Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1761
The sudden appearance of strength king, makes Xia Tian be startled immediately. The strength king guarded by him, the strength king heard here has the sound the time a moment ago, immediately flushed, when the strength king discovery is Xia Tian opens the city gate, the anger immediately comes up. If the person who in 11 star Monarch most does not fear death, that absolutely was the strength king, moreover his from the heart worship hegemon, therefore he has believed the tiger leapt the city to defend. But when he discovered that Xia Tian is that moment of traitor within, he thoroughly erupted. He could not endure this stimulation. Recently the performance of Xia Tian made him hold in high esteem, he even thinks that Xia Tian same will possibly pledge to fight to the death to follow the hegemon with him in the future, but he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly is a traitor within, at this moment his only idea has killed Xia Tian for the hegemon. The strength king is super Expert, his strength in working as 10 th eight super Expert, is fiercest, he has been able to hold up 9999 jin (0.5 kg) cauldron, in the strength is the incomparable terrifying. „It is not good!” Saw that the strength king clashes to oneself, on the Xia Tian face is startled immediately. He is not the match of strength king, the strength king is two cauldron Rank 9 super Expert, moreover is in two cauldron Rank 9 one of the fiercest people, in the strength absolutely is super formidable, if were hit by him, that Xia Tian must die without doubt. A strength king fist direct bang has approached Xia Tian. Bang! The might of this fist is big, surroundings these blocked the person who the strength king went forward to flying by this fist, so long as moistened near the person to little is the bone break, even died. This is the super might that on strength king fist has. Xia Tian did not doubt strength king fist to want own life. Bang! Saw that trying king fist must pound in him and spirit body, at this moment, the Xia Tian right hand flung flings spirit directly to the front, he does not hope that spirit and he met with a disaster together. His throws probably is the instinct of body is the same, his speed was also slow, the fist of strength king has also hit in his front.

At this moment. Whiz! Of body unexpectedly of spirit in air bounces, jumped directly, her unexpectedly foot pedal air is bouncing, moreover this speed is fast, she appears in the front of strength king directly. Afterward the both legs trampled directly above the chest of strength king. Bang! Ka! Sound of bone break. The strength king has not thought will have such situation, therefore he has not defended, was kicked the chest by the both legs of spirit directly, his entire chest caves in directly, a blood spouts from his mouth. Puff! After blood blowout, the strength king felt that suffocates, his chest collapse, the heart was extruded. Sees such situation, the Xia Tian not slight hesitation, direct begins the transport of the coffin or cinerary casket runs. A moment ago spirit that really made him surprised, a spirit unexpectedly foot trampled to fly the strength king, and strength Wang Ti was so miserable. Before Xia Tian has remembered spirit, finally to he has spoken words. Elder Brother Tian, spirit is very fierce.’ Before Xia Tian had not cared about spirit these words, but he finally understood now, spirit was very fierce, the explosive force on her both legs was Xia Tian sees feels the terrifying. The strength king is person who exercises the human body, his human body be more than normal person formidable, although spirit is the sneak attack, body that but strength Wang Kending will protect in the final moment, although cannot protect completely, but also absolutely can protect 80%.

May so, he also be kicked by spirit such miserably. Although strength Wang Gang has been injured, but Xia Tian does not dare to sneak attack him, after all camel of skinny is big, if ordinary two cauldron Rank 8 Expert, Xia Tian also has the possibility to try the sneak attack, but the match is the strength king, he absolutely cannot sneak attack, otherwise wants a powerful king faint trace the opportunity, that strength king absolutely can kill him. This time honest and demon teaches the war, Xia Tian is doomed to become a lead. Because the tiger leaps the front door of city is he opens, because of this point, therefore the tiger leapt the city to be attacked. Xia Tian is a hero. In the entire serious famine is spreading the Xia Tian legend. But the tiger leaps the demon in city to teach Expert is the tree but actually macaque is also loose, starts to become a fugitive completely, they opened other city gate, afterward pledged to fight to the death to rush ahead. The demon teaches the alliance the collapse. This war wins unusual is relaxed, if not Xia Tian, then this will be doomed is a bloody battle, but the tiger will leap under the city also to meet the rivers of blood, over a billion people can live finally perhaps will be less than 120 million. But which the demon teaches the alliance also absolutely very to go, finally can only be mutually wounded. Now was but different, honest allied armies have not died any person, but the person who the demon teaches also all ran away majority, these super Expert were already disappearing traces. The hegemons baseless disappeared. Had finished, the enormous and powerful war, always fought a decisive battle only uses day to take. Xia Tian became the tiger leaps the hero in city, became the hero of entire serious famine. Sounds of nature City Lord after knowing this matter, sends for sending the praise personally, the praise is not the treasure, but is the reputation, Xia Tian was classified as the title meaning of star of sounds of nature i.e., he will be the sounds of nature city future nova. This is in the serious famine the highest honor.

Even if were past Abao and the others does not have any person to have this honor. Always fought a decisive battle to finish, but fought has not stopped, after all these demons taught Expert of alliance to run away, had not died, therefore the people of major entrances also in abundance went to chase down, exterminated the demon to teach the people of alliance. Xia Tian escaped from the tiger to leap the city shortly after to find the mountain lord in day of Lingshan, because he was a commander-in-chief, the position that therefore he was was specially conspicuous, but he by the Hushan main people blocking. Finally he changed the clothes of day of Lingshan some people to report. Shan Zhu of day Lingshan heard that was Xia Tian came back, immediately ran over to greet personally. Was laborious.” Shan Zhupai has patted the shoulder of Xia Tian. Fortunately, was living finally.” Xia Tian smiles was saying. Walks, goes to inside to sit, here fight must continue a meeting.” Mountain commanding general Xia Tian has dragged into the tent. Em.” Xia Tian and spirit walked directly. This is?” Shan Zhu looks to Xia Tian spirit. My Little Sister.” Xia Tian said. „? Some of you when Little Sister.” Mountain main puzzled asking. Relax, her anything matter knows.” Xia Tian understands that the mountain main definitely wants to say the matter to him, but load mind , something cannot say. „The matter that good, I want to ask is you give the matter that in my confidential letter records.” Shan Zhu looked that said to Xia Tian, the matter that in the confidential letter records was really too shocking.