avenue, he broken corpse, we were protected three other Expert people also to die, that three super Expert is missing.” black-clothed person said. Guides.” Zuo Hufa clenched teeth to say. He has not thought that result unexpectedly turned into this, he makes the frozen prince handle matters, but the frozen prince died now, these people were also missing, but on these Expert many good things. Now all does not have.

Xia Tian hears this news time relaxed. The frozen prince has succeeded, killing flame queen who he succeeds, and escaped, other three big Expert should also together run away with him. When Xia Tian they arrive at the scene, all was shocked by the scene. The death shape of that corpse was too miserable, if did not die this person of clothes to be the same with the frozen prince, here everywhere is the ice element aura, they have not been able to distinguish front broken corpse are really the frozen princes. Hateful, hateful, actually this is who does.” Zuo Hufa angry shouting. The people on the scene think the anger of left protector what is because he and frozen prince relate, now saw that the frozen prince died, his will not be very happy like this, but Xia Tian knows that he because of not being able to obtain these treasure will be angry. „, Looks up to me, no matter, I want him dead.” Left protector shouts loudly. Xia Tian had not spoken. Words that Wei Guang, you from now on, that person have not caught, you cannot leave my side, who I must have a look but actually am opposing with me.” Zuo Hufa shouts. Yes!” Xia Tian nodded. „The subordinate of frozen prince also all turned over to you.” Left protector said directly. That night Xia Tian and spirit lives in the manor that left protector, next morning, is a news transmits. Transmission biological attack by unclear, in transmission all people died, transmission was destroyed.