Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1758

Hears transmission was destroyed this news time, left protector is more depressed. The death of frozen prince has become to other party loses very much. Because that several super Expert treasure his anything has not obtained, thinks the after disciples in day Lingshan came, can help him have a look at the storehouse treasure chart, finally now may be booing, the disciples in that day Lingshan just left transmission to catch up with unclear biological destruction transmission. Now was good. The people died, transmission was also destroyed. He not only cannot render meritorious service, will make the hegemon reprove on the contrary. It seems like I cannot treat here was too long, now the hegemon is injured, on other Expert also has the wound, their strengths all greatly fall short accidentally the decisive battle time lost has troubled, I must seize the opportunity to run away directly, leave here, but before walking, I must all dig Wei Guang and spirit secret, especially that Wei Guang, his unexpectedly caught that serious famine beast struck, perhaps on him had any rare treasure, or special merit law, if I can obtain, that perhaps I in the future on can exceed the hegemon.” Left protector innermost feelings secretly thought. Xia Tian rescues his life, although he on the mouth feels grateful, but in the innermost feelings he has been keeping thinking about Xia Tian to rescue his skill. Along with the time little past, demon taught the person complete contraction of alliance the tiger to leap the city, the person of going out also all comes back. The tiger leapt the person who the city escaped from also finally to meet the allied armies of eight big entrances. In the allied armies of eight big entrances, the gate hosts of all entrances sit at this time study here, if the attack tiger leaps the city. Report! The tiger leapt City Lord and tiger of city leaps Expert of city to run away.” Under a famous artisan reported. What? Too was really good, knows how to run away?” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan asked. Probably was rescued.” Under the famous artisan said. Transmitted orders calm tiger well to leap the brother in city, please come up City Lord.” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan said.

The tiger leaps the people in city to be rescued, this absolutely is a good news, moreover is great merit one, the tiger leaps in the city, but the building up demon teaches the alliance the strongest strength, they can run away from inside, this matter can inspire the army absolutely the morale. Moreover they can also leap city City Lord there to understand in the city from the tiger the newest condition. No matter from any perspective, this news is the good news. We hammered the elders in Jinshan to mix in the tiger to leap the city, life-saving certainly was he.” Hammers mountain main very proud saying of Jinshan. That is uncertain, the elders in our wonderful Danshan have also gone, perhaps is the person who the elders in our wonderful Danshan save.” The mountain of wonderful Danshan main also directly opens the mouth to say. Do not want to fight, their several people initially together went, in my opinion, should be they do together, they are the elders of our several big entrances, strength formidable, this matter does not have what difficulty regarding them.” The mountain lord of god mountain said. Is, is, the elders of our few room of mountains also together go, went to these many Expert definitely is they achieves.” The mountain hosts of few room of mountains said. At this time these leaders are proud, in their opinion this first-class honor should be their. Entrance big ratio time, day Lingshan shines the brilliance greatly, making their several entrances feel ashamed, the hegemon of this alliance is day Lingshan, this made those present more depressed. Therefore they have been snatching merit, this can the relaxing board speak, when the time comes the mountain hosts in day Lingshan order them, they can also not listen, because they have the merit. They do not like being ordered by day Lingshan Shan Zhu. The merit forever is the chip that they talked. Especially such big merit. Leapt in the city all Expert to rescue the tiger, that was about ten ten thousand Expert.

Moreover this may promotes the morale best news absolutely. Before saw the tiger leapt the city impregnable bastion the time, how the people are wanting to attack a city, even also had about the demon taught the legend of alliance fast is spreading in the military compound, these news taught Expert of alliance to be more in the commendation demon. This makes the allied armies of eight big entrances have a feeling of not beating, thinks that is impossible to hit. But now these many tigers leap city Expert to run away from inside, that leaps the city on behalf of the tiger is not the impregnable bastion, but is the ordinary city, inside can Expert many be what kind of? At this time the mountain of that several entrance main complacent, they were waiting for the tiger leapt City Lord of city to come to them to express gratitude personally. Treads! The tiger leapt City Lord of city to walk. Hello, I am tiger leap City Lord of city, here I leap the city to thank everybody for the tiger, thanks everybody for eight ten thousand Expert that runs away.” The tiger leaps City Lord grateful saying of city. You said that is whom is thanking? Who saves your you to thank anyone, do not thank the allied armies, what to do if some people regard themselves the representatives of allied armies.” That person who mountain main mystifying saying of few room of mountains, he said is the mountain lord in day Lingshan. Because the mountain hosts in day Lingshan are the hegemons of allied armies, therefore said generally thanked, should be the mountain hosts in day Lingshan replaces the allied armies speech. Is, explains.” The mountain lord of god mountain said. „, Truly should explain, our tiger leaps the city from now henceforth also to be grateful to this entrance.” The tiger leaps City Lord of city to say. That said.” Hammers mountain main very impatient saying of Jinshan. Saves our Mr. Xia Tian in person day Lingshan.” The tiger leaps City Lord of city to say.

Anything!” Hears this news time, the mountain of that several entrance main immediately one startled, unexpectedly is the disciple in day Lingshan, moreover Xia Tian, Xia Tian this name they may not be strange, because Xia Tian, when the entrance big ratio shines the brilliance greatly. Therefore they understand this name very much. At this time those who hear the life-saving when is the people in day Lingshan, hammers Jinshan their several mountain hosts to redden all over the face. They a moment ago also to the mountain main speech of day Lingshan taunted there, now others must thank are day Lingshan, early knows that was such result, they might as well did not ask that such tiger leapt is all of them who City Lord of city thanked. Those but who now others thank is the mountain hosts in day Lingshan. You have remembered incorrectly, is that Xia Tian assists you who our elders save?” The mountains of few room of mountains main said hurriedly. „Did the elders of expensive faction also go in? I do not know that but thanked you, you can send for are leap the city biggest attendance to our tiger, but I want to ask, do you send several parts of people to go will not bring to the attention of opposite party? If a side exposition, will implicate other people?” The tiger leaps City Lord puzzled asking of city. Hears the tiger to leap the city City Lord words, the mountain main complexion of that several entrance immediately changes. All leaves ranks to me.” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan give a loud shout.