Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1787

Saw own subordinate death, that two cauldron Rank 8 Expert was not happy. These people may be his subordinate, unexpectedly by this Xia Tian direct Insta-kill, the domain strength was very been truly fearful, but he also knew similarly why Xia Tian can achieve Insta-kill, because Xia Tian grasped the battlefield current political situation to be too strong, Xia Tian while match general idea time emitted directly has killed to incur, this hit that 27 person one to be caught off guard. That 27 people were extremely self-confident. They think that the side has these many Expert, a person one patted dead Xia Tian, therefore they to have not paid attention to Xia Tian from start finally from the start. Also because of their general ideas, they have not thought that Xia Tian has domain such skill, therefore was struck to kill by Xia Tian. Can say these people die does not have the brain very much. However since now the person died, he said again anything was also useless, he can only acknowledge that the punishment is deserved, now he must do takes Xia Tian, then wants the reward with Abao, when the time comes he dying the person regards the chip to come with Abao to discuss the price. No matter what these people to help Abao handle matters die. Side that two cauldron Rank 8 Expert has been standing a wrapped in a shroud of obscurity Black Gown person, after he has issued the order, the Black Gown person has fired into Xia Tian directly. Whiz! The speed of Black Gown person is fast. Xia Tian has not spelled hardly, but is fast retreat. Bang! The ground that Xia Tian was at a moment ago fought with the fists directly by the Black Gown person a big hole. Before this Black Gown person and that 27 people of differences, his getting rid decisive very ruthless, is one wants to hit the remnant Xia Tian stance completely.

Whiz! Black Gown person unceasing firing into Xia Tian, but Xia Tian is dodging that starts to keep, Xia Tian is also looking for the opportunity, seeks opportunity that can get rid, his X-Ray Vision eye early opened, now he most hopes is uses the X-Ray Vision eye to observe the flaw of Black Gown person, then strikes to kill. Xia Tian gets rid not to pay great attention now fancy, but is decisive. Because the fight of this rank he cannot make a mistake, moreover he cannot spell hardly, although he now seems the unusual overwhelming power, but he also merely is only a two cauldron Rank 1 person, in this Black Gown person eyes perhaps is the weak pity, once he makes the mistake, that Black Gown person will launch the attack that pursues to the end and hit hard. When the time comes Xia Tian must die without doubt. Does not get rid not to have flaw, therefore Xia Tian is dodging that keeps, his speed is fast, moreover Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step is also very mysterious Movement Technique, continually promotes along with the Xia Tian strength, his Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step is unceasingly is also evolving, Xia Tian like this speaks Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step to launch completely. Quick he discovered that this evil corpse king is not a person, but is a corpse. Because his forms of defensive action and Great General are exactly the same. „Hasn't the day spirit second child, you wanted a body? Today I found to you.” Xia Tian in knowing the sea shouts. Boss, I want now.” The day spirit second child already could not control own mood. Human body I can you, but you must promise me unable to impulse, Abao's strength perhaps early is not, one will save others first, then my wife who we can compare they gave you, helping me take care of them.” Xia Tian said. Boss, you?” Day spirit second child puzzled asking, in the Xia Tian knowledge into the sea, he had discovered recently the idea of Xia Tian, Xia Tian this time rescued has not planned to live going back. Since you also asked my Boss to help me protect your sister-in-law, do not let others bully her.” Xia Tian said loudly. Boss, I promises you.” The day spirit second child said loudly.

Good, said it and meant it.” After Xia Tian said that his body has fired into the evil corpse king directly, his speed is fast, at the same time his left hand five fingers and make three. Seizes dragon! Burns 50 million gathering miracle cures. The flash, a terrifying strength directly enters the left hand of Xia Tian. ! Dragon Yin appears, afterward the hand of Xia Tian grasped directly on the body of evil corpse king. Bang! The Xia Tian left hand brandishes, directly body pounding of evil corpse king maliciously above ground. Meanwhile. The soul strangles to death! Xia Tian will control that wisp of remnant soul of evil corpse king to extinguish directly kills. Is now.” Xia Tian injected in the soul of day spirit second child the body of evil corpse king directly forcefully. Won! All people all discovered that Xia Tian has won, just started Xia Tian unexpectedly one move that dodges in all directions to defeat the opposite party, attack everybody of evil corpse king saw a moment ago, that was the suitable terrifying, but was so, Xia Tian unexpectedly can also achieve strikes to kill, this too exaggerated simply.

Saw that Xia Tian wins once more, the surrounding person is very surprised. But that two cauldron Rank 8 Expert is inconceivable of whole face, actually he really cannot think through Xia Tian how to achieve, the strength that Xia Tian that flash sent out a moment ago is terrorist, that strength only exists in the flash, he can feel that flash clearly the strength almost. Moreover makes him feel what is inconceivable, the evil corpse king is Yu Wentao's war corpse, was known as that the body of dying, never will not stop the soldier, was now his unexpectedly this but actually, has not stood again, this made him feel that was strange. Great.” Day spirit fourth child excited saying. It seems like he wins really hopefully, this person corrupt merit, therefore he has not reported the matter gives above, now Abao has not known that Xia Tian came, if Xia Tian can cut to kill him, perhaps we really had the opportunity to escape.” The day spirit sixth child also suddenly saw the hope. You leave happily is too early, after the deaths of beforehand these people, this two cauldron Rank 8 Expert noted the Xia Tian method to excel, therefore he definitely will then have guarded to Xia Tian, the Xia Tian following fight will be will be very laborious.” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan said. Expert both hands of that two cauldron Rank 8 patted directly above the ground. A two meters python appears in his front directly, he looked that the Xia Tian method were many, he does not hope one capsize in Yingouli, therefore he summoned his spirit beast directly. Xia Tian also having mystical powers beast, is the small snake, is the small snake after the previous time matter to the present also in the deep sleep, does not wake, otherwise there is a small snake in words, the opposite python was good to cope, Xia Tian Xia Tian must cope solely was not two cauldron Rank 8 Expert, a terrifying python. Although your method are many, but I looked, your true strength is not very strong, therefore I, so long as protects, you take me not to have any means.” That two cauldron Rank 8 Expert said. You can give a try.” Xia Tian vision stubbornly stares at him to say. Meanwhile in day Lingshan. Well, soul unexpectedly of evil corpse king had written off, comes the person, gave me to go to under the mountain to have a look what happened.” Yu Wentao shouts loudly.