Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1770

Although a moment ago on mountain also in class bloody water, but was not serious, the following person can only guess the above some people at the war. Now is but different. The bloody water flows off. The speed that this bloody water flows was too fast, seems the spring water is the same. This died many talented people have such situation. Actually did above have what?” The following person at this time is inconceivable of whole face. As after that roar transmitted, the bloody water started to flow, on this representative definitely had very terrifying matter, the disaster, disaster that they are unable to imagine. On this time bandit mountain. Everywhere rivers of blood. Xia Tian withdrew from Vampire changed the pattern of body, the live people on entire day Lingshan have three, separately is Xia Tian, spirit and Lin Bingbing, but at this time three people all dumbfounded looks at the small snake, the matter that because the small snake created a moment ago was too terrifying, is Xia Tian of master thinks inconceivable. His is first time sees the main body of small snake, is first time sees the small snake use main body the strength. Number of people snake. The head of snake is the number of people, when small snake use main body, is only the flash, enemy in its front straight line was all strangled to death, is the wind. The small snake is the wind attribute, moreover in its wind attribute is containing the strength of Heavenly Connection.

Destroys all strengths. The bandit on bandit mountain was only thinking a moment ago escaping, therefore they had not discovered one have stood in a straight line, even if has discovered that they will not think anything, they do not want to go facing Xia Tian, but they have not thought that evaded Xia Tian unable to evade the small snake. In the mouth of small snake spits a destruction attack of straight line. Several thousand people were all affected by this strength, was affected the later person body to be slivered the fragment immediately. Included the storm attack of strength of Heavenly Connection is really too fierce. What is it?” Lin Bingbing surprised looks at the small snake. My pet.” Xia Tian awkward saying. This was also too abnormal, is more abnormal than you.” Lin Bingbing feels immediately very speechless. Volume, the police spend the wife, do not say that others are very normal.” Xia Tian charming saying. Number of people snake, I first time saw, moreover its this was also too fierce, all of a sudden has killed all of a sudden that many people, then it was invincible.” Lin Bingbing surprised saying. Possibly to be how invincible, I had nosed a moment ago, its body has consumed, moreover now it very weak.” Xia Tian answered, if small snake can release this storm skill really infinitely, that may really be invincible, invincible invincible. However to be how possible. The strength of small snake has upper limit . Moreover the strength of Heavenly Connection also has the upper limit, small snake within the body the strength of Heavenly Connection is Xia Tian gives him, therefore its upper limit is these, although will use slowly will restore from now on, but most also can only restore to give its many to Xia Tian, if will describe with a digit.

Draws an analogy. Xia Tian within the body the strength of Heavenly Connection is 10, he injected in within the body of small snake the strength of these 10 Heavenly Connection, after that small snake the strength of these Heavenly Connection have used up, although will restore slowly, but most also can only restore to 10, but cannot restore to 11 . Moreover the strength of Heavenly Connection is unable cultivation. To obtain the strength of many Heavenly Connection only to go to the Heavenly Connection tower to seek. „, Was right, how I the proper business forgetting, Eastern Man and Northern Army Senior had been stressed that the name of that person is called altogether the water, he said that makes me ask you to pass, otherwise he was silly Eastern Man and Northern Army.” The Lin Bingbing hurried start to talk said. Altogether water.” Hears this name time, Xia Tian knows that could not shunt. The name of water he is quite altogether familiar, scarlet disciple in day Lingshan, Yuanyuan's cohabitant. When he and Yuanyuan oppose, he will know must sooner or later to altogether water, but he has not thought that will meet by the resistance of this form, matter unexpectedly will be so skillful, Lin Bingbing their unexpectedly has bumped into altogether the water. Was right, the wife, will you such quickly fly how upwards?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Quick? I also think slow, I thought you.” Lin Bingbing said here time tender feelings looks to Xia Tian, even if she is treats Xia Tian the time, usually is also cold Bingbing, but this time Lin Bingbing is actually some feelings of softness, this is the woman after love. Regardless of before her, is cold, is arrogant, or is the capable woman, so long as bumps into can conquer her man, she can very gentle. Xia Tian has conquered Lin Bingbing. I also thought you.” Xia Tian holds Lin Bingbing in the bosom. Was good, was good, some side also people look.” Although Lin Bingbing likes hiding in the Xia Tian bosom very much, but she also very embarrassed.

All right, spirit is my Little Sister, is not the bystander.” Xia Tian said. „The proper business had not said that I am not fly upwards, I am and Yun Miao fly upwards together, after Eastern Man and Northern Army Senior is, flies upwards.” Lin Bingbing said. Yun Miao? Her person?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. „Before our two, was chased down, afterward bumped into Expert, that Expert is very fierce, is a division too, she wields afterward, these people all were given to kill by her, then she settled on the Yun Miao talent, wants to receive Yun Miao for the disciple, just started Yun Miao not to agree that afterward the master too persuaded her, this world is very dangerous, even if Yun Miao saw you, can guarantee that didn't have the danger? But has the danger time can only make you protect us? Heard this kind of words, Yun Miao has moved, she does not want to become your burden, therefore she chose and master too walks together.” Lin Bingbing answered. Yeah, she was too silly.” Xia Tian sighed, helpless shaking the head. If actually I have the opportunity, I will also go, after all we do not want to make you protect us for a lifetime, we also want to do anything for you.” Lin Bingbing very earnest saying. Um, who is that division too?” Xia Tian asked. I do not know that the master too had not said.” Lin Bingbing shook the head. „After me, how to look for her?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Master said that 20 years later, Yun Miao will become an official, when the time comes Yun Miao naturally can look your.” Lin Bingbing said. 20 years, crack a joke.” Xia Tian depressed saying, that so-called master too unexpectedly lets him and other years. You left have thought that after our cultivation, the life will increase, 20 years regarding us are not anything.” The Lin Bingbing comfort said that afterward she changes the topic hurriedly: Master too has delivered to under me a day of Lingshan, then she brought Yun Miao to leave, she did not make Yun Miao see you, said that was makes Yun Miao think of you, such cultivation gets up to go all out, I wanted to climb mountains to look your, but was actually blocked, I not only cannot find you, instead has bumped into altogether the water.”