Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1784

Hateful, hateful!” Somewhere in the mountain, the day Lingshan five elders angrily were shouting, hitting that his fist kept on mountain, has not adhered to stick cohere any spiritual energy, at this time his on the fist was the blood, but his as if ache could not feel is the same. Master, your calm.” secure persuaded. Calm? Am I calm? Our brothers several risk one's life for several hundred years, now I think that their had been broken all bones, like this tied up in day Lingshan, I have not been able to save them, this killing me was more uncomfortable.” Five elder angry shouting. Ah! Five elders on hitting of such fist then fist above wall. secure and the others do not know how should block five elders. At this moment, pill ran spirit: Master, do not hit, Xiao zither they discovered Xia Tian.” Anything!” Five elders hear Xia Tian this name time immediately stares, his hand stopped. Xiao zither and jade their two outside inquiry, the jade has subpoenaed saying that a moment ago their two bumped into Xia Tian.” pill answered spirit. Where is he at?” Five elders asked hurriedly. Goes to the road in day Lingshan.” pill said spirit. What? His unexpectedly unexpectedly must go to day Lingshan!” Five elders stare immediately, although they and Xia Tian relations are good, but now day Lingshan there is Abao's domain, Abao is seeking for Xia Tian everywhere, Xia Tian unexpectedly must bring death. Um, he said that he must rescue the mountain to advocate them.” pill nodded spirit.

Nonsense, making Xiao zither they quickly block him to me, cannot make him go absolutely, that is a trap, if he went, he was impossible to live, he will be our future hopes.” Five elders said that he has not thought Xia Tian unexpectedly so feels emotion the righteousness, in this case unexpectedly must rescue the mountain to advocate them. No matter what everyone sees, that is a trap, went possibly forever unable to come out, but Xia Tian unexpectedly also dares to go. This is the adversity sees the true feelings, by outlying hill main and the others status and status in that pendulum, respects to them, everybody will think very normal, but Shan Zhu and the others met misfortune at this time, other big entrance has pretended non-involvement the relations with them, the beforehand these relational good Mount Qingcheng and great Fengshan also shut tightly the entrance. City Lord of Rank 5 city sounds of nature city is directly Feng Abao is new Shan Zhu of day Lingshan. Day spirit third child already but actually. But now Xia Tian unexpectedly must save them. Their present dantians were destroyed, bone all breaks, is the disabled person, even if rescued is also the disabled person, but Xia Tian rescued. Useless, Xiao zither they cannot block Xia Tian, moreover Xia Tian forbids them, if they continue, Xia Tian must their two tying up.” pill said spirit. He so is how impulsive, secure, no matter you use any means to block Xia Tian, so long as Xia Tian does not die, by his talent, we can recapture day Lingshan in less than many years.” Five elders order to say directly. Yes, Master, but you.” secure looked to the hands of five elders. I am all right, you block Xia Tian.” Five elders said hurriedly. Good, pill spirits, Master gave you, I urged to go faster return.” secure said that leaves directly.

In day Lingshan. Abao was stepping up cultivation recently, moreover he is still sending for searching high and low the whereabouts of Xia Tian and crown prince, but still does not have any news, this makes Abao's mood unusual is not good. Moreover one side, Yu Wentao is not happy. Punishment military completely his all methods, but that person does not submit . Moreover the physical quality of that person was really good , no matter received the serious wound, quick will be restored to health, simply was one living the monster, afterward Yu Wentao had used the ruse of inflicting an injury on oneself, but that person while still alive was killed finally. This Yu Wentao thorough perplexing. Abao, your side situation how?” Yu Wentao had found Abao. Without the progress, these people probably baseless vanished was the same.” Abao's helpless shaking the head. Here is also same, but extinguished demon big to have again about can open for half a month.” Yu Wentao said. So long as can open extinguishes demon big, that other said that the rare treasure in this, cannot lose in any case, you can study slowly.” Abao said that so long as extinguishes demon big opening, then other Expert dare to kill, they extinguished these Expert, on these Expert also many good things, to extinguish them happen to be able to obtain in any case compare not the small wealth. Um, I also think that I want to go to the book collection pavilion in your day Lingshan to have a look recently, perhaps there will have the record.” Yu Wentao said. This is a great idea, in the book collection pavilion anything to have, although the merit law is preliminary, however inside unofficial history has recorded many fantastic story anecdotes, but wanted to find the related rare treasure, perhaps you must look for last some time.” Abao said. At this time under day Lingshan.

I never want dead, does not know actually really Abao has eaten anything to us, sleeps continually cannot fall asleep.” Day spirit fourth child depressed saying. Every day is such painful, moreover must be visited, was displayed, what is more laughable is Abao unexpectedly prepares these things below, owes coming out that he thinks, pounds us to join day Lingshan with the rotten vegetable leaf with the smelly egg, this treatment is really high, although only selects ten people to join day Lingshan every day, but these people went crazy same pounds us.” Shan Zhu felt that very speechless, they experienced anything to be called the true shame recently. Really hopes which person pounds makes an effort to give to be battered to death me directly.” The day spirit sixth child said. Do not have a dream, below these guards are not the ornaments, if under some people want the heavy hand, they definitely meet first get rid to kill the opposite party.” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan said. Third Brother, I had couple of days ago had a strange dream, saved us the dream to some people.” The day spirit fourth child said. Do not want to be too many, that is a dream.” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan said. Do not say that the fourth child has rested with great difficulty for 34 seconds, can have a dream, this is how professional.” The day spirit sixth child teased. They very long had not chatted well, recently for these days they were all gave to chat the day that these for 200 years have not chatted, chat that they to kill the time, here kept, was all right also mutually teases, but resulted in does not admire three people of wills, since these many days, their painful character has not shouted. Well?” At this moment the day spirit fourth child's vision looked suddenly to the following crowd. How?” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan asked. I saw Xia Tian probably, wasn't my eye will go wrong?” Day spirit fourth child puzzled saying.