Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1783

Yu Wentao had found the rare treasure. Congratulates you.” Abao very optional saying. At this time they are is the deep place of day Lingshan, here is located in the interior of day Lingshan, the entrance is that stele, after entering to here, they had discovered rare treasure is. Said that congratulated also too early, although rare treasure truly here, but by the seal, was actually wanted to turn on this seal not so to be perhaps simple, moreover did you see that person in shackles? If I have not guessed that wrong, this person should know that opens the rare treasure the means that so long as makes him open the mouth, that rare treasure can open.” Yu Wentao points at his behind shackles to say. I urged you do not have his idea, this person was too strange, you had a look at this basket, these chains, here environment, locked in a person with such way, didn't you think very monster? Moreover I am so long in day Lingshan, had not heard that here locked person, in other words, this person does not know how long here was locked.” Abao reminded. He always felt that this person is not simple. Starts to a person, the method can have, you look my.” Yu Wentao very self-confident saying. Um, regardless of because of any reason, you cannot turn on his chain.” Abao said that he is unable to imagine this person, if were turned on the chain to be terrorist. Also has another matter to need to process, the secret pavilion altogether sold ten rare treasure secret, in other words most little had ten groups of people to know the buried treasure secret, although they cannot find here in a short time, but soon, they can certainly inquire that was when the time comes difficult to manage, therefore we must open now immediately extinguish demon big, this Formation was used to protect day Lingshan, the talented person of tripod can open, therefore before your day Lingshan, did not have any person to open this big.” For Yu Wentao this time rare treasure inquired the innumerable materials. Before he inquires 1000, day Lingshan is a big entrance, but does not know why afterward will turn into this, however the beforehand day Lingshan has to extinguish demon big, afterward had been closed, is the closure, but does not vanish, so long as they open this to extinguish demon big once more, then the day Lingshan can open.

Um, these matters give you to process, moreover I must find two people, is called Xia Tian, another is called the crown prince.” Abao nodded to say. This Xia Tian I can hear that recently actually frequently his matter, truly is a talent very high person, is the crown prince but who you said who?” Yu Wentao's puzzled asking. Some matters you should not ask.” Abao's expression suddenly changes cold. I did not ask that my person cannot send absolutely, must stay in a day of Lingshan.” Yu Wentao said. That as you like, in any case now the day Lingshan disciples majority of listen my, I will send them to look up.” Abao said that went out of here directly. Rare treasure, Ha Ha, I finally found you, sooner or later I will open you,” Yu Wentao looks that front rare treasure said that actually in the rare treasure to have anything, he does not know, the wealth that but he after the inquiry discovery, here hides is to surpass him absolutely imagines, moreover secret pavilion also chit, if discovered finally thing they in rare treasure had not been expected high, on that day the machine pavilion is willing to compensate ten times. He was spends oneself all continuations to buy a map. He anticipates to this rare treasure. „The punishment armed forces, you were not known as that has 100 types the method of suffering the person? Uses to me on him, compelling him to say opens the rare treasure the method.” Yu Wentao looks that under an own famous artisan asked.

Sir, you felt relieved that gave me to be OK.” On the face of punishment armed forces had the cruel smiling face. Good, these days I will open here extinguish demon, the rare treasure matter give you.” Yu Wentao's satisfied nod. After Yu Wentao here arranged appropriately, That side Abao was also the faction got rid to seek for Xia Tian and crown prince, these people have all pledged allegiance to Abao at this time, moreover Abao also compelled them to distribute the blood oath, wanted them to pledge to fight to the death to give loyalty to itself, such method was not very not spicy, making over ten thousand people distribute the soul blood oath to him. If not because he has the big destiny to add the body, perhaps he early was struck by lightning. Snort, Xia Tian, I have thought how must handle you, after I catch you, I will make you live to might as well die.” Saying that Abao thought aloud, he works now to complete in oneself heart that for the dream that has not completed, he thinks before on the same day mountain lord in Lingshan, now he has become, he wanted Xia Tian to live to might as well before die, this he can also complete immediately. My present Realm is not steady, the strength that promotes forcefully has the malpractice, so long as had found my silly younger brother, I had the means to consolidate present Realm, became tripod Expert of genuine goods at reasonable prices.” Abao innermost feelings incomparably excited saying. In day Lingshan had important matter all people to hear. The mountain of day Lingshan advocated peace two elders to be broken all bones, hung visits in the day Lingshan making an offering person, but Abao also obtained the approval of sounds of nature City Lord, sealed him new Shan Zhu for day Lingshan. Before turned into abegging existence for day Lingshan Shan Zhu who the serious famine made great contribution.

Recently Abao very depressed, he has sent out many people, but could not find Xia Tian with the crown prince, these two people probably baseless disappeared were the same . Moreover the day Lingshan elites who these before ran away also all disappeared to disappear. Another depressed person was Yu Wentao. He just started confidently, thinks that own subordinate can certainly pry open the mouth of that odd person, but afterward he discovered that he has made a mistake, the mouth of this person cannot pry open, he besides cursing at people, anything not, his person does not have with how many method that his means that moreover approaches his subordinate livingly was given to kill by him. From then on he orders his all subordinates, all cannot approach this person, this person was really too dangerous, tied up in the whole body is fearing over ten thousand jin (0.5 kg) diamond chains unexpectedly also to be able such to have the strength. On the other hand, Xia Tian has been away from day Lingshan to be getting more and more near. He knows on own slow one day, Shan Zhu and the others are more dangerous. Mountain lord, you are good to my Xia Tian, the present is my Xia Tian repays a debt of gratitude.” Xia Tian got hold of own fist to say. He must go to day Lingshan, solitarily before , bygone days Lingshan, he has not thought must go all out with Abao, because he definitely is not Abao and he leads these Expert matches, but he can try to be able Shan Zhu and the others to rescue.