Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1773

Xia Tian was really speechless to altogether water. So long as is the person of long brain carefully thinks that Xia Tian at that time was only a white clothing disciple, his white clothing disciple does dare to insult the scarlet disciple? Moreover dares, can Xia Tian be victorious Yuanyuan? At that time Xia Tian was also only about a cauldron Rank 3 strength, but Yuanyuan was two cauldron Rank 5 Expert. How Xia Tian insulted. Snort, do not think that I do not know, you and Shan Zhu have the relations, therefore Shan Zhu is helping you, was lies saying that Yuanyuan betrayed day Lingshan, this was you forms a partnership to do, day Lingshan was unfair, the mountain was main, my altogether water pledged that sooner or later I must go to day Lingshan to want justice.” Altogether water cooling snort, afterward angry saying. When he hears the mountain to advocate unexpectedly and Xia Tian form a partnership, he is really the unusual anger, this made him cut off looked for the mountain main theory the idea, idea that gave up asking others to ask, because he thinks the matter that others knew definitely was Shan Zhu fabricates. Oh I go, you were really the idiot to the family, I told you, I and Yuanyuan's contradictory cause was she looks for my friend pill's spirit trouble, finally was broken Formation by me, and has sealed her house with Formation, therefore she hated me, she was petty, no matter what happened blames on me, finally to kill me and demon taught to collude, almost killed day Lingshan all disciples and five elders who participated in the entrance big ratio, was good avoids a tribulation because of us finally, but she at the scene was also captured, because this matter, therefore she can. Shan Zhu breaks the dantian, but Shan Zhunian is in the share of scarlet disciple has not killed her in her, but put her to walk.” Xia Tian said the process of matter, although he and altogether water the fought unable to avoid, but he did not say is not really happy. Shut up, I do not allow you to slander Yuanyuan again, all these are you fabricate.” The water shouts loudly. Is I fabricates, you find a person to ask that casually knew.” Xia Tian said. Snort, day Lingshan high and low was given to deceive by you, the news that they hear naturally was the rumor that you arranged.” The water thinks Xia Tian said is the lies, is the lies that Xia Tian and Shan Zhu fabricate. You were really stupid enough to were incurable, we can deceive you with the entire day Lingshan, will that entire serious famine coordinate us? You can go to the sounds of nature city to ask that goes to other entrances to ask, they know more or less a matter, ok, the father does not want to explain anything to you.” Xia Tian already thorough was speechless. This T , M loves.

What is loves really? Is two people obviously is the same with the monkey, but also hugs to ascend, probably is robs to be the same shyly. Yuanyuan like this, however in altogether water at heart, Yuanyuan is his goddess, so long as were Yuanyuan says, he believes. Even if Yuanyuan in order to restores strength to accompany the demon to teach the people of alliance to sleep, he also same thinks that Yuanyuan is the most perfect woman, this is his real love. Has been a pity, if Yuanyuan can well with you in the same place, she will not end up to turn out so is out.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. I must kill you!” Altogether water coldly looked that shouts to Xia Tian. I envy you, can live like S , B.” Xia Tian discovered altogether the water simply is one living big S , B , he so long as had recognized any matter, that will not change, looks like Yuanyuan this matter, so long as the long brain definitely will respond, but he can actually achieve to be dead set on. Comes the person, leads to me his two people, how I must make them see with one's own eyes Xia Tian to defeat in my hands.” Altogether water very self-confident saying. Although now Xia Tian is very famous, even was more famous than past Abao, was known as that the talent exceeded Abao. How can be this can?

The talent after is only the talent, but is not true Expert, the talent before has not grown is the waste. Altogether the water is not only a talent, but also he was one already the talent that grew, his strength formidable, this time he grew is two cauldron Rank 7 Expert he has defeats in the scarlet disciple all people self-confidently besides Abao, therefore he thinks that he won. No matter Xia Tian has how high talent. Realm, possibly is not his match, moreover he also has his secret card in a hand. He not only need rout Xia Tian, but must make Xia Tian these family member friends personally see, he must rout these people of defense lines at heart, before Xia Tian comes, Eastern Man and Northern Army think, so long as Xia Tian came, they were safe, now altogether the water must make them also fall into desperately, disappointing them to Xia Tian. Quick, Eastern Man and Northern Army were brought. Xia Tian, long time no see.” Northern Army said. Suffered hardships.” Xia Tian visits them to say. I have thought we have the ways of many meeting, has not thought will have the way of this meeting, our two unexpectedly became the captives, wanting you to save us.” Eastern Man helpless shaking the head, he that open, even if at this time is the captive, he is also same does not forget to taunt two. Ha Ha, before you helped my time also many.” Xia Tian laughs was saying.

„Your boy present reputation of is really actually resounding, how long you come here, unexpectedly had such big reputation, too extraordinary.” Saying that Eastern Man keeps, they enter the spirit world time, happen to catches up with the demon invasion, at that time Xia Tian was known, Xia Tian was in a while getting more and more famous. After they arrive at the spirit world, knows that own vision narrow, they are entered on Earth before most Expert ranks, but after here, they understood one should always strive for better finally, here Heaven Grade Expert everywhere was, but Xia Tian unexpectedly can also rush out the positive result here. Moreover in such a short time rushes out the positive result, this was surprising enough. Ha Ha, the luck is good.” Xia Tian awkward saying. At this time periphery these guards hoodwinked, the water also hoodwinked, now immediately must occur to fight, they should very anxiously was right, but why Xia Tian they chatted the daily family activity here, moreover can chat was so happy. His unexpectedly was regarded the air. He is Expert. Expert that a super talent grows, he should be can destroy completely Xia Tian conveniently, but Xia Tian their unexpectedly gives to disregard him now, thorough has disregarded, not only does not have the slight tense feeling, but also links a protection not to have, the water gives a loud shout immediately: Stops talking to me, I also in this.”