Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1793

Xia Tian wanted to carry on to Abao strikes to kill. But at this moment nearby Yu Wentao suddenly gets rid. Instance when Yu Wentao gets rid, Xia Tian discovered that he was Expert, Xia Tian started retreat hurriedly, but Yu Wentao's speed was too fast. Bang! Xia Tian was flown by a Yu Wentao foot volume directly. He is been somewhat painful by the chest that Yu Wentao this foot kicks, but he is difficult standing up: Abao, you lost, between our two is single Tiao, now you lost finished to want others to get rid to help, I also high visit you.” Abao's arrogance is unequalled. Even if the present this, Abao still shouted: Yu Wentao, you make way to me.” Abao, I helped you kill him, I did not want your anything, this time was free.” Yu Wentao usually works with Abao will mention the benefit with Abao, but this time he has not gone to discuss the benefit, but is the choice helps Abao free. I am not rare.” Abao has stood up slowly his body, afterward wicked looks to Xia Tian: You also really stem from my anticipation, your unexpectedly can get a cut I, this is I unforgiving, moreover makes me such distressed, I will certainly make you ask not to, asked unable.” Abao said that in his hand presented compounded drug. Humming sound! The compounded drug is beating. It seems has the life to be ordinary, wants to flee Abao's hand.

What is this?” When sees the compounded drug in Abao hand, all people all stare, although they do not know that this is any compounded drug, but they understand that this absolutely is the good thing. I planned, uses it again, but you force me to use it today, its value is absolutely more expensive than treasure, this time I will certainly make you die unusual is ugly.” Abao said directly that compounded drug clothing, when under Abao takes that compounded drug, inconceivable appeared. Abao's chest unexpectedly is healing at the naked eye obvious speed fast, this cicatrization speed is terrorist. Ten seconds. Merely ten seconds, Abao resurrected on full Xue, saw such situation, the Xia Tian whole person is all shocked: Actually this is any compounded drug, so will be why terrorist.” Xia Tian knows actually the own that fist had multiple, Abao's within the body organization was destroyed by him. But this compounded drug unexpectedly can also the so quick repair. Cheat! Abao this is cheating simply. He and Xia Tian first fighting, Xia Tian won, but after under Abao takes the compounded drug that goes against heaven's will, Abao obtained New Student, rebirth later Abao, the strength also restored most probably, this type of compounded drug cheated during the fight simply. Although Xia Tian has won a time Abao. But his is the sneak attack, moreover strength of the cauldron does not want to use to use casually. Now Abao's strength fully restored, he thinks the second sneak attack is impossible, now what he faces is a Abao of complete body.

Has the big destiny to add the person of body worthily, good terrifying compounded drug.” Yu Wentao's surprised saying, he has not thought that Abao unexpectedly also has the compounded drug that such goes against heaven's will. Xia Tian also hoodwinks now, his brain is pondering fast, he was pondering can continue to fight the method that with Abao, because he must to fighting a Abao of strength complete body immediately. You said how I should kill you?” Abao this time said with the mouth, at this time his vision took a fast look around on the body of Xia Tian: I have a better idea, that does not kill you, rather.” Abao has not continued, but looks from his expression, the people guess definitely is the very ruthless method. You must fight, father accompanies you to be amusing.” Steeling one's heart of Xia Tian, he had been fully prepared, he did not have the escape route now, he thinks a moment ago he has defeated Abao, but has not thought that Abao unexpectedly also has the compounded drug of this going against heaven's will, although this method is cheats. But also absolutely is part of Abao strength. It looks like Xia Tian is the same, he wasn't that fist was cheating a moment ago? If no small cauldron, he cannot display the strength of that cauldron, he is cheating, therefore he cannot say Abao anything. Has remembered, this is between I and him the fight, no one must meddle.” Abao said. Compared with the talent, compared with the method, Abao lost. Now Abao's Realm is higher than Xia Tian, otherwise he absolutely is not the Xia Tian match. If in same step, if the Xia Tian cultivation time has Abao to be long, Abao definitely cannot hit Xia Tian. What a pity Abao not to the Xia Tian cultivation time, moreover he had a liking for the Xia Tian talent, Abao has a secret, this secret in this world perhaps also only then the crown prince knew, that is he can swallow others' talent, was swallowed the talent of person to be higher, his final talent also with step. Abao has swallowed innumerable Expert, now he swallowed ordinary Expert unable to make his talent promote, however the Xia Tian talent made him be interested, if he has swallowed the Xia Tian talent, perhaps that he can consolidate present Realm, then after waiting for him to find the crown prince, he can to bring it up a level.

Although after having swallowed the crown prince, he swallows talent ability thorough disappearance, but he wants to swallow the crown prince, because after he has swallowed the crown prince, his talent and destiny will reach the crest, he will turn by that time into the most perfect person. Yu Wentao stands in the one side has not spoken, since Abao recovered, that following fight should not have any suspense. The strength of crown prince is very formidable. I remember that you said a moment ago I did lose? You have made a mistake, Xia Tian, the one who loses is you, currently do you have the strength to use a moment ago that move again?” Very Abao disdains looks to Xia Tian, he knows that Xia Tian hit his fist a moment ago absolutely is Martial Skill of Xia Tian card in a hand level, moreover uses definitely to have the limit. Now his recovered, that Xia Tian Martial Skill? Definitely is unable to restore. From the day Lingshan not far remote mountain in somewhere. What did you say?” Five elder whole faces inconceivable looks at crown prince. Abao is my brother, he is my blood brother.” The crown prince lowered the head. You.” Elder, although he is my brother, but he is also my personal enemy, because he has studied family the technique of taboo, has all killed family all people, the technique of taboo can swallow others' talent, is used to promote own talent and destiny, his present big destiny and talent by swallowing the people of our family must come, now entire family only remaining I and he, I was also led to come up to day Lingshan by him, so long as I as soon as breaks through two cauldrons, he without hesitation will swallow me, after having swallowed me, he on will achieve completely the body.” The crown prince answered.