Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1778

Is the voice of day of spirit second child. Your meeting?” Xia Tian immediately one happy. I have certainly met, the seal dantian method of different entrance meeting is not same, but roughly actually similar, generally meets one type, other, so long as has enough time to untie, their seals should very easy solution, because altogether the water is the scarlet disciple in day Lingshan, the seal dantian method of his meeting should be the seal technique of day Lingshan, have you forgotten me in the status in day Lingshan?” Day spirit second child serious saying. Hears his words, on the face of Xia Tian immediately one happy, this is the good deed, how he still to explain the seal technique a moment ago worried, now he does not need to worry finally, because there is a day of spirit second child. Quick, the day spirit second child told the method of Xia Tian de-archiving. spiritual energy that although Xia Tian remains at this time are not many, but enough de-archives their dantians. Possibly a little will be painful, you must be ready.” Xia Tian looked that said to Eastern Man and Northern Army. Pain is unimportant, is happily important.” Eastern Man said. Xia Tian looks at Eastern Man that lively appearance helpless shaking the head, afterward his direct both hands patted directly in their place of dantian. Puff! They simultaneously put out a blood, but they on the contrary specially excited, because their dantians have untied, was been so long by the seal, they were de-archived at this time finally. After Xia Tian unties their seals, immediately felt one were more tired. In these two Chu bangles each has 10 million low grade spirit stone, 10 million gathering miracle cures, some weapons and restore the compounded drug, you gather together first are using, I must sleep.” Xia Tian threw to their two Chu bangles directly. 10 million low grade spirit stone.” Eastern Man stares immediately. 10 million gathering miracle cures.” Northern Army also slightly stares.

The time two people who other things, hear this digit have been shocked completely, for before they 1-2 low grade spirit stone attacked brutally, even if after were they arrived at the spirit world, they also know spirit stone actually precious, but they have not thought that Xia Tian got rid unexpectedly to defer to surely is the unit. This was also too terrifying. Local tyrant, you are really a big local tyrant.” Eastern Man surprised looks at Xia Tian to say. Used, to use up with me slowly said.” Xia Tian said that directly entered in a room. I accompany him.” After Lin Bingbing said that also entered with Xia Tian to the room. Emma, the children are not suitable.” Eastern Man said that covered own eye to walk toward nearby room directly, Eastern Man also moved toward another room, their several needed rest well at this time. After Xia Tian arrived at the room, hugs Lin Bingbing directly in the bosom, in a while, he has fallen afterward asleep, like this hugged Lin Bingbing to fall asleep, this time he rested fragrant was very very fragrant, he does not know actually one have rested how long. When he wakes, Lin Bingbing is sitting in his head. You awoke finally.” On face of Lin Bingbing immediately one happy. „Did I rest was very long?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. You have rested for two months, must scare to death me.” Lin Bingbing said. What? My unexpectedly has rested for two months.” Xia Tian only knows one rest is very fragrant, but he does not have to think own unexpectedly rested was so long, two months, this was also too terrifying. Xia Tian these days was really too tired, came out after day Lingshan, he full leapt the city to hurry to the tiger, after the tiger leapt the city, fortifies at every step, he has not rested one to be good to think . Moreover the daily pressure was also very big, he was struggling in the life and death edge every day, so long as he one step went astray, that greeted his died. The body, is spiritually, he is very tired.

Leapt the city to run away with great difficulty from the tiger, but also heard the Lin Bingbing grasped matter, he was nonstop, sleep has not rested, rushed to the bandit directly, after having gotten down the bandit mountain, he looked for altogether the water. This, he is very all the way tired. Finally has also carried on a cross world war with the water. His whole person is very weary. The day awaking Secret Art helps the person restore in sleep , helping person cultivation. Therefore in these two months, the day awaking Secret Art has been helping Xia Tian restore own body stamina quantity. Therefore he will rest is so long. Yeah, rested was so long, the demon taught the alliance to be solved now completely.” Xia Tian says with emotion, he was rests to hoodwink. „Do you have uncomfortable place?” Lin Bingbing goes forward to ask. I am all right, is good.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile: My present strength restored was similar, several days later I will bring your great power Lingshan.” Xia Tian present condition almost you restored, only misses the small snake not to restore, still in deep sleep. Volume!” Lin Bingbing starts to speak but hesitates. How?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to Lin Bingbing. After Lin Bingbing looked at Xia Tian, clenched teeth very earnest saying: Xia Tian, I must say an important matter to you.”

How? Makes is so anxious.” Xia Tian was a little given the lane to hoodwink by the Lin Bingbing appearance. Day Lingshan had an accident.” Lin Bingbing said. What?” Heard day Lingshan to have an accident, Xia Tian gawked immediately, day Lingshan was he in the spirit world family, there had his friends, but Lin Bingbing unexpectedly said that day Lingshan had an accident: What's the matter?” Several days ago, outside spreads the news suddenly, said that some people have attacked a day of Lingshan, many Expert, day Lingshan casualties very serious, finally probably only then five elders and few people ran away, other majority of disciples died in battle, the mountain of day Lingshan advocates peace other two elders to be hung under of mountain, is half-dead.” Lin Bingbing said. This is how possible.” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, day Lingshan has had an accident, and important matter. The unexpectedly Lianshan main and the others also turn into this. I heard that the present mountain lord is called Abao.” Lin Bingbing said again. What?” Xia Tian hears Abao these two characters time understood, is Abao's retaliation, at that time the mountain hosts in day Lingshan had chosen Xia Tian, even must cut to kill Abao for Xia Tian finally, at this time was certainly retaliated by Abao, but actually Abao had anything to change. The unexpectedly Lianshan advocates peace that two elders is not his match. „It is not good, I must go to day Lingshan.” Xia Tian could not sit still, in day Lingshan has his many friend, actually he must have a look at now day Lingshan what happened, moreover he cannot look at Shan Zhu and the others there by the person ice, shame. Wait / Etc.! Now the situation in day Lingshan is unknown, do you such go back are not bring death? Now outside everywhere is Abao biography the news, he said that you is a coward, this to stir up you exits.” Lin Bingbing anxious saying. „The police spend the wife, something, hiding cannot hide.”