Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1792

A fist. Absolutely this fist cannot hit is too casual, because this fist concerns the victory or defeat. Directly directly to the war, Xia Tian possibly is not Abao's match, moreover Abao also has two treasure, therefore he must in this fist high and low Kungfu, he probably win, some of his many matters have not done, he does not think that die here. Abao does not hide in the situation of not dodging, uses [gold/metal] Daoji to kill his probability is 100%, but [gold/metal] Dao, even if Abao is the fool also understands to move aside, Xia Tian had said does not use the weapon, with the words of weapon, who can also not hide dodging not to stand that to make you chop, therefore the [gold/metal] blade is definitely unusable. Besides the [gold/metal] blade, other attacks want to cause the damage to Abao, that is four Yuan attack. The might of four Yuan attack is big, but Xia Tian, once uses four Yuan attack, Abao definitely be relentless will also counter-attack, because his four Yuan attack is also treasure. At this time Xia Tian can use, be only that incurred. Even if combustion compounded drug not, combustion compounded drug time periphery will present very big Spirit Tool rebellion, Abao is not a fool, then the big spiritual energy rebellion, he impossible to keep the promise. When the time comes, the plan of Xia Tian fell short. Saw that Xia Tian directly clashes, on Abao face the contemptuous manner was more obvious, a technical point that if Xia Tian this making, the might Freshman point, he perhaps must use the element strength to resist, but saw that Xia Tian only wants to hit him with the meat stamina quantity, Abao naturally will not use the element strength to defend. This came from the superior arrogant manner. You do not use the strength of element, I do not use. Also is better than Abao such figure to be so self-confident. Whiz! In an instant, Xia Tian arrived at Abao's front, afterward his left fist makes directly, when he makes this fist, in tattoos on his left hand, an incomparably pure strength flows in his left hand.

Strength of the cauldron. A strength of cauldron is 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) strength, the time that Xia Tian this fights with the fists, Abao is also only symbolic stretches out own fist to resist. He does not know that on Xia Tian this fist hid an incomparable terrifying strength. Ka! When the fist of Xia Tian hits on Abao fist that moment, Abao's complexion changed, smashing that because his fist was hit by Xia Tian instantaneously, on his face presented the incomparably panic-stricken look, therefore he wants to assemble the element strength defense hurriedly, was already late, the element strength that in the so short time, he can assemble was really too few. Bang! Abao's chest was pierced by a Xia Tian fist directly. The blood drops from the arm of Xia Tian. Tick-tock! Scene exceptionally peaceful, all people all are dumbfounded looks at the Xia Tian left arm, at this time the Xia Tian left arm pierced Abao's chest completely. This fist, Xia Tian sneak attacked successfully. This, how is this possible?” Inconceivable of Yu Wentao whole face, even if were he is also shocked by the fist of Xia Tian. He can determine that on the fist of Xia Tian does not contain the strength of any element absolutely, solely is the most common meat stamina quantity, but is the strength of this human body, he punctures Abao's chest, all destroys, is this need big strength? The how terrifying strength can such have the might. He finally understands now why Xia Tian must make Abao meet his fist.

Abao's general idea and lets his receive the wound that extremely arrogantly is hard to imagine, at this time periphery all people also all hoodwinked, they cannot think that Xia Tian fist might unexpectedly can be so big. Protects Abao.” Yu Wentao shouts loudly. Whiz! The body of Xia Tian goes to retreat, he succeeded. Do not come.” Abao's mouth has not moved, but presented the sound, his right hand, compounded drug presents in his hands, afterward under his fast clothing, under all people all can clear seeing, Abao take the compounded drug unable to enter to the body, flowed from that large hole of chest, Abao was very ruthless, he put out compounded drug to throw into his wound position once more directly. Has not died! Abao had proven with the motion he has not died. The chest was pierced has not died, has saying that Abao's vitality is really tenacious enough, Abao continues to use the abdomen language saying: You dare to be cloudy I.” Right, my cloudy is you, I know you to conceitedly, therefore I proposed that makes you meet my fist, you are absolutely impossible to reject, because you were too self-confident, because your self-confidence and extremely arrogant makes you end up to turn out so is out.” Xia Tian very impolite saying. Truly is this, aspect regarding Xia Tian was a dead end, words that because Abao began directly, that Xia Tian definitely was not his match, even if he did not begin directly, the surrounding these under also can definitely overthrow Xia Tian, but Xia Tian must choose with Xia Tian single Tiao, moreover let Xia Tian this fist. But this fist lets, Xia Tian punctured his entire chest directly. You court death.” Abao continues to say in the abdomen language. Your unexpectedly has still been supporting by hard and stubborn effort to the present, I deliver you a regulation.” Xia Tian opened own domain instantaneously, at the same time, on over ten thousand sword glow wrapped four Yuan attack, these over ten thousand sword glow shot at Abao directly. Abao prevented these people to save him a moment ago, this represents him also to continue to fight, sees Abao so, Yu Wentao's helpless shaking the head, he does not hope that Xia Tian Abao dies, Abao also has big using regarding him.

Abao vision ice-cold looks at front over ten thousand sword glow, afterward he fights with the fists directly, when he makes this fist, on his fist presented a glittering gauntlet (glove). Limitless gauntlet (glove). Kill! Bang! The sword glow is attacking unceasingly, but the limitless gauntlet (glove) is also the unusual violence, attack of Xia Tian stiffly kept off. Puff! A blood spouts from Abao's mouth. After spouting this blood, Abao's body thorough weakened, Abao's strength formidable, he was impossible to achieve the chest to be pierced can also continue the overwhelming power. After Xia Tian was blocked struck, the left hand falls. Bang! Technique of Second Layer deep meanings eight Qi, Abao was flung to fly by Xia Tian directly, the normal this move cannot bring anything to injure to the person, but now Abao's physical condition is bad, moves his body to be felt casually the fierce ache, after Xia Tian he flings, his five main internal organs (entrails) seems torn was the same. Is now.” Xia Tian seized the opportunity to kill directly to Abao. Snort, he was unable dead.” At this moment, cold snort transmits together, Xia Tian hears this sound time, the complexion immediately changes.