Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1791
Abao! In entire serious famine genuine wind and cloud figure, became famous for ten years. His reputation really hits. Was known as that in serious famine the first talent, his strength has reached the pinnacle before. Outside this serious famine the tour, obtains the fortuitous encounter, the strength is out of the ordinary, two treasure, limitless gauntlet (glove) and limitless war boots. He is a big destiny adds the person of body. He has thought one is a God's favored one, genuine King, topest battle efficiency in serious famine, Xia Tian? Before was only a white clothing disciple, although afterward was also known, but he at that time after all was only a cauldron Rank 3 strength, this how many months, can he most turn into how many steps? Is day badly leaves with him simply. He has thought that oppressive Xia Tian was very long, today finally makes him hold Xia Tian, he possibly is not how excited. He wins Xia Tian, that is ninety percent sure, 100% can win, he does not hope that and others leaves behind the words to redicule about to Xia Tian, said that he has the person together uniform Xia Tian, this was he has won, will not have the slight existence feeling. He must win. Moreover must win Xia Tian to be sincerely convinced. Therefore he answered receives a fist of Xia Tian, in his opinion Xia Tian agree proposed that hit his fist, that definitely on some cards in a hand, but Xia Tian had the card in a hand, Xia Tian also was still only ants, did of ants hit to gnaw off the toe of elephant again? Xia Tian said that he does not use the weapon. In the situation in not using the weapon, wants to injure his is almost the impossible matter, therefore he has can receive a fist of Xia Tian self-confidently with ease, when he received a fist of Xia Tian, that Xia Tian definitely did not have the words to say.

Good, worthily is Abao, is really aggressive enough.” Xia Tian said. Snort, does not need to think highly of me, regardless of you said that any I will not let off your, I will make you kneel to beg for mercy with me, I maliciously steps on you in the under foot.” On Abao's face has filled self-confidently. Good, so long as after I hit your fist, our two were fair, I do not believe my single Tiao not to hit you.” Xia Tian continues to say. Ha Ha, you simply were too extremely arrogant, then I will make you know that anything was called the true strength.” Abao stood there has prepared defense, although he did not attack, did not dodge, but he had not said one did not defend. Yu Wentao had not spoken, because his very repugnant Abao this extremely arrogant disposition. If trades to be him is Abao, with the Xia Tian idle talk, will not have killed Xia Tian absolutely directly here. Even to suffer also first overthrows said again that the winner for the king defeated invader, who will go to manage you to win? So long as you have won, that nobody will care about the process. However Abao actually must give Xia Tian to be fair. Surroundings these people all cannot help but swallowed a saliva, but this fight super war. Both sides of fight both are wind and cloud figure in serious famine. One is ten years ago peerless talents, one is the star of present sounds of nature. Speed that secure and the others escaped is fast, they do not dare to have the slight stay, once otherwise were pursued that to trouble by Abao's person, the person who Xia Tian saves at risk of life if cannot rescue, they may on the shame to Xia Tian. Whiz! The body of day spirit second child fell in the face of several people.

Senior, you are the Xia Tian friend.” Xiao zither asked that she noticed the day of spirit second child a moment ago resisted for them has attacked, although in front of this person was a moment ago and evil corpse king of Xia Tian fight, but she thinks that this person possibly was the Xia Tian planted agent. „Can I have a look at their three?” The day spirit second child said. Naturally was OK.” Xiao zither said. The day spirit second child has arrived at day in front of Lingshan Shan Zhu and the others, when his so short distance observes three people, the tears cannot help but have dropped, he was 300-400 years old, but he cannot control his mood, looks own these years brothers made into this, he will feel how possibly better. Senior, you.” Xiao zither and the others noticed that the day of spirit second child has cried, immediately stares. The mountain of day Lingshan advocated their three also to discover this condition: You are.” Brothers seven people, do not leave not abandoned, able to move unhindered serious famine, invincible.” The day spirit second child said that they seven past pledges. What? Actually are you who? Why will know our brothers seven people of past swearing brotherhood pledges?” The mountain of day Lingshan main stares immediately, asked hurriedly. How you become such distressed, is I am not good, if were not I were in the past greedy, the Boss will not be injured, the seventh child will not die, has the Boss, how possibly some people bullied us.” The day spirit second child more said is more excited, for 200 years, he has never admitted mistakes, but today, he admitted mistakes. Beforehand all because of his greedy, therefore their several talents will throw him in that desolated place do not go to manage him. You is a Second Brother.” Mountain main surprised saying of day Lingshan. The day spirit second child nodded. Second Brother, you are really a Second Brother.” The day spirit fourth child excitedly has also cried, several old people added already over over 1000 years old, unexpectedly like this has cried on each other's shoulders, tears already thorough could not stop, 200 years of barrier at heart opened in this moment completely. Matter already past 200 years, but also there is anything unable to untie . Moreover the that moment in the brothers dying, they really understood that anything is the kinship.

These for 200 years, their remaining, only then each other. If the brothers did not have, their cultivation is also more useful? Not all alone? Has the brothers time, possibly in mutual competition, mutual viing for supremacy fights the victory, every day is pursuing cultivation mutually, in whose strength a point will be proud, but the brothers did not have that moment, even if they cultivation also no helps. secure and the others look several people that cries on each other's shoulders what to do did not know should. Since these people are several people who they most have respected, but now unexpectedly like is a child has cried. Mountain lord, we must leave, time too long words that delays, I feared the person who Abao will pursue.” secure said. Good, we walk, Second Brother, we go back to chat.” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan said. „, You walked first, I complied with Xia Tian to help him complete a matter, but I will possibly look for you, you told me the address on the line.” The day spirit second child said. You still remember we are young time that place that goes to frequently?” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan said. unexpectedly is there, good, I knew.” The day spirit second child nodded. Under day Lingshan. I fire off your this fist, our two average.” Xia Tian said that fires into Abao directly.