Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1789

Ha Ha, is really you wear out iron shoes in hunting round, must come not to be all time-consuming.” Yu Wentao laughs to say excitedly that Abao there had been found by them in seeking Xia Tian unexpectedly continuously, this time he must maliciously black one compared with Abao, moreover he also died the person, this must make Abao compensate. Now that person has killed our 29 Expert, only remaining constructions there.” Under the famous artisan report said. All right, some constructions in do not need to be worried completely that his strength I highly believe.” Yu Wentao nodded saying that his to construction strength that is very self-confident, the construction is two cauldron Rank 8 Expert, moreover there is a python to lead a cheer, strength very formidable, although he does not know that actually Xia Tian kills other these people, but he guessed that Xia Tian definitely has own card in a hand, but any card in a hand does not have any use in the front of absolute strength. After two cauldron Rank 8, can use the deep meaning. After using the deep meaning, that is the contrast that can create to go against heaven's will. „It is not good, I must look for Abao.” Yu Wentao's excited saying, between he and Abao is the relations of cooperation, all place the first benefit, now he found Xia Tian naturally to with Abao discuss well. In Abao's house. Abao!” Yu Wentao shouts loudly. Whiz! The form fell on Yu Wentao's side together. How?” Abao's puzzled asking, sees Yu Wentao's appearance hurriedly, he continues to pursue asks: Was you pries open the mouth of that person?” That does not have but actually, but my good news to tell you.” Yu Wentao said. What good news?” Asking that Abao has doubts, he does not understand that regarding Yu Wentao anything is the good news. I found Xia Tian.” Yu Wentao very serious saying. What?” Hears Yu Wentao's words, Abao stares immediately, he has not thought of Yu Wentao unexpectedly with finding Xia Tian, but for he recently this matter worried more than 10,000 people that badly the head, he has sent such long anything had not found, this makes him have big frustration.

However he has not thought that his unexpectedly had found Xia Tian. To grasp Xia Tian I died 29 Expert, you said how this account should calculate.” Yu Wentao looked that asked to Abao. Ultimate Spirit Tool.” Abao said. No, I take three, died including my evil corpse king.” Yu Wentao said. Good, finalized.” Abao now already, no matter these, he looked were too long, although he who Xia Tian looks thinks that Xia Tian is unworthy these three low grade Spirit Tool, but he was unable to wait, he wants to see Xia Tian immediately, understood that his concern, he must maltreat Xia Tian well, making Xia Tian know that provokes own fate, he must make Xia Tian regret that must make Xia Tian live to might as well die, only then he can remove oneself ga at heart like this clip clop, later cultivation time will not present the heart demon. Worthily is Abao, truly very much the atmosphere, walks, we have a look, now Xia Tian mountain inferior life-saving.” Yu Wentao said. Hears Xia Tian under the mountain, Abao thought immediately one have owed, early knows his symbolic put out ultimate Spirit Tool to send Yu Wentao to be good, finally now on the contrary was to let Yu Wentao cloudy. However now these were unimportant, Xia Tian unexpectedly delivered, he happen to can in the mountain main and the others front ruthless oppressive Xia Tian. Walks.” Abao said that the body vanished in directly same place. Under mountain. At this time Xia Tian opened domain once more. Wan sword returns to the birth family. Around the body of Xia Tian presented over ten thousand sword glow, on his left hand wrister also the domain strength of all elements completely gathers to the sword glow. Four Yuan attack winding in sword glow.

Puff! Wrapped the sword glow of four Yuan attack to appear, although these four Yuan attacks have not needed to be so formidable directly, but this was the quantity are many, four Yuan aggressinogen was very formidable, but wanted to hit the match to be difficult, but is now different, in the domain, Xia Tian was the ruler. Moreover over ten thousand cold glow in own domain is not a vegetarian. At this time his opposite, that two cauldron Rank 8 Expert has prepared fight, he has used two cauldron Rank 8 deep meanings, the local land god arrived. Today I must abandon you, the giant earth is headstrong, comes out to me.” That two cauldron Rank 8 front presented an earth element python, the python was his python, just around this time python body was wrapping a golden light light earth element, the python that wrapped the earth element killed directly to Xia Tian, it from underground launched the attack, the body was throwing over the earth element, it is quicker in the speed in the land going forward. Bang! The python killed directly to Xia Tian. Kill! Xia Tian gives a loud shout, afterward his body surrounding sword glow has shot at the opposite that python directly, when both sides collide in an intense explosion feeling sweep across to come from the surroundings together, is feeling this intense explosion feeling, the person who surroundings these watch the fun all retreats to behind. At this moment, in the Xia Tian right hand golden light flashes dodges, but he attacks is not the earth is headstrong, but hangs three people on stone wall. Ding-dong dāng! Three shackle on this stiffly by Xia Tian shutting off, Xia Tian broke through afterward fast. Then.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, he has thrown into three people of bodies the crowd directly. Whiz whiz whiz!

Three forms fast clashes, is secure they, they hold the mountain to advocate three people to run away to outside, this is that Xia Tian and they are ready beforehand, at this time saw that Xia Tian saved the person, they naturally must open run away. What?” That two cauldron Rank 8 Expert killed directly to secure and the others. Bang! At this moment, his body was hit to fly by one person directly, lies down in the evil corpse king of ground. What's the matter?” A Expert face of that two cauldron Rank 8 strange looks at the evil corpse king, evil corpse king unexpectedly has gotten rid to him, he noticed a moment ago obviously the evil corpse king died, moreover evil corpse Wang Gen he is one group, but evil corpse king unexpectedly has launched the attack to him now. The evil corpse king gets rid, immediately gave secure and the others to create the opportunity of escaping. You also walk, I block him.” Xia Tian is shouting to the day spirit second child. Boss, you were careful.” The day spirit second child shouts loudly. Also is directly runs away to the distant place along with the day after tomorrow spirit second child, he wants to have a look at the day of spirit fourth child they, this is he many years of brothers, then he must look for Lin Bingbing they, because this is Xia Tian gives their mission, he must complete. Ha Ha Ha Ha, Xia Tian, I asked you to be so long, your unexpectedly delivered.” A series of laughter transmit from the distant place.