Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1780

Several days ago. Day Lingshan suffered huge change. The after mountain of day Lingshan main and the others returned to day Lingshan, starts the rare treasure that sought for Xia Tian to say. Finally they truly discovered. They not only have discovered the rare treasure, but also has discovered a shackles, in the shackles is detaining a person, but here several hundred years has not come in excellently, but here unexpectedly is detaining a person, but also is a live person, this person unexpectedly several hundred years were detained and here have not died. This makes the mountain of day Lingshan main and the others be inconceivable. Person unexpectedly was closed for several hundred years not dead, actually this person is closes right up against what to live? Doesn't eat and drink can also not die? Really too legend. In the rare treasure is any thing he does not know, but he guessed that definitely is the good thing, but they have not known with method, moreover what made their surprised was, under day Lingshan unexpectedly was hiding terrifying Formation, extinguished god big, although big this time already badly-damaged, but was still not their strengths can open. Shan Zhu guessed that should be tripod above Expert can open this big. This is one Ancient big, unusual terrifying. If can open, on that day after Lingshan, in the serious famine perhaps was invincible existence. Snort, these many years, you have not been willing to lose heart, useless, how regardless of you suffer me to be useless.” Shouting that person in shackles keeps, hears his words, Shan Zhu also guessed that the status of this person is not perhaps simple, therefore he does not dare to put this person, he is afraid this person becomes the disaster. After all lived several hundred years of person to be too terrorist, moreover here did not have any food and water source, perhaps regardless of Expert of any rank, could not achieve not to eat and drink has not died.

dīng dīng dāng dāng! On this person altogether more than 30 chains, the chain is the crustification on his bone, each chain compares an arm of person to be thick. My anything will not say that had to plant you to kill me.” In shackles that person noticed that the person will fall into to crazy Realm. Had discovered these back side of the mountain main started the headache, in day Lingshan really had the rare treasure, what what a pity was he can only look that means did not have, the rare treasure is unable to open, Formation is unable to open, this mysterious person was a lunatic. Shan Zhu understands, so long as can open Formation, on that day Lingshan had the qualification of self-preservation. „The fifth child, I gives you mission.” Shan Zhu looked that said to five elders. What matter?” Five elders asked. „Outside the fifth child, you lead secure they to go other to look for a mountain first, transports the wealth of day Lingshan, if presents any danger, I lead other day Lingshan disciples to go to your there, the foundation of such day of Lingshan will not damage, but you must remember, if I am unable to have the person to exit, you cannot certainly lead the person, you carry off is the elites in day Lingshan, the future of day Lingshan, must train them well.” Gate main very serious saying. Third Brother, I remain, you have the person to walk.” Five elders said. Do not struggle, walks.” The gate main shouts loudly. Five elders never see to get married the main this appearance, he also understands the gate main temperament, regardless of he said again anything is useless. Has remembered, without my summon, you and these disciples no one must come back, even if day Lingshan were extinguished is not good.” Gate main expression is serious. Um.” Five elders nodded. Five elders were bringing the family property of person and day Lingshan left directly, after they left third day.

Abao came back. Abao, your did mission complete? Why comes back ahead of time?” Shan Zhu very discontented saying. Because I heard your several old codgers wants to kill me, therefore I planned that first massacres you.” Saying of Abao coldly. Um?” Shan Zhu immediately a brow wrinkle, but he really has this idea, at this time Abao has torn to pieces the facial skin with them, he did not need to conceal anything: You clearly know that we must kill you, your unexpectedly also dares to come back.” What has not to dare? Before me you are one flock of ants, I can be run over and die at any time you.” Saying that Abao disdains. Snort, boast shamelessly.” Six elders said that has fired into Abao directly. Bang! When six elders must go well immediately, on Abao's fist presented a pair of golden gauntlet (glove), the bodies of six elders in this stiffly was knocked down. What?” Shan Zhu and the others are startled immediately. A Abao unexpectedly move overthrows six elders, this was also too terrifying. Ha Ha Ha Ha, Abao, you also liked playing.” A series of drinks the sound to transmit greatly. „Did Yu Wentao, your matter get through?” Abao asked. Has gotten through, has killed more than 8000 people, disabled more than 10,000 people, other should the issue not be big, but the disciple bone of your day Lingshan is very hard.” Yu Wentao very optional saying. What?” Heard the opposite party words, the mountain main whole person is shocked.

These person of unexpectedly have killed their day Lingshan that many disciples, moreover achieving that so is quietly. Um.” Abao's satisfied nod, looks afterward to the mountain lord: Xia Tian? Isn't he now very famous? The star of sounds of nature, was really funny, before me he was ants, ants that I momentarily can be run over and die.” Abao, you are actually what kind of!” Shan Zhu looks angrily to Abao. Day Lingshan has been steady in serious famine these many years, however today's day Lingshan unexpectedly has encountered the so terrifying change, Abao attacks, he is leading the person were Expert, unexpectedly have killed the juniors in that many day of Lingshan. „Am I how is it? I want certainly to work as the mountain to advocate, the old fogy, chose to support since Xia Tian that day from you, your death has been doomed, I have the big destiny person, wants to fight with me, you were too tender.” Abao whole face disdains looks at the mountain lord in day Lingshan, although before his status was also very high, but he also similarly must result in listens to Shan Zhu. Shan Zhucai is most authoritative, he must look up at Shan Zhu, the manner that but at this moment, he arrives by superior, he overlooks Shan Zhu. Good, since you want to work as Shan Zhu, I give you mountain main position, you have put these innocent day Lingshan disciples.” Shan Zhu said loudly. Ha Ha, your unexpectedly was still discussing the pricetag with me, what qualifications did you have to talk to me?” Abao laughs was saying. Shan Zhu did not have the chip. Has killed you, Shan Zhu same is my, moreover my always time does not have the plan to let off you, but I will not kill you, but I want you to live to might as well die.” Abao said that fired into mountain to advocate peace directly four elders.