Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1765

Altogether the water must kill Xia Tian, moreover he wants Xia Tian to live to might as well die, like this he can vent anger. Originally he and Yuanyuan made to meet here, was the present was good, when he returned to here Yuanyuan disappeared, Yuanyuan left behind the note saying that she was unfair to herself, where has not said that this made altogether the water was angry, he thinks, if were not Xia Tian, that Yuanyuan will not turn into this, not direct departure not making a sound. Reason that he has thought Yuanyuan leaves is because she thought that she is unclean. Actually Yuanyuan's sorry is to altogether guilty of water, because she has deceived altogether the water, Xia Tian anything has not done, is she takes the consequences for own actions, will have such fate, moreover **** her is not Xia Tian, but is she gives the demon to teach voluntarily, the person commitment that because the demon teaches helps her restore to cultivate is. The disposition of water is also altogether violent, matter that so long as he recognizes, that will not change. He is scarlet disciple, he has the pride of scarlet disciple. He thinks besides Abao does not pay attention to anybody, a Xia Tian new boy has enraged him. Therefore he must make Xia Tian die. Reason that he must bleed off Lin Bingbing, on the one hand to let Lin Bingbing looks for Xia Tian, on the other hand he also to let Lin Bingbing and Xia Tian cannot meet, then sees with one's own eyes Lin Bingbing by him ****. This is result that he wants. He also thinks, only then he can vent spleen like this. Can revenge for Yuanyuan. On bandit mountain. Today is a big day. Little getting married, the entire bandit mountain high and low all people all start to celebrate this matter, moreover in surroundings these small entrance and urban people of family also sent the representative, they were congratulate, regarding these people, can being on good terms bandit mountain, this absolutely be the matter that hundred advantages did not have harm. The person and family that before some and bandit mountain was on good terms were also consolidate between them the relations. But before these, has with the bandit mountains the people of some small contradictory, small friction also want while this time opportunity well becomes friends with a bandit mountain.

Little manages a household, prepared, the banquet that entertained the guest had over a thousand tables, below also had some powder tables, was used to entertain some odd dealers.” Under a famous artisan reported. Um, arranged to me, especially the people of these respected families, they sat there set up the root flag there to me, inscribed their status, I must to know that actually my wedding came many famous family prominent families, I must make her know that married me absolutely not wrong, only then I can be happy to her, when the time comes she saw after my status was so high, definitely will change to my view.” Little very proud saying. He is very proud to all that oneself have. He thinks that he is a God's favored one. His life receives the person to respect, nobody dares to offend him, because his father is managing a household of bandit mountain. His father in old age, moreover after her mother gives birth to him, died, although his father also will have looked from now on for other woman, so long as this woman is pregnant, he immediately has killed this woman, because this is he to own wife's commitment, can only have such a son for a lifetime. On the bandit mountain, he is an overlord. No matter your strength is much strong, so long as dares to disrespect to him, that fate will be very absolutely miserable. Once Expert got rid to slap little, afterward his father personally started to kill this person, moreover cut the head in the presence of everyone. Sets up the prestige! From then in the bandit mountain nobody dares to offend little. Later little dissatisfied present status, therefore outside he went to act high and mighty, finally could be imagined, some people not to him face, but , the family of this person vanished, several times, all people know that is the bandit mountain did, after me almost nobody dares to offend little. Sent out two cauldron Rank 3 Expert to be little guard. From then on, little whom looks at not to be feeling well, was hit the opposite party by own guard, that is two cauldron Rank 3 Expert, moreover several, besides some big cities and big entrances, little have the strength such strong person, therefore he almost walks sideways in neighbor, is the crab. Relax, little manages a household, has arranged appropriately.” The person under famous artisan said. Um, was right, increases the patrolling mountain the population, if some people cause trouble, no matter, gives me to take directly.” Little opens the mouth to say directly.

Yes!” That person said. Good, gets down the preparation, I must change the clothes, that is I spends the clothes that the high price makes.” Little incomparable excited saying. On this time bandit mountain, gathered many celebrities. Solely is the banquet of summit can sit down over a thousand tables, each table are least can also make 30 people, in other words, the distinguished guest position has 30,000 people, below these individual tourist and person of bandit mountain is innumerable, but they do not have the qualifications to sit in the uppermost. The place of this time summit. Heard that the new bride is very attractive, today we can also open mind.” „, Perhaps can also the self-satisfied happy expression.” Looked quickly that he came out.” At this moment put on behind neat little walking to walk, saw his time, person immediately envying looked to him, the formal clothes that because he wore were magnificent, was attractive, this formal clothes were he spend 3000 low grade spirit stone to buy. Wears this formal clothes time, he felt that own heroic spirit is threatening. Hello.” Little the loudness said. Scene peaceful. First, I thanked everybody's arrival, what next I want to say was.” Nobody spoke. Is invited my new bride.” All people think he must carry on a speech, but the people have not thought that unexpectedly is such result, little was also too impatient, directly on invited new bride, but hears he said the new bride the time, the vision of all people also centralized in exit / to speak position.

Because in the legend the beautiful new bride will walk from here. Humph! When the new bride walks at that moment, all people were all shocked. beautiful! Too beautiful, they do not know that should describe beautiful of this new bride with any glossary. This is they have seen the most beautiful new bride. Elegantly beautiful beautiful woman. Ha Ha, today I can marry finally you.” Little excited saying. Lin Bingbing vision ice-cold looks little manages a household: I will not marry you.” Although the Lin Bingbing sound is not loud, but the scene is peaceful, therefore all people all hear clearly. Snort? Doesn't marry? This you said perhaps does not calculate.” Little feeling one do not have the face, immediately cold snort. I die before you.” In the hand of Lin Bingbing presented a dagger, is the dagger of Spirit Tool rank, at this time the dagger is away from her throat , is less than one centimeter: I do not marry.”