Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1764

Lin Bingbing man for a lifetime has one, that is Xia Tian. Also was Xia Tian opened her ice-cold heart, she also only recognized a Xia Tian person for a lifetime, she has not chosen dead temporarily is the matter that because she also wants Eastern Man and Northern Army seized told Xia Tian, but this does not represent her to get a grip really will compromise for the general interest, once the matter progressed the final moment, her direct selection will die. With preserves her pureness. This is the choice of Lin Bingbing. On the other hand. At this time bandit mountain little excitedly has gone bad, he has not seen Lin Bingbing this air/Qi qualitative beauty, therefore he, when saw that Lin Bingbing first liked Lin Bingbing. He was pledging at that time, even if meets a cruel death, he must marry Lin Bingbing to come back. Therefore he Lin Bingbing grasping, but Lin Bingbing the loathsome appearance has actually compelled, is good uses both hard and soft tactics because of him, finally Lin Bingbing promised him, but must let him properly married. Hears Lin Bingbing this request time, he excitedly went bad. Lin Bingbing just started to propose that needs to remarry six months later, but he how possible to have resulted for a half year, therefore he decides directly for seven days, seven days later gets married Lin Bingbing, now seven days of must arrive immediately. He can marry immediately Lin Bingbing, to satisfy properly married of Lin Bingbing, he gives in the surrounding entrance and urban respected families specially issues the written invitation, this can also make Lin Bingbing see his strength, good to be dead set on to him. Ha Ha.” Bandit mountain little is laughing. He now very excited, because he can get married Lin Bingbing immediately.

Congratulates little manages a household, hugs the beautiful woman to turn over.” His subordinate all flatters there. Em, told that gives I entertained well for these days honored guest, additionally appointed the manpower, preventing some people to cause trouble.” Bandit mountain little order said. Yes!” These under said. Little manages a household, the master called you in the past.” Under a famous artisan reported. Em, my this in the past.” Little saying. Quick he arrived at outside his father's study room. Father.” Little saying. Comes.” Inside has broadcast the bandit mountain sound. Father, you look for me.” Little saying. Em, do this time you make such big noise to come to marry a woman?” Asking. Father, I likes her really very much, I never have to marry a woman, you have not hoped that I do have a change of heart? I guaranteed, so long as I married her, after me, anything listens your.” Little saying. But I heard that this woman in Xia Tian with that legend has the relations probably.” Light saying.

Father, that is only others legend, cannot take seriously, moreover is Xia Tian can be what kind of? Do not say that is a he small day Lingshan disciple, even if were the people in day Lingshan all came, can be what kind of? Our bandit Shan Yi defending is difficult to attack, can they we be what kind of?” Saying that little ten points disdain. You may not probably underestimate day Lingshan, cannot underestimate Xia Tian this person, I only heard that Xia Tian by sounds of nature City Lord of Rank 5 city for the star of sounds of nature, you are understood this is the meaning of star of sounds of nature?” Asking. Has not heard.” Little shaking the head. „The meaning of star of sounds of nature is, so long as he does not die, he will be City Lord of next Rank 5 city sounds of nature city.” Saying. What?” Little manages a household to hear here time immediately stares. Now you know why I said that he is not painful, moreover day Lingshan is very also fierce, day Lingshan is the hegemons of eight big entrance allied armies, the status is high, now the reputation of day Lingshan is also very resounding, so long as day Lingshan raises the arm wields, perhaps at least more than ten million even over a billion people will obey their directions, you think that our bandit mountains can defend the attacks of that many Expert?” Asking. This.” Little the complexion immediately changes. Therefore I hope that you favored.” Saying. Father, I, no matter, I must marry her, moreover these matters are only others said that not necessarily real, even if real, you also said a moment ago, so long as he does not die, but did he die accidentally? Is he City Lord of future sounds of nature city?” Little vision mean saying. „My your such son, I mother who promises you dead well takes care of you, therefore I only allow you to be willful this time, will not have next time.” Saying. Many thanks father.” Little manages a household saying of face smiling face. After little departure, in the study room presented two people.

You protect little to manage a household to me, no matter has any matter, must protect his safety, yes?” Saying of coldly. Yes!” They said. Recently always restlessed, hope was I thinks much.” Light saying. Next morning, the wedding started to get ready, this bandit mountain little managed a household to marry, regarding the surrounding these person of urban and entrance, but the important matter, because of strength formidable of bandit mountain, they hopes that can get the social dealings with the bandit mountain, such later happened any matter, can invite the bandit mountain help, especially that shameful matter. These receive little person of written invitation unable to dare, because they do not come to represent them not to give little face, does not give little face fate is very miserable. The person of bandit mountain works, but does not have the bottom line, their anything matter can do . Moreover the method is very bad, once the family juniors offended the bandit mountain little manages a household, afterward that family juniors entire families were extinguished, family all females all die unusual is miserable. From then on, nobody dares to offend the bandit mountain again little manages a household, even they become friends with this little to manage a household. But the juniors of these respected families also give little face. This time heard little must marry, the people who comes to support are very many. Meanwhile another. Your old fogies, knew that who is not good, knows Xia Tian, knew that he represented you dead, my woman was harmed that miserably by her, I wanted you to die, after waiting that female Xia Tian looked, I with the cruelest technique will have killed you, then I must be in front of Xia Tian to insult that woman, I must make him see with one's own eyes.” That man roared angrily, he was altogether the water, Yuanyuan's cohabitant, he complied after couple days ago Yuanyuan revenged, goes to nearby day Lingshan to look for Xia Tian, but he heard suddenly Xia Tian carried out mission, he was very at that time angry, but was quick he to discover Eastern Man and Northern Army and the others.