Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1782
Abao wants to know that the whereabouts of Xia Tian and crown prince, saw at this time four elder agree said finally. Is four elders understands what has to done.” Abao said that has depended on the ear directly. Near-point, I do not believe that several people.” Four elders said. Abao approached. Again near-point.” Four elders said again. Abao approached, at this time Abao and four elders distances between only remaining were less than one centimeter, Abao started to fantasize after he knew the Xia Tian news, how ruthless oppressive Xia Tian must. The mountain advocates peace six elders to look that four elder anything had not said. Puff! At this moment, four elders bit suddenly on Abao's ear. Ah! A pitiful yell from the mouths of four elders, shouted that afterward a Abao palm of the hand flew four elder rackets directly: I know that you court death intentionally, but I will not help your, your unexpectedly dares to nip me, I have abandoned you.” Abao covers the bloody ear to look at four elders, mouth unexpectedly of four elders kept the bit, the flash bit had ripped half his ear a moment ago directly. Ha Ha, the fourth child, does well.” Day spirit sixth child excited shouting.

Reason that a moment ago they have not spoken are because they believe that their brothers are will not do absolutely, the dog, they believes that the day of spirit fourth child must make anything, therefore they look. Satisfies a craving.” The day spirit fourth child chews the ear in oneself mouth to say. Although they lost, but they have the strength of spirit. Good, you are very good, I will make you not seek livehood, asked unable, broke their bones and teeth to me, then hung to me to the wall of day Lingshan on, sent for giving me to look that I cannot they die.” Abao looked that under said to Yu Wentao's these. Yu Wentao's these under actually do not use hear of Abao, but now Abao and Yu Wentao are the relations of cooperation, therefore Yu Wentao's these under to Abao the face, all listen to Abao, moreover Abao's behavior really shocked them a moment ago, therefore suddenly they also by to control. Xia Tian hears Abao's order, these under also all came, they to prevent these people died, is little knocking. Quick, three people of bones and teeth all were knocked. Ha Ha Ha Ha.” Looks that also day Lingshan main and other people of pitiful condition Abao loudly laugh. He likes this feeling very much, is the feeling of winner, how the person of victory can arrange the person of failure dead at will. But his ear fell half, even if eating restores the compounded drug also to need for a long time to be able fully to restore very much. Abao sent for and other people tying up with the chain day Lingshan Shan Zhu on stone wall of day of Lingshan, stone wall of day Lingshan was hot, moreover was sharp, their three present is a spiritual energy no average person, moreover average person who was injured, if because of they three meat stamina quantity formidable, their three cannot die without doubt. Also is really distressed.” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan said.

Yes, this whole life does not have this feeling, back then our day spirit seven child what kind power and prestige, what a pity finally actually ended up to turn out so under.” The day spirit fourth child said. If the Boss, us such will not turn like this, he will certainly protect our.” The day spirit sixth child said. Three people of this time is the unusual pains, but they also want dead cannot die, therefore their direct selection got by in the way of chat. If the Boss knows that we turn into this, he comes certainly back to rescue our, what a pity the Boss has been missing for 200 years.” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan said. Blames us, does not have cultivation well, if our several cultivation to tripod, strength that then suppresses by us, after tripod, perhaps the tripod four Rank 5 people are not our matches, was not one's turn Abao this little animal to bully us.” Saying that the day spirit fourth child regrets. Really raises the tiger to create disaster, initially we only settled on Abao's talent and destiny, has not actually observed his moral behavior, although afterward has discovered that but has also been too late, Abao is the wild ambition, initially we spent the resources of entire day Lingshan to train him, but we actually end up to turn out finally so are out, is really pitiful, lamentable.” The day spirit sixth child said. Regret was too luxurious regarding us, regretted with it here, might as well going on living well, when the person rescues.” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan said. Turned like this, but also who can save us?” Day spirit fourth child puzzled asking. „Have you forgotten sounds of nature city? The serious famine is manages by the sounds of nature city, moreover before me, just had the person to pursue the demon to teach Expert of alliance, the sounds of nature city will not sit by and do nothing, they will certainly return to send the allied armies to rescue again our, Abao such did affected the peace of serious famine, if sounds of nature City Lord did not manage, the people of that other big entrances one by one will worry that own safety, when the time comes also who can listen to the sounds of nature city?” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan said. Um, you said very reasonable.” The fourth child in day Lingshan nodded. When their three have been full of the hope, the below these guard their guards of shout: Your several do not have the daydream, your sounds of nature City Lord could not guarantee including their comfort at this time, he managed you with anything, other entrances also received our warnings, who dares to send, whose entrance we extinguished, sounds of nature City Lord have issued the imperial order, Feng Abao the mountain hosts for day Lingshan.” Hears the words of these people, just ignited the hope in three will of the people immediately one cold.

In the face of the benefit, their three got rid. They have done that many matters for the serious famine, but finally they by sounds of nature city, got rid by the entire serious famine. Dark green Heavens!, don't you have the long eye?” The day spirit sixth child shouts loudly. He is unwilling. „The considering as finished sixth child, do not shout that this is the benefit, now this world, looks is the benefit, besides the fifth child, but also who can want to save us? However the fifth child was also compelled to distribute the serious oath by me to save us, therefore we here wait for death.” Day spirit fourth child desperate saying. „To die does not have is so easy, we look does not make you die, you will have delicious tasty, even if you do not eat, we forcefully will also pour into the nutrient toward your bodies, making you unable dead absolutely.” A guard shouts loudly, they like now this feeling, defeats the hopes of these three people. Here protects their person enough more than 30 people, Black Gown person who two cauldron Rank 8 Expert and 28 two cauldron six Rank 7 Expert, on wrapped in a shroud of obscurity, did not speak in addition. In this time day Lingshan. I finally found the rare treasure.” Yu Wentao's excited shouting.