Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1786

The voice of day spirit second child sobs, but also is bringing roaring. Regardless of before them, what grievances has, when he noticed that these three people were broken the bone, the whole body is hanging of wound when day Lingshan, his heart broke to pieces. They are day spirit seven. Day Lingshan pride, they magnificent, but their unexpectedly ends up to turn out finally so is out. The Boss breaks the arm to be missing, his mortal body was destroyed, the third child, the fourth child, the sixth child was hung in day Lingshan, lives to might as well die, the seventh child died, only then the fifth child is also living, this is their day spirit seven child final fates, at this time before he sees with one's own eyes three good brothers to turn into this, his heart is very painful, he wished one could himself directly to clash to kill front all people. He hates! He hates the not treasuring beforehand time well. Relax.” Xia Tian only said these three characters. The day spirit second child has not spoken again, he like this has looked at front all. Xia Tian, do not manage us, we are the disabled people, even if you have saved us, we also can only be the burdens, a point with does not have.” The mountain of day Lingshan main shouts loudly. I have not thought after having saved you, can bring anything to me, my father taught me since childhood, cultivated the behavior to understand the loyalty, my brother also makes me experience anything to be called the loyalty with own eyes, therefore I was more impossible to lose their faces.” Xia Tian said that his vision looked to the front these guards: You must die.” Ha Ha Ha Ha, I had heard your name, already heard you were very extremely arrogant, today sees, is really lives up to reputation, but also is really extremely arrogant enough, depends on your brat also to dare with us to shout that hits to shout " kill ", was really funny.” Saying that opposite that two cauldron Rank 8 Expert disdains. Xia Tian has not spoken, he in preparing, he knows that these people are Expert, moreover is not the person of serious famine, they have their spirit beast, therefore he must not summon the spirit beast while these people time kills them directly, otherwise the following fight will be very troublesome, after all the battle efficiency of spirit beast is also very terrifying.

Their strengths add on spirit beast to obtain growth doubled and re-doubled again. On, holds him to me, do not kill.” That two cauldron Rank 8 Expert waves, his behind 27 two cauldron six Rank 7 Expert kill directly to Xia Tian. Today I must rescue their three, who blocks me, I kill anyone.” The Xia Tian right hand wields, the day cold sword appears in his hands at the same time, one is 20 meters domain appears in the Xia Tian surroundings directly, after entering two cauldrons, his domain also expanded, now she used 20 meters in diameter domain not to have the side effect. Wan sword returns to the birth family. The flash, around the body of Xia Tian presented several thousand sword glow, flash when the sword glow presents. Four Yuan attack. Four types of elements twine to go to sword glow directly. Bang! Sees such situation, opposite these guard complexions immediately change. „It is not good, is the domain.” That two cauldron Rank 8 Expert complexion immediately changes. At this time these two cauldron six Rank 7 Expert rushed to the Xia Tian front, when they want to attack Xia Tian, they suddenly discovered own unexpectedly cannot transfer the strength of element, Xia Tian can control now, wooden, the water, the fire, the earth, four types of elements, in his domain, he are the gods, other strength of people these four elements on the reassignment many, say nothing of 27 people are wanting to transfer radically. Draws an analogy, in the Xia Tian domain range has the strength of ten element, after the Xia Tian use domain, the strength of seven element for him have used, the strength of remaining three elements were not many, now 27 people snatch the strength of this element, why naturally is insufficiently.

Suddenly, their 27 people all fell into the passive situation. The words that they want to attack, cannot transfer the strength of element, the defensive words, does not have the strength. Kill! Xia Tian gets rid very decisively, not to the time that 27 people responded, used the domain directly, was only the flash, over ten thousand Sword Light have shot at the opposite that 27 people directly. Bang! Death! Insta-kill! That 27 two cauldron Rank 6, Rank 7 Expert died in the hand of Xia Tian instantaneously, if were independent combat, absolutely then they will not die was so miserable, they even have not summoned dead including the adept skill and spirit beast, dying unusual was frigid, saw that such condition person was all shocked. Just started them also to think that Xia Tian is brings death simply, but now they all by the Xia Tian strength deep shock. I have not misread, this was also too fierce a point, the opposite these people may be Expert in legend, but he such one these people all died.” Was too terrorist, what a moment ago was that? It is not the domain in legend, does this type of thing exist really? I have thought is a legend, but looked that now discovered too has exaggerated, this has surmounted my cognition completely.” „Isn't domain in the legend has? Why he will use the domain.”

Surroundings these people had all been shocked by the Xia Tian strength, they also all were looking a moment ago down upon Xia Tian, thinks that Xia Tian was an idiot, was brings death, but Xia Tian makes them hold in high esteem now, Xia Tian has proven own great strength with the fact. Quite fierce, his unexpectedly stiffened.” Jade surprised saying. Master is Master, this was also too abnormal a point.” secure dumbfounded looks at Xia Tian. He is really the hero in my mind.” A Xiao zither face worship looks at Xia Tian. At this time was hung three people on mountain also all by the Xia Tian strength to to control, although they know that the Xia Tian talent is high, but a Xia Tian this strength progressive also too nearly point, before Xia Tian was also only cauldron three Rank 4 about Realm, although can also jump the ranks at that time the challenge, but that was the reason of card in a hand. But now Xia Tian domain, unexpectedly directly completely extinguishes that 27 two cauldron seven Rank 8 Expert kills. Too terrifying. „The progressive speed also too nearly point of this boy, how was he cultivation?” The day spirit fourth child looks at Xia Tian surprisedly. His strength truly progressed, what is fiercest is his operational experience, he getting rid decisive very ruthless, for did not give the opportunity that the opposite party gets rid of a moment ago, even the opposite party summoned the opportunity of spirit beast not to give, such opposite party can only , no matter what he butchered, if the opposite party got rid, the fight of both sides will be deeply worried.” The mountain of day Lingshan main is also a face admiration looks at Xia Tian. At this time that two cauldron Rank 8 guard looks at Xia Tian surprisedly: Your unexpectedly will use the domain, the young fellow, was really too fierce, no wonder Abao that wants to kill you, the evil corpse king, broke his arm and leg to me, caught him, Abao must pay indemnity for my damage well.”