Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1769

Greatly is self-confident to own strength. He believes that one these can kill Lin Bingbing absolutely, like this he can make Lin Bingbing give his son to be buried along with the dead. His son does not like front this woman very much, he delivers this woman to accompany his son, he must who Xia Tian tries most to love dead in front of himself is anything felt. Because his most loves, his son died in his front, this dilutedness let his unusual anger. Kill! Greatly fought with the fists to the head of Lin Bingbing. When he must immediately go well. Bang! Greatly feeling an own chest pain, his whole person threw off afterward directly. Good pain, what is this felt? Was I dying?” Greatly feeling one were was dying probably, because he not being able to come up has been mad at this time, hitting hard that on the chest received made the situation of his whole person not good. The bone all was probably cut off. He wants to kill Lin Bingbing a moment ago first, while convenient is also killing spirit, but he has not thought that spirit unexpectedly is so terrorist, the flash, spirit stood up from failure to kick him, seemed like very ordinary kicked unexpectedly to kick this him directly, must know that he was two cauldron Rank 6 Expert, but when his unexpectedly did not have discovery spirit to get rid, has not thought that spirit attack unexpectedly can be so terrorist. The strength of spirit is very mysterious. Do not say that is his two cauldron Rank 6 Expert, even if strength king that two cauldron Rank 9 Expert is also trampled to fly by a spirit foot, moreover kicked to cave in including the chest, strength Wang Keshi practiced Expert of body, may be so, he was not the spirit match. To cope with spirit, perhaps also only then the demon teaches alliance Expert of hegemon strength to be able to accomplish. Kill! Looks that own brother drops down one after another, in the greatly eye is unwilling, he even saw brother unexpectedly that some usually risk one's life escaped.

Loses to spirit that moment to start to escape in him. This is the so-called tree but actually macaque is loose. He lost, his subordinate starts to become a fugitive. Person one after another started to choose escaping, because they saw the death, in front of Xia Tian, they absolutely did not have any faint trace resistance, Xia Tian to get rid, that seemed the god of death sickle is the same, was harvesting their life directly, but the small snake was the terrifying, the small snake completely was a war machine. The small snake place visited probably had a disaster to be the same, the death, is having the death everywhere. The small snake gets rid to cut to add up totals ten people each time, its is small, the speed is fast, is the virtually impossible to guard against, many people even had not responded the time of died in the hand of small snake. Frightened! At this time the person on bandit mountain all felt the boundless fear on the spot. Unknown is most fearful. Xia Tian and small snake get rid, completely is Insta-kill, this gave these people to create very big sense of fear. The battle formation that the Xia Tian domain creates is also very scary, making the person look has wanted to run away, but the sneak attack of small snake was without a trace. Although battles less than ten minutes, but more than 4000 people died, moreover this figure is still increasing, the rivers of blood, the blood of ground as if formed rivers to be the same, the small snake has killed to get angry, it saw that some people must run away, closed off the way of descending the mountain directly, who approached there, will be killed by it instantaneously. Although the small snake cannot understand the logical expression, but it as if can feel Xia Tian idea, regarding it, so long as Xia Tian has thought orders, Xia Tian must conquer by killing the bandit mountain a moment ago, then it these bandits on the scene live are leaving the bandit mountain. Brothers, everybody on, our these many people on, certainly can together kill him together, if did not kill him, we were impossible to live are leaving here.” Does not know that was who shouted, afterward presented these as if suddenly to have the hope to be the same in the confused person, all people all have fired afterward into Xia Tian. At this moment, they must kill Xia Tian, only then killed Xia Tian they possibly to live, otherwise they only slowly will be nibbled finally by Xia Tian. „To kill me?” Xia Tian behind wing stirs up gently, afterward his whole person flew.

Sees that moment that Xia Tian flies, those present were more surprised. Person unexpectedly can fly. This was also too terrifying, following was the nightmare, in their surprised instances, they saw several hundred compounded drugs flew to them. Compounded drug? Can Xia Tian attack them with the compounded drug? This also pulled. Although the compounded drug can also regard hidden weapon to use, but this can only be used to sneak attack, but Xia Tian unexpectedly so flagrant throws the compounded drug to them, so long as this is individual can shunt. But at this moment, they saw nightmare. The compounded drug blasts out completely, three mix attacks of elements twine in together, the earth element, the wooden element and hot element, three types of elements to the surrounding person winding in the past, in several hundred compounded drugs, erupted the incomparable terrifying strength directly. In a flash, that region under Xia Tian body as if had the disaster to be the same. The surrounding person has never seen the so terrifying matter. Bang! Flash, over ten thousand people directly by the mix attacks of these three types of elements swallowing. Death! Covers on the bodies of surrounding these people directly. This.” Added a moment ago must massacre Xia Tian these people to hoodwink.

A move has killed over ten thousand people. On the bandit mountain may be Expert, but Xia Tian unexpectedly had killed over ten thousand people a moment ago, moreover has probably only used one move, this regarding all people are the most terrorist matter, they have never thought the matter will turn into this, does this also hit? Runs away.” All people all turn toward the direction under mountain to run away, they do not dare to hit again, fights the match of Xia Tian this rank? At this moment, they only want to run away, the desire of fight completely vanished. Bandit mountain big has witnessed all these, at this time he understands finally anything was called to regret. He offended should not the person of offending, he early knows like this, certainly will not agree that his son's proposition, will not choose and Xia Tian for the enemy. Runs away!” All bandits all run away to the direction under mountain. ! At this moment a great roar transmits, afterward the body of small snake had the huge change. Person who under the mountain these just left has not walked away, they are waiting for under the mountain, what they wanted to have a look to turn out finally, was in a while, they saw the blood, the blood was the rivers seems to be same, to lower reaches, when they guessed actually above to have anything. ! A great roar transmits, afterward in one minute, they saw the inconceivable matter. Bloody water as if waterfall same flowing.