Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1776

Two cauldron above Expert can have their spirit beast, but is not all people have, because the spirit beast is very scarce, once has signed the spirit beast contract, then, is to trade to favor also can only change into is the same race pet, for example a spirit of person favors is the pig, after him , can only look for the pet in pig race. Cannot change into the dog absolutely and so on, otherwise he will encounter contract backlash, direct death. Therefore generally speaking two cauldron above people will choose their spirit beast partner discretely. Moreover who the spirit beast is not wants to have can have, in the entire serious famine, two cauldron Expert have many, but truly has the person of spirit beast not to be many. Altogether the water is the outstanding disciple in day Lingshan, the scarlet disciple, the spirit beast that he has and he is the same element. Is the water attribute. The electric eel, is only in the water the ordinary biology, however the red electric eel is different, it is the spirit beast, it is the water is the soul beast, simultaneously it is also the only one type can in the biology in the water discharging. That moment when the electric eel presents. The water use juicy bead released the incomparable terrifying water dragon, water dragon was big, the flash has twined him directly, at the same time red electric eel fast interwined, when the electricity and water fused after to form a colossus together. Electricity dragon! In the blue light is bringing purple electricity. Very attractive. Has saying that this move of appearance is good. The move list between both the words that looks at from semblance, that is absolutely great. Might. That naturally was say nothing, these safeguard Eastern Man and Northern Army person do not manage, retreated to behind directly, they may be afraid to be affected, all people understand that now Eastern Man and Northern Army do not need to safeguard, once because Xia Tian lost, they also died, but if Xia Tian has won, they looked again tightly also useless. The Lin Bingbing three people all have also fallen back on behind, no matter what everyone can look, their this is incurs in the enlargement.

Domain and altogether the collision of water big unique skill. If they are the same ranks, that Xia Tian will certainly win, but Xia Tian is only cauldron Rank 9, but the opposite party is two cauldron Rank 7, between both has the absolute disparity. If not the three Yuan attack of domain and Xia Tian, that Xia Tian not any stratagem which ensures success. Moreover opposite party also having mystical powers beast help, Xia Tian, although also has the pet, but the small snake now is the weak time, needs to wait to restore, how long needs to restore specifically, Xia Tian does not know that he only knows the small snake definitely cannot enter the war now. Others two cauldron Rank 7 Expert adds on the super spirit beast, to fighting Xia Tian the domain. Xia Tian, I must make you die, I must revenge for Yuanyuan.” The water gives a loud shout, afterward in front of him the huge water and electricity dragon killed directly to Xia Tian. Ka! On the water and electricity dragon has heard the fierce sound, but Xia Tian front several thousand wrapped three Yuan attack the sword glow also directly to shoot at altogether the water. Bang! When both hit in together, has hidden far person to continue very much to outside runs, Eastern Man and Northern Army dantian was sealed, they can only run with the foot. In instance of explosion. Xia Tian and altogether the water they all were exploded to fly, has not run far Eastern Man and Northern Army and the others is also flushed by the intense air current flew, was good helps them block part of attacks because of Lin Bingbing, otherwise they must die without doubt. Bang! The front courtyard in entire mansion razes directly. Surroundings these guards and Lin Bingbing and the others all were also exploded falls to the ground, suddenly cannot stand. Peaceful.

Scene thorough peaceful. In the city other people all catch up to here, here sound was really too big. After general means clock, surrounding Lin Bingbing and the others in have stood reluctantly, these guards all have also stood, they all are inconceivable looks at front all. The entire front courtyard in mansion was all bombed flat. He also too exaggerated. „Is this possible? Are they the monsters?” I have never seen such terrifying person, is this decisive battle between day Lingshan scarlet disciples?” Was too terrorist, was too splendid, can see such splendid duel, this lives not to have regrettably what.” Surroundings these guards all present all was shocked. Quite fierce, they are quite fierce.” Eastern Man dull looks at Xia Tian, he looks at Xia Tian growth step by step with own eyes, the Xia Tian growth could be said as too terrifying, from most started small Profound Grade, to linked Realm that he must look up to finally. „!” Altogether the water coughed a blood, afterward he has stood difficultly, at this time his left hand covered own chest, the right hand is leaning on to be well-grounded, such little has stood: I acknowledged that you are very fierce, but compared with me, your also difference far, Xia Tian, you lost, I have said that I must revenge for Yuanyuan, now I must make you see with one's own eyes me to kill your friend, then I am in front of your to insult your woman.” Xia Tian had not answered that his body lies down on the ground, probably died was the same. A Lin Bingbing face worries looks at Xia Tian. Gives me to grasp their three.” The water gives a loud shout. Afterward his these guards under their three have encircled Lin Bingbing directly, Eastern Man and Northern Army dantian was sealed, absolutely does not have any resistance, Lin Bingbing was Eastern Man and Northern Army had blocked the injury a moment ago, therefore her present situation is not good. At this time around them has more than ten guards, they radically are not the matches of these guards.

Shout! At this moment, a long expiration sound reaches in the ears of all people: Recently was really too tired, almost fell asleep.” Hears the Xia Tian sound, all people are all startled. Xia Tian unexpectedly has not died. They think a moment ago Xia Tian died, after all a moment ago the might of that explosion was really too big. Um?” Altogether water coldly looks to Xia Tian. It seems like was a use real skill.” Xia Tian has stood slowly. Snort, your domain had been routed by me, in the short time, you definitely are unable to use the second time, what skill do you have?” Saying that altogether the water cooling snort, very disdains. „My friend had told me, strength broken ten meetings, I approve of very much.” Xia Tian light saying. Good, since you can also stand, my this time delivers you dead.” Altogether the water said that the juicy bead presented in his hands, a water dragon again appears in his front afterward, the electric eel also at the same time enters in the water dragon, the water and electricity dragon appeared again, although before water and electricity dragon was not so big, but this move of essence has not changed. The water used his big unique skill once more. But the Xia Tian domain was unable to restore temporarily. Should finish.” The left hand of Xia Tian stretches out slowly.