Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1781

Shan Zhu saw fierce location of Abao that complete in both gauntlet (glove) a moment ago: Do not spell with his gauntlet (glove) hardly.” Four elders also hurriedly go round Abao's gauntlet (glove). They think their this can be safe. But they made a mistake. Whiz! Abao appeared in them instantaneously. Bang! Bang! The mountain advocates peace four elders to be knocked down directly by Abao. A move! How is this possible?” On Shan Zhu the face has written all over inconceivable. My strength has promoted for the tripod, moreover you only pay attention to my gauntlet (glove), has not noted my also pair of war boots, my gauntlet (glove) attribute is the gravity, my war boots attribute is the wind.” Saying of Abao coldly, he can finally Shan Zhucai in the under foot, his tripod strength, although is promotion stiffly, but he after all is also tripod Expert, moreover his gauntlet (glove) and war boots are treasure. Therefore can achieve strikes to kill. If no gauntlet (glove) and war boots, he wanted to defeat the mountain to advocate peace four elders to be possible not to be easy. After all the mountain advocates peace four elders to be the person who that type suppresses oneself strength stiffly, they are almost invincible in the same step. On Shan Zhu the face has written all over unwillingly, he has a dream does not have to think one will lose in Abao's hand, moreover is loses is so miserable.

to become Wang defeats the invader, starting today, day Lingshan was my, but your three old fogies must pay the price for your achievement.” Abao expression ice-cold saying, he fought with the fists afterward directly in Shan Zhu the place of dantian. Bang! Shan Zhu the dantian was abandoned instantaneously. Puff! A blood spouts from the mountain main mouth: Ha Ha Ha Ha.” Abao is laughing crazily, afterward his both hands fast rap on mountain main body, knocking of bone bone. Ka! Ka! He knocks is very earnest, this is folding the Moshan lord. Abao this person will only record others to his not to be good, does not remember that others to his good, he remember arrives at the back side of the mountain of day Lingshan main to his attendance, he only remembers that Shan Zhu gives up him for the Xia Tian choice, therefore he must retaliate, he must make the mountain lord very miserable, he must make the mountain lord live to regret. Ha Ha.” Abao more hits is more excited, this one after another is knocking Shan Zhu the bone. Shan Zhu both eyes are red, pain from top to bottom makes him almost collapse, but he had not shouted that a painful character, he as if soon collapsed at this time, the Expert impossible bone of any rank to be knocked not to be painful, but he also knows that to become Wang defeats the invader, he lost, that dies should also be. „Isn't pain painful? My mountain main Sir.” Abao is knocking, while said. „A good crazy fellow.” Yu Wentao says with emotion.

Looks at the Abao crazy appearance, Yu Wentao a little thinks terroristly, although he and Abao are the relations of cooperation, but he has also kept a mind, because Abao's talent and destiny were too terrifying, this terrifying destiny remises him almost not to have what good end for the person of enemy. Mountain main Sir, gives me your opportunity, told me the whereabouts of two people, I gave you a happiness.” Abao suspended the movement on hand, the vision stubbornly is staring at Shan Zhu, afterward continues saying: Where Xia Tian and crown prince are they at?” Xia Tian and Abao always have hated, in Abao's eyes, Xia Tian must die, moreover must be dying most miserable, because Xia Tian is first dares to challenge his dignified person, moreover at that time Xia Tian was also only a white clothing disciple, about a cauldron Rank 3 boy, this insulted regarding him simply. This was just like one month of income 10,000 Yuan so-called big company executives to tell that Ma Yun your speech was not good, was a truth. Xia Tian has touched his bottom line. However crown prince? Why Shan Zhu cannot think through Abao to look for the crown prince, the crown prince is a not famous boy, although, when the resistance demon teaches the alliance, the crown prince performs well, he is also three species talents, but this also being insufficient makes Abao hear his name. Said!” Abao gives a loud shout. „Are you threatening me? Abao, I was the past day spirit seven, but has been a pity, again how many years gave me, I can break through the tripod, arrived at tripod Realm me to be the same step is invincible, at that time I can kill you casually, rebel disciple does unexpectedly of your day Lingshan dare to threaten me? Happen to my body straightens up tightly, has the skill you to come.” Shan Zhu shouts loudly. You court death!” Abao's angry shouting, afterward once more in mountain main body dozen, this one after another all broke the mountain main bone. Shan Zhu had not shouted from beginning to end a painful character, this is the unyielding dauntless man, the bone of whole body all broke, has not shouted makes noise. Good, since you did not say that I suffer them, my comes, I will certainly make you live to might as well die.” Abao said that fought with the fists directly on Shan Zhu the tooth, Shan Zhu the full mouth tooth was destroyed completely, he prevented Shan Zhuyao the tongue to commit suicide at this time. Sooner or later Abao, you can die is more miserable than me.” On the mountain main that fierce face had the smiling face. „Do I die? I have the big destiny to add the person of body, wanting me dead does not have is so simple, I sooner or later will become Nine cauldrons Expert will aspire to seize the entire spirit world.” Abao's excited shouting, he to own destiny and talent, but self-confident, he thinks , are a God's favored one.

Also only then can become in this world the most formidable person. Destiny forever is only auxiliary, the genuine God's favored one is where regardless to can the incarnation be existence of dragon.” Shan Zhu spoke of here time has remembered Xia Tian, he was very from top to bottom painful, but is unable to faint, because Abao used the mystique to keep him from fainting, can only bear oneself pain. Good, I make you obstinate argumentative.” Abao said that has pulled up four elders, afterward fought with the fists in four elders the place of dantian. Puff! The dantians of four elders also broke to pieces. Four elders, I give you an opportunity, where if you told me Xia Tian and crown prince they hide, I can give your way out to be what kind of?” Abao looked that asked to four elders, regarding him, four elders is a disabled person, therefore was he lets go four elders not to have the issue, the whereabouts of Xia Tian and crown prince who he most wants to know. Because these two people for him were really too important. You determined that can give my way out? Good, I said.” Four elders looked that said to Abao. This also almost, said that I ensure you do not die.” Abao said. You approach, I can only say that listens to you, otherwise I worried that you will harm other people, you must guarantee with me besides them the person, cannot move.” Four elders said. Good!” Abao collects his ear to come excited saying.