Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1772
Good, Abao, after we cooperate, day Lingshan turns over to us, the Rank 5 city turns over to you, wants this mountain main given name as for you, we seal to you and that's the end.” That super Expert said. Yu Wentao, receives your small thoughts, I know that you look to ascend the sky in Lingshan that legend big, before I become sounds of nature City Lord, day Lingshan must listen my.” Saying of Abao coldly, he is a God's favored one, living the overlord, regardless of the match of any rank, he does not pay attention. Although he cooperates with Yu Wentao temporarily, moreover Yu Wentao's matter also enough, but this does not represent him to want submitting Yu Wentao. Abao, were you too excessive.” Saying of Yu Wentao coldly. I excessively? If you think me excessively, that in any case also has been able to kill that several old fogies by my present strength easily, when the time comes I can still the sitting quietly day Lingshan Shan Zhu position, but in day Lingshan all secrets belong to me.” Abao's aggressive saying. You must know, although is not all people knows that now the buried treasure is day Lingshan, but soon some people know, if no my help, how you will resist the future Expert attack?” Yu Wentao asked. So long as I can find the way to open that big to be good, when the time comes comes many people I to kill many people.” Abao very impolite saying. Good, I promise you.” Before Yu Wentao, had pledged with Abao, cannot with Abao be the enemy, therefore he cannot go to snatch hardly, can only choose the way that and Abao cooperates. This was right, relax, although I also like the buried treasure, but I have distributed the soul blood to vow with you, the buried treasure I will not move tiny bit, so long as I become the hegemon in sounds of nature city, on that day Lingshan turned over to you, no matter when the time comes some day Lingshan also many secrets turned over to you.” Abao just started not to think in day Lingshan unexpectedly so many secrets. Said it and meant it.” Yu Wentao said. Starts, I trouble repugnantly, I must take day Lingshan at the maximum speed, so long as is willing to submit my person not to use, people but who these disobedient my must receive the penalty, especially Xia Tian, his unexpectedly dares to challenge my dignity, he must die.” In Abao vision is murderous aura. This time Xia Tian just and Lin Bingbing fast walks toward altogether the water position. The city that altogether the water is not near, the city that on the contrary, he is at approached in the former demon teaches the domain of alliance.

It seems like is Yuanyuan he coax, afterward Yuanyuan definitely had been deceived by the frozen prince, said that can restore the strength, therefore she has gotten rid of altogether the water, went to the tiger to leap the city, but Yuanyuan cannot think absolutely that leapt the city to wait for in the tiger her did not restore the strength the opportunity, but was the death.” Why Xia Tian guessed altogether the water to be able here. Is going forward Xia Tian suddenly thought that a little restlesses. Recently was this? Is because the pressure was too big?” Xia Tian shook the head, he always felt that recently will have any important matter to occur, as for is any important matter he does not know. You how?” Asking that Lin Bingbing worries about. I am all right.” Xia Tian looked that shows a faint smile to Lin Bingbing. Um, crossed this city to arrive, I waited for you here, although I want to go with you very much, but I know that I went to you definitely to divert attention.” Lin Bingbing sighed at this time own strength was too weak, if she currently has the alike spirit that strong strength, she can go with Xia Tian together, if can add on Xia Tian that to be better. But she does not have, she does not want to implicate Xia Tian. Walks together, if could not protect including own women, I was not Xia Tian.” Xia Tian gently touches the face of Lin Bingbing to say. But I.” Believes me.” Xia Tian holds up the hand of Lin Bingbing, very earnest saying. Um.” Lin Bingbing numerous nods. Altogether the water at this time lives in a Rank 3 city, moreover he also forcefully pursued in respected family all people, these people dread his strength, therefore does not dare to offend him, can only carry out this family.

These people feel indignant but not daring to speak out. Altogether the water does not worry, he knows that Xia Tian definitely will come. Bang! House front door that altogether the water is at stiffly was flown trampling. Altogether the water, leave to me.” Drinks to transmit greatly. In house guard all ran, these guards are the water all the way recruit, he thinks that has the guard and under serves the quite good matter, therefore has recruited some people, because of his is powerful, therefore many people are willing with him. Any person!” More than ten guards Xia Tian all round surrounded. Xia Tian!” Xia Tian light saying. He is Xia Tian, reported the master quickly.” A guard said. Bang! Has not waited for that guard to go to report, altogether the form of water fell on the Xia Tian front, altogether the water waited for Xia Tian to be very long, he has anticipated to see Xia Tian very much time, because he wants to retaliate Xia Tian, at this time hears the so wild roar, he naturally guessed that was Xia Tian. Therefore he direct came out.

„Are you altogether the water?” Xia Tian has sized up altogether water up and down. „Are you Xia Tian?” Altogether the water has not replied Xia Tian, but asked. Compared with I imagine young, no wonder can by Yuanyuan play in the stock palms.” Xia Tian said. You leave I imagine also young, Yuanyuan's name you did not match saying that you insulted Yuanyuan, I today will be the She enmity, moreover I must insult your woman, I will make you visit me to insult your woman with own eyes.” Altogether on the face of water presented the angry facial expression, thinks of Yuanyuan, he hates, he has not bumped Yuanyuan, but Yuanyuan unexpectedly by Xia Tian insulting. „Did your head make the donkey kick? Is who told you me to insult Yuanyuan? Is she tells you, you were really stupid being OK.” After Xia Tian hears altogether the water words, helpless shaking the head, he has not incurred, Yuanyuan unexpectedly will discover such reason to falsely accuse him. Xia Tian may look does not go forth to battle Yuanyuan, even if Yuanyuan delivers he not to want, say nothing was insults. Do not want to quibble, Yuanyuan told me.” Altogether water angry shouting. Your idiot, getting what one deserves lets the person, when the (spear|gun) causes, you have not gone to ask that other person why Yuanyuan of day Lingshan will be expelled day Lingshan, why will be abandoned cultivated is, but between I and her contradiction and for what?” Xia Tian very puzzled looks to altogether the water, he does not understand that altogether the brain of water did short-circuit? Like this can also believe.