Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1790

Hears this continual laughing, the Xia Tian complexion immediately changes. Abao came. He before to shunt Abao wanted to speed up fighting intentionally, because he knows that front this person corrupt merit, wanted to take him then to go to want the merit with Abao personally, but Xia Tian really could not think through, how Abao discovered that he came, after all the fight under day Lingshan, on the mountain may not induce. How such far distance Abao again is fierce the impossible sensation to arrive is right. Is that evil corpse king.” Xia Tian suddenly thought that that wisp of soul of evil corpse king had written off by him, the master of that evil corpse king definitely will discover that had the situation. After he wants to save others, opens directly runs away, then uses the hidden rest/breath technique to hide, this can escape, but Abao appeared now, moreover in front of him two cauldron Rank 8 Expert, he could not have escaped, say nothing of uses the hidden rest/breath technique, if his flagrant used the hidden rest/breath technique in the face of these people, that was courts death not to have what difference simply. So long as the opposite party is not the fool knows that the attack is in-situ. Xia Tian, careful Abao's gauntlet (glove) and war boots.” The sound that the distant place transmits secure, secure and the others ran not to have the shade afterward thoroughly. They know that own present remains, not only cannot bring the help to Xia Tian, instead will make Xia Tian divert attention, therefore they can only choose run away first. Heard Abao to come, that two cauldron Rank 8 Expert the whole body is the wound python summons to heal from a wound his, since Abao came, he did not need to get rid, because Xia Tian cannot run away. Xia Tian and Abao previous collision in day Lingshan. At that time Abao was two cauldron Rank 8. Xia Tian is cauldron Rank 3. Their to holding all to exclaim in surprise at that time, because Xia Tian had challenged Abao's dignity by a white clothing disciple at that time, Abao including the person who the scarlet disciples dare to kill, but Xia Tian unexpectedly dares to provoke he.

Now Abao is the day Lingshan new mountain lord. He by a person of strength, the original day Lingshan mountain will advocate peace two elders to hit remnantly. The strength early had the tremendous changes. But Xia Tian also became Expert of two cauldrons. Two people both are super talents. Genuine overlord rank figure. But a mountain does not accommodate two tigers, two tigers contend to have a wound. They are figure of tiger rank, therefore among them will be doomed to have a decisive battle, how as for the final result, nobody to know. Bang! Abao's body pounding maliciously above the ground, his ground split directly. Xia Tian, long time no see.” Abao vision stubbornly is staring at Xia Tian, on his face presented some excited looks. He waited such for a long time when finally Xia Tian, after he gains ground to see the person on stone wall was rescued, somewhat discontented looks to own Yu Wentao: „Does this account calculate? The people were rescued.” Volume, this is fault, but they are the disabled people, therefore does not delay anything.” Yu Wentao's awkward saying.

Snort, does not have next time.” Saying of Abao coldly. He has given Yu Wentao three ultimate Spirit Tool, finally Yu Wentao's person has not watched the mountain lord in day Lingshan, making these people by Xia Tian rescuing. Although Yu Wentao very disgruntled, but he does not have any means that the person was rescued is the fact, moreover he also wanted Abao three ultimate Spirit Tool a moment ago, this skill is not the matter of upholding justice, therefore he has not said anything. Abao, has not thought that you such have not progressed.” Xia Tian smile looks at Abao, since could not shunt, that simply did not hide, must face in any case, why didn't throw out the chest to face? Xia Tian is this, you must fight, I then fight. He comes out to prepare dying in battle today, can run away, he will run away, if cannot run away, he must come a fight in which both sides perish with Abao. So long as has living slightly opportunity, he will not give up. You can also be obstinate argumentative to present unexpectedly, I admire your courage.” Very Abao disdains looks at Xia Tian, he does not worry to begin now, because in his front, Xia Tian cannot escape, Xia Tian is only one comedian clown, no matter what he butchers, he must play with Xia Tian, little routs the Xia Tian confidence. Is I am obstinate argumentative? You think that day Lingshan now is your, but didn't I save the person?” Saying that Xia Tian disdains. Rescued to represent him to win during the first round battle the person. Abao now was too self-confident, because of his self-confidence, therefore Xia Tian saves the person. Heard Xia Tian saying that saved others this matter. Abao was angry, he also wants to make the mountain main and the others continue to experience suffering to devastate here, he also wants to continue to insult the mountain to advocate them, but the mountain advocates their several to be rescued now by Xia Tian.

Snort!” Abao once more cold snort. Shouted!” Xia Tian had taken to restore the compounded drug a moment ago, he rapidly is restoring, just experienced his body of war to be very weak, the consumption of spiritual energy is very big, therefore he must rapidly restore some strength this to be able now full meeting head-on Abao, words that secure shouted a moment ago, Xia Tian still remembers that he shouted is the careful Abao's gauntlet (glove) and war boots, this was Shan Zhu wants certainly to tell him. gauntlet (glove) and war boots. Can let the mountain main exit / to speak reminder, that was needless saying that definitely was treasure. Ultimate Spirit Tool has been able to jump the ranks to challenge, that say nothing was treasure, might and between ultimate of Spirit Tool treasure that was the day leaves badly, treasure, that could be said as leaps several steps to challenge. Xia Tian, I give you now an opportunity, kneels to kowtow to me, asking me to forgive you.” Abao looks at Xia Tian saying that at this time his as if king same rules the world, he completely is the magnanimous attitude looks at Xia Tian, in his heart he is a King, but Xia Tian is only his prisoner. Abao, if were not I just experienced several wars, how you possibly were my match.” Xia Tian provocation looks at Abao. Hears the Xia Tian words, Abao immediately a brow wrinkle. You have won, you have killed me, I also refuse to accept, you exhauste my strength to win by others my, capital that has nothing to boast, the world person will also scoff your, has the skill our two to come upright and frank single Tiao.” Xia Tian said again. How do you want single Tiao?” Abao asked. You make me hit a fist first, this is fair, I do not use the weapon, you can defend, cannot dodge.” Xia Tian proposed. Good, I let being sincerely convinced that you lose.” Abao is self-confident to his strength, but he now tripod Expert, although is only the false tripod, but also truly is the tripod, moreover he also has many cards in a hand, he has the absolute self-confidence to his strength.