Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1760

Besides the mountain of day Lingshan main, nobody knows that on the confidential letter writes anything. When they noticed that Shan Zhu the expression knows above definitely writes very big matter, otherwise the mountain of day Lingshan main so will not be surprised, but four elders and six elders fast received the confidential letter, after they have read the confidential letter , the complexion changes, afterward their fast disappearances in main hall. Sees all these times, everybody understood, day Lingshan definitely had any important matter to occur. All people obey orders, tomorrow will launch the general attack, Xia Tian will open the city gate for us, will defer when the time comes to doing that Xia Tian will say, will enter a city to defer to him to say shouting that.” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan said. This is he issues the most Freshman order, the allied armies of eight big entrances bring to want the combatant all the way much, over a billion Expert. His orders, over a billion people will breakneck. The general attack must start finally. The mountain of day Lingshan main has also used him and Xia Tian final communication symbol. Next morning. The allied armies of eight big entrances leapt the city to encircle the entire tiger directly, over a billion people regarding a city, such scene were magnificent. The tiger leapt the demon in city to teach the allied armies also at the same time to prepare defense. Xia Tian after receiving Shan Zhu the order, he started to prepare for opened city gate, moreover he quietly has also dug a big tunnel, this big tunnel was the surprise-attack forces, entered the enemy internal surprise-attack forces. This surprise-attack forces are leapt City Lord of city to lead by the tiger, he knows that this mission is dangerous, all he decides to lead the tiger to leap the elites in city to harass the interior of enemy personally. This time tiger leaps in the city. Brothers, we are perfection, although opposite party large number of elderly persons, but we have this indestructible city wall, moreover we are the elites, defeats opposite party these mob to be a cinch radically.” Left protector shouts loudly. 11 star Monarch also nodded, afterward they lead their super under starts to go to the surrounding city wall gathering. Because Xia Tian and left protector in a team, therefore they in main gate position.

This is group war, is not single Tiao. Therefore 11 star Monarch each are protecting all parties. Whiz! A shadow falls on the side that left protector, to left protector spoke a few words on the quiet. Wei Guang, do not wander about aimlessly, I go right to protect buddhist law there.” Zuo Hufa said. Em!” How Xia Tian was worrying a moment ago is still separated left protector, good to open the city gate, now left protector unexpectedly to leave, this has given a Xia Tian big opportunity. After Zuo Hufa left. „Left side your several, half go to help, right half go, city gate here does not need to manage, the city gate builds with the special material quality, is harder than the wall, nobody can open.” The Xia Tian order said. Yes!” These two cauldron Rank 8 Expert flush away to the two sides directly. Spirit, one will tail me, I go to the Kaesong gate, then our two directly clash, cannot turn head, if I guess right, after left protector, certainly must begin to our two, therefore our two must escape from the tiger to leap the city while this opportunity.” The Xia Tian injunction said. He can see the anxiety of left protector recently for these days, left protector is more anxious, that represented him more to worry to begin, but he also leapt the city to harbor the fantasy to the tiger, so long as the tiger leapt the city not to be broken through, he did not worry to begin actually. But the tiger leaps the city, once were broken through, he without hesitation gets rid to Xia Tian and spirit, wins Xia Tian and on spirit all, afterward flees the tiger to leap the city, by his strength, so long as mixes in the crowd, that can the calm and steady escaping tiger leap the city absolutely. Em.” Spirit nodded. Xia Tian brings spirit to walk toward the city gate directly. Bang! Outside launched the attack.

You in this station doing? Fears death? Gives on me on the city wall to defend.” The Xia Tian direct order said. Xia Tian is one of the 11 star Monarch, the status keeps aloof, these people hear the order of Xia Tian, immediately starts to support to the city wall, Xia Tian a little thanked at this time really left protector to his status, he also thinks opened the city gate to be a bloody battle, but imagines him now was simpler. These people all are his subordinate, he orders these people to leave, that nobody dares not to be obedient. Quick, a front door there person did not have, completely empty. The Xia Tian slight hesitation, has not flushed away to the front door directly. The switch of front door is manual strobe, the strobe needs very big strength to open, usually is more than 20 people on together can open this strobe. Ha! Xia Tian gives a loud shout, his both hands blue vein sticks out suddenly. Bang, the front door moved. In the front door moved that moment, the surrounding guard all hoodwinked, immediately a guard of brigade, when they saw Xia Tian was hitting the city gate, they hoodwinked. Xia Tian is one of the 11 star Monarch, his present unexpectedly is helping the enemy open the city gate. Opens to me.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, afterward the city gate was opened by him directly, city gate opened that moment, directly flushed outside allied armies Expert, the Xia Tian slight hesitation, has not begun the transport of the coffin or cinerary casket to run like outside. Wei Guang, are you doing!” The sound that left protector behind conveys from Xia Tian. Excuse me, I did not call Wei Guang, I called Xia Tian.” Xia Tian to left protector to beckon with the hand to shout. Xia Tian! Where this name he has heard probably, but could not have thought at once, a matter that but he can affirm is, Xia Tian is the traitor within, Xia Tian is that hegemon continuously in the traitor within of seeking.

Ended. That moment when the city gate opens, he knows that all ended, what is main, he started late. Hateful, Xia Tian, I will certainly not let off your.” Zuo Hufa angry shouting, he goes to retreat afterward hurriedly, he must leave here, he knows, that moment when the city gate opens, the general situation has decided. Demon taught the hegemons of alliance already the severe wound, about protector escaped, the brothers killed.” This sound continuously. Over a billion people shout together, sound very loud and clear, the tiger leapt these Expert in city to hear the shouts of these people, moreover they also discovered that in the city some people were doing to destroy in all directions, in they wanted to annihilate the enemies in city, a bad news has come, the city gate broke, left protector with the city gate that Wei Guang guarded breaks. Left protector with Wei Guang all disappears without a trace. This made other ten Expert fluster. In addition they hear the people outside city to shout that City Lord has been injured, about protector to run away, they all hoodwinked, because they have not seen City Lord to the present, in other words these people shouted real. Suddenly morale of troops chaos. These super Expert chaos, these strength weak people possibly good? Wei Guang, your unexpectedly dares to deceive us.” When Xia Tian wants to escape, on the tower over a city gate jumps down together the form suddenly. Is the strength king.