Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1794

Xia Tian, you make me have a look at you also to have any skill.” Abao vision stubbornly is staring at Xia Tian, Xia Tian made him eat one time to owe a moment ago greatly, this time he wants winning of both capital and interest to come back. Deals with your such person, I will not keep the hand.” The Xia Tian words just said. His within the body erupted an incomparable terrifying strength, this strength has swept across his whole body instantaneously. His eye turned into the black, the white pupil vanishes completely, the hair turned swarthily incomparable, the body surroundings presented a terrifying black aura. Finally must appear.” Abao vision anticipates looks at Xia Tian. He experiences Xia Tian this has changed the body. At the same time, the Xia Tian back grew a wing, black wing, wing under sunlight sparkling. ! The wing moves, as if can cut to be the same the air. Sees such scene, presents these people besides Abao, all has shocked, they from have not seen the back of person to grow the wing, this also too legend some, at this time even some people started to suspect that Xia Tian was a person, person, why carried on the back can grow the wing? Vampire changes the body. Xia Tian now biggest card in a hand. Now Xia Tian uses Vampire to change body, this represented him to start to breakneck with Abao. What thing is this?” Yu Wentao looks at Xia Tian surprisedly. Even if this experienced person had not seen Xia Tian this type changes the body, this has surpassed his cognition to the Martial Skill. Is this.” Abao's corners of the mouth slightly evil, excited saying.

His previous time has experienced Xia Tian to use this type has changed the body, this time is the second time, has saying that he saw each time Xia Tian uses this changes the body the time will feel specially excitedly, because Xia Tian the move really threw a bluff on. Even if second seeing, Abao also thinks to shock. This move truly can your strength addition, how many but can you addition?” Very Abao disdains looked at Xia Tian to continue saying: I had nosed a moment ago your Realm, your spiritual energy fluctuation exposed your Realm, you are one just entered the new people of two cauldrons obviously, perhaps Lian Lingshou do not have.” The spirit beast, Xia Tian has, moreover is the unique number of people small snake. Was only a pity after the small snake previous time puts the big move, has fallen into the deep sleep to the present. Small snake not any function in deep sleep, therefore Xia Tian had not said. That how? My did just enter the new people of two cauldrons almost not to kill you? If a moment ago were not that person saves you, you must die without doubt, depended on you also to match to say one were the Johor Bahru lord in day Lingshan, depended on you also to match to be known as tripod Expert, was really funny.” Xia Tian this is enraging Abao, he only opportunity is makes Abao be angry now, making Abao get angry, like this he has the opportunity sneak attack. So long as sneak attacks successfully, Abao is also same loses. But after passing through previous time Abao Xia Tian has hit a fist, he now is the frightened person, Xia Tian every action and every movement he will be staring, so long as Xia Tian gets rid, he first will be ready. Although Abao the manner is extremely arrogant, but his talent and strength truly are also great. Snort!” Abao hears Xia Tian words numerous cold snort one, he truly was profited by Xia Tian a moment ago, this is the fact, just that flash he truly almost died in the Xia Tian hand, is this can be what kind of? He is not living now. So long as he is also living, he is not loses. He well has the opportunity. So long as this time he defeats Xia Tian, then others will only say that he has won, because the winner is a king.

Domain! Xia Tian opened the domain again, if not open the domain, he wanted to cope with Abao is really too difficult, in the domain, he happen to can suppress Abao's attack. Domain, good, is truly decent, what a pity in the face of the absolute strength, your domain is just the joke.” Abao has not gone to pay attention to the Xia Tian domain, he also has three talents of elements, since he obtained the gauntlet (glove), he fights quite to rely on the gauntlet (glove). At this time in domain he lazier transferred the strength of element. Whiz! Abao disappeared in instantaneously same place. „It is not good.” Xia Tian had not forgotten that secure shouted, careful Abao's war boots and gauntlet (glove), therefore he has been staring at Abao, form that although the flash he could not see Abao, but he knows that Abao definitely was attacks him, therefore he used at the same time has flickered the body technique. The instance when he falls to the ground, Abao also appeared in his position. Whiz! Their bodies simultaneously vanished in once more same place, afterward appeared, vanished again, appeared again, so after repeatedly more than ten times, Abao anchored the footsteps, Xia Tian has also anchored his footsteps. Abao's that pair of war boots do not have the path, if Xia Tian is not running all over the place, he definitely already was taken by Abao. Even if were scurrying about, he also adopts the random way, because he knows that Abao definitely will pursue him, therefore he in landing instantaneous changed a place fast, but Abao was pursues the Xia Tian footsteps that kept. Speed is good.” Abao coldly looked that said to Xia Tian. You are also pretty good.” Xia Tian said. Whiz!

Abao's body vanished in once more same place, this Xia Tian has not dodged, but was fast has put on four Yuan armor to oneself, at the same time his body flushed away forward. Bang! Abao's gauntlet (glove) hit directly on four Yuan armor, was good unloads the strength because of Xia Tian, the might of gauntlet (glove) was too big. Puff! A blood spouts from the Xia Tian mouth. Puff! Meanwhile, Abao's body also left a wound. Was the Xia Tian sneak attack. Xia Tian before the instance that clashes, has released an attack of sneak attack. Whiz! Abao and Xia Tian thorough hitting has made one group, after Xia Tian had the wing, flickers the body technique the speed to increase, he and Abao frequented each other received some wounds, but Xia Tian does not dare to go to meet Abao's the attack of gauntlet (glove) hardly, because he had experienced a moment ago, even if after unloading the strength, that gauntlet (glove) also had the ruinous attack. Less than five minutes, two people all are the blood, the Xia Tian blood majority are to spit, but Abao's body left 40 wounds, is the Xia Tian sneak attacks, although the wound is not deep, but he truly was wounded. Hateful, unexpectedly so is also distressed.” A Abao face angry looks at Xia Tian, his method is actually many, each same is also very fierce, these methods deal with others to display 200% battle efficiencies, when he copes with Xia Tian, he discovered that his these methods cannot use. Racket that Abao's both hands make an effort in ground, he started to summon is smart beastly.