Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1766
Wedding unexpectedly hurriedly presented such accident. Awkward silence. Scene complete silence. Everybody thinks is little must get married the daughter of which family, but they have not thought that this little unexpectedly forcefully gets married this beauty. Little the original manuscript thinks that Lin Bingbing promised him, but Lin Bingbing such shouted now that immediately made him a little unable to get out. But so he must marry Lin Bingbing. You are threatening me.” Little coldly looks to Lin Bingbing. Right, either you have put me, either I die here.” Lin Bingbing knows that this was her final opportunity, reason that before she complied little to manage a household, on the one hand will hear to be related suddenly she and other Xia Tian the news, rescues her, on the other hand for directly shouted that in this situation is forced. In this case, little might put her under the situation. Even if he does not put, so long as presents some people conscientious, can perhaps save her to walk. Even if nobody saves her, he must shout that a matter comes, to know own status. Was you died, I must complete this wedding.” Little said one made all people all think him insane the words. His meaning i.e., even if Lin Bingbing died, he is also same must get married Lin Bingbing, completes the remaining ceremonies, including into nuptial chamber. This is the how crazy idea. But nobody dares to say anything. Sees vision that Lin Bingbing seeks help, all people all lowered the head, has not spoken, some people were really unable to continue watching, turned head to leave directly.

You are shameless.” Lin Bingbing angry shouting. Right, I was shameless, if you must continue to choose the suicide, you can try, you could rest assured that your remains I well will certainly treasure.” Little crazy saying. I am the Xia Tian woman, you dare to move me, Xia Tian will certainly kill you.” Lin Bingbing shouts loudly. Xia Tian woman. These character exits time, many people cannot help but have all stood. Xia Tian! Super talent that wind and cloud figure in serious famine, rises suddenly. When entrance big ratio shines the brilliance greatly, has defeated other entrances Expert by a person of strength, was called the talent in talent, afterward promotes for the day Lingshan highest rank, the scarlet disciple, finally he in the war that in teaches with the demon shines the brilliance greatly, rescued the tiger to leap Expert in city, and a person opened the tiger to leap the front door of city, making the allied armies win directly. By the ruler of serious famine, City Lord of Rank 5 city sounds of nature city was called the star of sounds of nature. This news in the two days by storm same arrival, some people had not known couple days ago possibly these matters, but over the two days, almost nobody did not know. At this time this woman unexpectedly is the Xia Tian woman. Bandit mountain little unexpectedly must get married the Xia Tian woman forcefully. „Is that also what kind of? Even if you are the Xia Tian woman can be what kind of really? His does Xia Tian also dare to come the bandit mountain to ask me to retaliate? My bandit mountain has over a million Expert, although he talent is good, but wants to contend with our bandit mountains, simply is dream of a fool.” Saying that little ten points disdain, he looked asked afterward once more to Lin Bingbing: I asked again your one time, do you marry.” Does not marry.” Lin Bingbing very saying decidedly. Good, do not blame me to disrespect to your corpse.” Bandit mountain little cloudy evil looked at Lin Bingbing: I give you finally an opportunity, marries?”

She said that she does not marry.” Has not waited for Lin Bingbing to answer that distant place has broadcast a sound. The Lin Bingbing dagger has damaged by abrasion own skin at this time, in that flash, she already that has prepared for dying, when she hears this sound, the dagger in hand dropped on the ground, this sound was her day thinks of that sound that the night thought that that with her behind shouted that sound that all day her police spent the elder sister. What person?” Little immediately gives a loud shout, afterward the two sides guards hurry to there directly. Bang! The form fell at the scene together. Sees this form time, presents all people to stare, the scarlet of day Lingshan because on this person wears, in other words, this person is the scarlet disciple in day Lingshan. Introduced oneself, I called Xia Tian.” When Xia Tian saw that moment of Lin Bingbing security also relaxed. Xia Tian! This name presents time, all people have all been shocked, little is also the innermost feelings one tight, he has thought before Lin Bingbing talked certainly nonsense, wanted to frighten him with the Xia Tian name, but he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly came, Xia Tian came, said on behalf of Lin Bingbing real. Lin Bingbing is really the Xia Tian woman. Although he also a little frightens in the Xia Tian reputation, but he understands that he did not have the escape route, therefore he must kill Xia Tian, but here the bandit mountain, his domain, over a million people, he does not believe over a million people unable to kill Xia Tian. „Are you Xia Tian can be what kind of? Here is bandit mountain, I want you dead, you must die.” Little saying. Xia Tian has not paid attention to him, but moved toward Lin Bingbing step by step! Treads! The Xia Tian footsteps are very optional, but he one step actually went out of 56 meters distance, sees such movement, all people are one startled, is this Xia Tian in legend? unexpectedly has the so fierce movement.

Blocks him to me.” Little shouts one. Afterward 45 killed from the Xia Tian recent form directly to Xia Tian. Xia Tian does not dodge completely does not hide, this trend Lin Bingbing step by step, saw that the attacks of these people must hit on the body of Xia Tian, at this moment, the form kicks several people together instantaneously: No one can approach Elder Brother Tian.” Spirit, was spirit gets rid. Tread! Xia Tian one step has arrived at the Lin Bingbing front directly: „The police spend the elder sister, do you think me?” Thought.” On the face of Lin Bingbing had the smiling face finally. When sees the Lin Bingbing smiling face, little was angry, Lin Bingbing has not smiled to him, but her unexpectedly saw that now Xia Tian has smiled, moreover where did these two people regard here are? Their unexpectedly talks love here, this is the bandit mountain. His domain. Hateful, you must die.” Little looks that at this time most beloved woman unexpectedly is smiling to other man, his whole person fell into crazy Realm. Xia Tian has lifted the head slowly, looked that said to Lin Bingbing: „My meeting.”