Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1798
In day Lingshan. In the past had an demon to teach alliance to appear in the serious famine, the hegemon of that alliance obtains one of storehouse treasure chart people, but he found fault the place at that time has been mistaken as the tiger leaps behind city that mountain, therefore presented that war, this time brought is he who the person came.” Yu Wentao said. Some of their altogether how many people?” A Abao brow wrinkle. Before Expert may be many, but doing to have dispersed by Xia Tian, now besides that hegemon, other is mob.” Yu Wentao said. Is Xia Tian.” Abao facial color one cold: He now how?” Has saying that the vitality of this boy is really strong, went in first day hitting by that lunatic, that lunatic thinks that he was the ruse of inflicting an injury on oneself that we used, intentionally did not kill him, hit.” Yu Wentao said. Good, when I think him obstinate argumentative.” Abao sways gently his hand. This time Xia Tian had shut in the dungeon three days, these three days suffered greatly regarding him. On him everywhere is the wounds. Also suffers the compounded drug backlash, digs the bone to break the feeling of muscle is also very painful. He is a severely wounded person, finally after just threw into here, he one was beaten, moreover this person hits while shouted: Your this tricks are useless to me, the ruse of inflicting an injury on oneself also dares to show off before me. Ruse of inflicting an injury on oneself? Xia Tian only wants to shout'mother-fucker', has ruse of inflicting an injury on oneself painstakingly becomes such? Digs the bone to break the muscle, from top to bottom is the wounds. This was also too specialized, the Hollywood movie kings could not achieve. These three days. This person whole body tied up the big shackle person to be possible Xia Tian to be miserable to the dozen, his fist was more terrorist than the iron hammer, moreover he hit the person only to hit the sorest place, but can also guarantee that Xia Tian did not die. Fourth day, Xia Tian had just fallen asleep for two hours, his body layer on layer had been hit a fist. Lying trough Damn!” Xia Tian has not gained ground also knows that is he who who hits. Definitely is that lunatic. This lunatic is not never-ending is hitting him, moreover hits a meeting, making Xia Tian rest a meeting, then hits. If not Xia Tian not the body of dying, he perhaps already by living killing.

Although only in three days, but Xia Tian has been able to start talking, this is the merit of his body resilience, the meteor tears have preserved his life. For these days Xia Tian had said most words cursed at people. Bang! That lunatic fights with the fists on the body of Xia Tian: Boy, a bit faster acknowledged that you are the person who they send.” Go away!” Xia Tian looked that said to that person. Also obstinate argumentative.” That person said that fought with the fists on the body of Xia Tian. Bang! Xia Tian once more by him, as soon as fought with the fists on the body. Oppressive, the opposite party this may really be ruthless oppressive. Lying trough!” Xia Tian looks angrily at that person. Bang! Lying trough!” Bang! Lying trough!” They reached the impass once more, over the two days they were this, hit one to scold. Each time in this manner result. Your line, the boy, you anti- punches compared with the first several people, how long I think you also to be able anti-.” That person said, sat directly same place. Trough!” After Xia Tian stared one that person, opens once more rests, what no matter every day he made into, he enters the sleep immediately, because he knows that this is his only rest opportunity, if did not rest, he definitely will boil, he does not hope one died, even if he is made into a disabled person by Abao now, but he was also hopeful. So long as does not die can finally over. Now Xia Tian must do could not die by oneself.

If were others already gave up, such live the ratio was dying also miserably, but Xia Tian was different, he wanted some wee bit living the hope, he will not give up. The sleep is best restoration method. When Xia Tian rests most fragrant. Bang! His chest had been hit again maliciously. Lying trough!” Xia Tian looks angrily at this person, he a little admires this person now, this person was too punctual every day, is when rest most fragrant he hits to awake himself. Boy, has not acknowledged.” Hitting of that person of fist then fist on Xia Tian. Also hits, has eaten meal, ate to the full has hit again.” Yu Wentao's subordinate sent has eaten. Eating that you deliver had been eaten by him, I eat anything, my tooth does not have, the joint bone was also dug, the hand muscle foot muscle also broke, how you make me eat.” Xia Tian angry shouting, he from top to bottom does not have any place to be normal now. You could rest assured that above has confessed that does not make you die, we compounded drug will maintain your life to you.” That person said. Added that is not their people, they guarantee you not dead.” That person said that and started to beat to Xia Tian. Bang! Lying trough!” Bang! Lying trough!” Bang! Lying trough!” Xia Tian was hit a fist by that person each time, he will scold one. Every day starts once again. The people who that delivers the food looked to smile.

You continued, fire off told me, I fed his compounded drug.” That servant said. That person hits Xia Tian to hit 1-2 hours to stop each time, but this time has only hit for about a half hour, because the food came, he must eat meal, since Abao they came, every day gives this person to deliver the food, but delivers the food the tool is a plank, mixes up to eat the meal. That lunatic does not shut out, after all has the food to eat compares not to have the food to eat strongly, before close more than 200 years, he had not eaten meal. But he has not died. This is also the issue of people continuously doubts, actually he how lives. After Xia Tian fired off, that person fed Xia Tian to take anti- hungry compounded drug, took compounded drug of therapy to Xia Tian, this was Abao told that this can make Xia Tian shoulder some time, the time that Xia Tian shouldered is longer, he will receive many suffering. Xia Tian, Abao said that so long as you beg for mercy with him, he can make you extricate.” The person who that delivers the food said. Told Abao, his Mahler desert.” Xia Tian scolded directly. Acts recklessly, you continue.” After that person feeds the Xia Tian compounded drug, walked. Develops , to continue to develop, performing skill is really good , to continue to develop.” That lunatic said. I also go to your Mahler desert.” Xia Tian looked that scolded to that lunatic. After Xia Tian scolded, opened directly once more rests. „Did I fire off? You rest.” That lunatic continues to start. Somewhere in remote mountain. Five elders, some outside people came.” Who is?” Five elder brow wrinkles. He said that is the Xia Tian friend, he has also brought two male female, he added that is your old friend.” Please come, no, I greet personally.” Five elders said that walks toward outside directly.