Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1797
Bang! A Abao fist has destroyed the tooth of Xia Tian. Miserable! Present Xia Tian can be said as very miserable, his miserable has surpassed a limit of person. But the Xia Tian will is terrorist, he wins is a painful character had not shouted. Sees the Xia Tian strength of spirit, could not bear raise up the thumb on Lian Yu Wentao. Wait / Etc., making me think also to have anything to suffer your method.” Abao was waiting for that Xia Tian begs for mercy. He waited such for a long time finally to be able Xia Tian to step on the under foot, he must make Xia Tian ask him, submitted to him. Abao, these people will kill in less than several days, how we first study deal with these people, as for him, I have a good destination but actually.” Yu Wentao said. Where?” Abao asked. „Under you give him to take maintain life pill and therapy pill, then threw into that dungeon not to be OK him, that fellow liked maltreating the person, my subordinate previous time was suffered three days three nights to kill by him, you threw him, he will definitely live to might as well die.” Yu Wentao said. Good, such managed.” Abao nodded to say. The terrifying of that person they had experienced to cross recently, Abao thoroughly did not have the means with Xia Tian now, he has not seen Xia Tian such unyielding person, he has not hoped Xia Tian dies is so happy. To die is more miserable, that delivers to him that dungeon. That monster in dungeon will entertain his. Xia Tian, must deliver you to accompany that monster immediately, hopes that your strength of spirit can also be so hard.” Abao contemptuously looks at Xia Tian. Lying trough Damn!” The tooth of Xia Tian did not have, he can only go to speak with the shape of the mouth.

Acts recklessly, delivers to the dungeon to me him.” Abao said directly. The person who the surroundings see a play had been exposed at this time, they saw a fight of super cow B, a Xia Tian person have selected entire day Lingshan all Expert alone, this news passed on quickly. Moreover biography god. „Did you hear? Was a star of Xia Tian person that sounds of nature selects the entire day Lingshan, in day Lingshan had two tripod Expert, about over a hundred two cauldron Rank 8 Expert.” I heard, Xia Tian has almost killed these people, what a pity finally he once often was given to betray in the brother blood of day Lingshan by himself, from the back held knife, otherwise he all has killed these people, I heard that Abao's chest was punctured by a Xia Tian fist directly.” Really was too fierce, what a pity, lost to finally him, I heard that he was broken the muscle to dig the bone by Abao, the hand muscle foot muscle all selects, the bone also dug, that scene was really too cruel.” Outside passes on is getting more and more fierce, the majority that but they said is the fact. Many people were regretting that they regretted for Xia Tian, the Xia Tian strength obviously became the legend of serious famine, his unexpectedly alone faces that many Expert by a person of strength, moreover finally has almost also won, if not because that was called blood often person, that Xia Tian definitely won. The blood often this name all of a sudden turned into the smelliest name in serious famine. All people were scolding him, even some people specially have made two statues to him and Xia Tian, one was Xia Tian stands there, another was the blood often kneels in his front statue. In the entire serious famine there are many people to thank Xia Tian. Because the demon teaches the alliance to invade their homeland the time, was Xia Tian helps them recapture the homeland, but Xia Tian unexpectedly ends up to turn out now so is out. Even leapt city nearby all cities to hang up the unofficial receipt in the tiger, was used to commemorate Xia Tian. This time Xia Tian, is lives is dies nobody to know. But most people think that he died. Because his dantian had been abandoned, the hand muscle foot muscle all breaks, the bone was dug, in such situation, can Xia Tian also live?

Was we have harmed him.” The mountain of day Lingshan main and the others lay down on the chair said. Nobody spoke. Peaceful, very peaceful. They heard the Xia Tian news, digs the bone to break the muscle. This is how the very ruthless method. Xia Tian unexpectedly was dug the bone to break the muscle by Abao, this is also too cruel some people, although Shan Zhu and the others the fates are also very miserable, but dug the bone to break the muscle to compare with Xia Tian this is not anything, actually they can imagine Xia Tian to withstand what pain now. Several of us old fogy is a disabled person, for our unexpectedly gave to harm him.” Mountain main whole face the color of regret. Mountain lord, let alone, this is his choice.” Zhao Yushu is only one relates the most intimate person with Xia Tian here. Although Xia Tian continuously her, when Little Sister, but she will actually have regarded is the Xia Tian fiancee. Mountain lord, I inquired that the news, Xia Tian has not died, but heard where was closed to go, said that is one can the place that Xia Tian dies oppressively.” secure said. Is there.” Shan Zhu has remembered the person in that dungeon. Ended, that monster is very fearful.” The complexions of four elders also changed. What you said is?” secure puzzled asking. „The place of rare treasure, the day Lingshan rare treasure, is the demon teaches the alliance to the war, Xia Tian discovered that the demon teaches in the hegemon hand of alliance to have a storehouse treasure chart, that above picture is day Lingshan, after Xia Tian tells me, I went back to nose, really had, but rare treasure by seal.” Shan Zhu answered. „Does the flatter jewelled sash come back these people able also to come to the rare treasure?” secure asked again. Certainly is.” Shan Zhu said.

Meanwhile, another. You knew.” The complexion of day spirit second child is ugly. Lin Bingbing has not spoken, the tears have dropped from her eye. Do not be worried that Boss' method also has, so long as he has not died, I believe that he has the opportunity to run away.” The day spirit second child said. Um, Bingbing! Do not cry, believes Xia Tian, when does he disappoint us?” The Eastern Man consolation said. I want to discuss a matter with you.” The day spirit second child said. Any matter, you said on the line.” Eastern Man said. I want to lead you to go to day Lingshan to run away these person of there, there person is Boss' friend, they heard after you are Boss' family member, will look after your, I want to go to under day Lingshan to have a look, if there is an opportunity, I want to give a try can save the Boss.” The day spirit second child said. Do not impulse.” The Eastern Man reminder said. Relax, I look at the opportunity to get rid, if the Boss runs away, I quite aid him.” The day spirit second child said. In serious famine in the hotel in some city. A naive adorable female is eating the thing, when she hears Xia Tian to be dug the bone breaks the muscle, in both eyes has revealed the ominous light: Dares to injure my Elder Brother Tian, I have killed you.”