Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1796

Was resisting the frontal attack Xia Tian to be hit to fly directly. He was resisting that dozens people of attack a moment ago fully, was he behind suddenly the blade, in the body the centralized air/Qi all diverges. Bang! His body has cracked-up a giant stone directly. The wing vanishes from his body, the eye also restored the original design, body air/Qi of fast divergence in Berserk. ! Coughing up blood that in the Xia Tian mouth keeps. Death. At this moment Xia Tian felt the death. Yu Wentao, what do you mean.” Abao looks angrily to Yu Wentao. I can allow your willful, but you also saw, he does not know a moment ago has used any mystique, that strength has surmounted the tripod, if you continue to hit with him, will be only mutually wounded, my person just nosed the news, some people know day Lingshan, them was having the person to catch up, I do not hope because of your willful, but misdemeanor.” Yu Wentao looks at Abao to say very seriously. You are really mean enough.” Saying of Abao coldly. Abao is a self-confident person, is an arrogant person, if he fights whom is the most direct way. But Yu Wentao unexpectedly plays cloudy. He sends for close Xia Tian, then the child behind holds the knife, if Xia Tian is not in the back the blade, what that result is, nobody can guess correctly that after all Xia Tian will have the domain, the strength surmounts the tripod later Xia Tian domain might also to be perhaps bigger. to become Wang defeats the invader, who will go to manage you how to win.” Yu Wentao said. Saves him, I do not permit him dead.” Abao shouts hurriedly. Yu Wentao waved to his person, that person ran to Xia Tian, fed Xia Tian to take several to restore the compounded drug, but that person fought with the fists in Xia Tian the place of dantian. Puff! The dantian was shattered. You.” Abao looks to Yu Wentao.

I only make these, other gives you, I do not meddle.” Yu Wentao said hurriedly. Xia Tian is an uncertainty, he does not hope to meet Xia Tian to use any card in a hand again, therefore he told that his person discards the Xia Tian dantian directly. The dantian was abandoned, Xia Tian turned into a disabled person at this time completely. Why?” Xia Tian endures ache to look that often asked to the blood, he had a dream does not have to think own unexpectedly will be held in the back by the brothers the knife. If a moment ago were not blood often that blade, perhaps he really can kill these people, escaped successfully. He has not lost to Abao, has not lost to present the attack that these people collaborate, he has lost to the blood often, this once thinks that is brothers' person, this blade harms present this appearance him. I do not have the means.” The blood often does not dare to look straight ahead both eyes of Xia Tian. I understood.” Xia Tian has not spoken again, at this time his on body everywhere painful, the side effect of combustion compounded drug appeared . Moreover the place of his dantian had been hit a moment ago maliciously, the small insect ran away to elsewhere. At this moment, Xia Tian knows one ended. His all domains have exhausted. Fight that must win immediately such lost. Truly, the fight does not have what to be mean, isn't the Xia Tian beforehand sneak attack mean? What is main is the result. Although Xia Tian lost, but he used the fact to prove he has almost killed all Expert including Abao. Xia Tian, you lost.” Abao arrives at the Xia Tian front to say. I lost, you have killed me.” Xia Tian closes the eye to say. Has killed you? You have made a mistake, I have said that I will make you live to might as well die, you are first provoke my person as white clothing disciple, today you kill have accompanied I many years of big cow, you said how I should repay you?” Abao said that the direct fist pounded on the arm of Xia Tian. Ka! The arm of Xia Tian was broken by Abao directly. Makes an effort, is flexure itchy?” Xia Tian clenches teeth to say.

Your existence has exceeded the limit that I have been able to endure, I want all your people to know to offend me, provokes I am any fate, you and day Lingshan that several old ghost are others' examples.” Abao's crazy saying, he has a dream does not have to think own today unexpectedly almost plants in the hand of Xia Tian. This matter has attacked his self-confidence, if a moment ago were not Yu Wentao they have abandoned the Xia Tian dantian, he must certainly swallow the Xia Tian talent, but the Xia Tian dantian has been abandoned now, he also had nothing to swallow, but was unimportant, he swallowed the talent and destiny that others increased is few, only then swallowed the crown prince, he can achieve perfectly. Abao has his arrogance. He did not allow others compared with his talent, the appearance of Xia Tian to break his legend. Therefore at this moment, he must make Xia Tian pay the price. ! In Abao's hand presented a dagger. Puff! Abao's dagger gripped directly above the shoulder of Xia Tian. Snort! Xia Tian pain snort, but he clenches teeth, has not shouted actually. Sees Abao's action, Yu Wentao and the others also stare, they just started also to think that Abao to treating the day Lingshan mountain will advocate their such, will break all bones, but they discovered that now probably will not be right. Ka! All people heard a sound. Abao unexpectedly the bone of Xia Tian stiffly digging. Rending of Xia Tian pain. He does not know that actually ancient times honorific title of guanyu Guan Yu how blew the bone to cure the toxin, but he is withstanding the inhuman ache now, the bone of his shoulder place on this stiffly by Abao digging. Ha Ha, how is it? Xia Tian, I remember that you probably were very a moment ago wild?” Abao laughs was saying. The person who the surroundings see a play had many leaves quietly, they will be afraid Abao to kill to get angry one to link them also to kill. Puff!

Abao jabbed into Xia Tian another shoulder place the dagger once more, afterward is the patella. Ka! Ka! Ka! The sound reaches in the ear of everyone, Yu Wentao also by Abao that cruel method shocking: This fellow is a lunatic.” Ha Ha, Xia Tian, you asked me, you asked me to let off you.” Abao looked that said to Xia Tian, at this time his body is the blood of Xia Tian, his whole person seems crazy. Lying trough Damn.” Xia Tian scolded loudly, this was his final strength. Your unexpectedly also dares to scold me, I give you again an opportunity, asked me.” Abao is must make Xia Tian submit he. Xia Tian could not speak. Puff! Abao selected the Xia Tian strength of hand and foot muscle directly. Asked me, I gave you a happiness.” Abao looked that said to Xia Tian, he must hear one to seek his words from the Xia Tian mouth, but Xia Tian was did not say. Unyielding people. Yu Wentao by the present all being shocked. He saw a lunatic and an unyielding person. I asked your Mahler desert.” Xia Tian said in the spoken language.