Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1771

Hears here time, Xia Tian somewhat regretted, if he does not make that any mission, Lin Bingbing will not encounter such danger, moreover he had not cared the water, if he fights to the death with the water earlier, Lin Bingbing will not come across such crisis. He understands that Lin Bingbing bumps into altogether water, that absolutely is not the good deed. My original manuscript thinks one have many cards in a hand, when I bump into altogether the water knows that disparities between our two big, I link his more than one move unable to catch, I think I died, but Eastern Man and Northern Army two Senior appeared, although their was not altogether the match of water, but the water actually has not killed us, he wanted to use us to threaten you, he has put me, making me look for you, he said that if you did not come, that he on killing Eastern Man and Northern Army Senior.” Lin Bingbing said. Xia Tian nodded: Has me.” Although Xia Tian only said these three characters, however Lin Bingbing has the security sense at heart. Before she does not know how should say to Xia Tian, because that altogether water was really too fierce. She worried that Xia Tian is not altogether the match of water, after arriving at this world, Lin Bingbing knows, although before they are most Expert of Earth, the person but who in this world is fiercer than them was really too many. Xia Tian also just arrived at shortly after this world, she does not hope one give Xia Tian to bring the disaster. However she must tell Xia Tian. When Xia Tian said had me in this moment. Lin Bingbing felt that is the day collapses not to fear. Because there is Xia Tian.

We.” Now saves others, altogether the water is a river system talent, he has thought besides Abao, he is in day Lingshan the talent highest person, although my reputation is very resounding, but he genuinely is looking down upon my, therefore he is a very extremely arrogant person, this has given me, if a person destroys, must make its inflation, I listened to secure to say him, he was arrogant, but he also always leaves leeway the subsequent party.” Xia Tian light saying. Perhaps Elder Brother Tian, I cannot accompany you.” Spirit opens the mouth to say suddenly. Sees spirit the expression, Xia Tian knows that definitely suddenly what happened. How? Spirit? Had an accident?” Xia Tian takes on mind unable to help actually, what he is worried was spirit has an accident. My family member looked for me, they induced to me.” Spirit said. Family member.” Xia Tian hears here time understood, definitely was the wild beasts of uncultivated land beast region comes. Um, I do not want to go back with them, I walked first, Elder Brother Tian, waits for me to go to day Lingshan to look for you several days later.” Spirit said. Good, attention security.” Xia Tian said that he did not worry actually some people can on fighting bully spirit, he is worried some people cause to cheat with spirit. However the spirit present also has Xia Tian to her spirit stone, therefore went to other city not to need to be worried that did not have money to spend, said again, she also saw the demon taught mistrusting each other between alliances, when present she just did not come out a white paper. Um, Elder Brother Tian is also.” Spirit said that runs directly to mountain.

Spirit is really lovable.” Lin Bingbing saw spirit that vanishes said. Um, before spirit, just came out is a white paper, has not experienced any matter, now followed some time me, she also experiences the brutality of this in society, her strength was very strong, should not have an accident.” Xia Tian said. Um.” Lin Bingbing also saw fierce of spirit a moment ago. Walks, we save others.” Xia Tian said directly. When Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing walk that moment of descending the mountain, all people under mountain have all been shocked, above had any nobody to know a moment ago, but saw Xia Tian with Lin Bingbing calm and steady walks, they understood, the bandit mountain lost, but these blood same waterfalls are on the bandit mountain the blood of these Expert. Xia Tian comes time said that must conquer by killing the bandit mountain, what at this time bandit mountain truly was conquered by killing. The bandit mountain was known as that has over a million Expert. This is the news of outside recognition, although also has few people to know that on the mountain surely does not have that many people, but they very surprised, after this time matter, the Xia Tian reputation was more resounding, especially these people pass on is getting more and more serious, finally the evolution is Xia Tian unmarried one person goes to the bandit mountain, the bandit Shan Shao new bride snatching, the bandit mountain revolt, Xia Tian has killed bandit mountain over a million people. Although outside also the bandits of many bandit mountains, but after these bandits hear the bandit mountain Xia Tian extinguished, does not dare to go back, this lets outside biography more and more real, because before , the bandits who takes by force everywhere, as if suddenly disappeared. These are Xia Tian achieve. The bandit mountain, is not the good place, after hearing this news, Xia Tian turned into the just incarnation immediately, because Xia Tian helped them eradicate the bandit, making nearby life ready to cope more and more well.

Another. Abao, has remembered your commitment, the leaders in day Lingshan are you, but we want the treasure of seal under day Lingshan.” Super Expert looks at Abao to say. Does not have the issue, but we must set up the hemorrhaging to vow, after you have attained the buried treasure, must help me become City Lord of Rank 5 city.” Abao said directly that becomes the arundinaria japonicum of day Lingshan is his first dream, his second dream is to become commanding of entire serious famine, becomes the Rank 5 city, City Lord of sounds of nature city. When the time comes he can rule the entire serious famine. Good, we accord to his need.” That super Expert said. Snort, these old fogy unexpectedly dare to plan me, if I have not guessed that wrong, by the Xia Tian that outstanding performance, they must certainly abandon me, perhaps after I go back, will begin to me, what a pity they did not have the opportunity.” In Abao's vision is the look of taunt, regarding him, these old fogies in day Lingshan is a joke, unexpectedly wants to open him. He has the big destiny to add the person of body, he just left the serious famine to obtain the rare treasure, this time Abao, is tripod Expert, although his Realm promotes forcefully, but he is actually tripod Expert of genuine goods at reasonable prices, super invincible Expert. Offended you, is really the day Lingshan biggest faulty stroke in handwriting.” That super Expert looked at Abao to say. Snort, if their several old fogies helped me at that time honestly, perhaps that I also will receive them for the little brother, but now, I want them dead, day Lingshan destroys the plan formally to start now.” On Abao's face presented the incomparably excited facial expression.