Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1799
The Xia Tian friend, five elders must greet personally, moreover can know that the person in this place absolutely is not a bystander. Xia Tian was day Lingshan makes were too many, the Xia Tian friend he naturally must greet personally. You are.” Five elders see time puzzled asking of day of spirit second child, the disciple report of day Lingshan said a moment ago is his old friend, but he does not know the present person. Fifth child!” Day spirit second child smiling saying. Hears this name time, five elders stare slightly, he heard the mountain hosts in day Lingshan to say before, the second child appeared, at this time hears this name, he guessed that should be the second child: „ Is Second Brother, you? Um.” The day spirit second child nodded. If before , they also complained that the day spirit second child, that they already did not hate him now, after all matter already past 200 years, regardless of before what, now they already neutralize. Meets misfortune truly, they know that actually more than 200 years of brothers are how precious. Walked, goes to say.” The day spirit fifth child held in the arms the shoulder of day spirit second child to walk toward inside directly. Third Brother, you looked quickly that was who comes?” After the day spirit fifth child arrives at the inner courtyard, shouts loudly. Who, can happily become this you?” Day spirit third child and the others looked at vision to the entrance position, when their several saw the day of spirit second child, very excited: Second Brother.” Brothers, I came, what a pity the Second Brother does not have the skill, cannot help you revenge, if the big brother because of were good, that nobody dares to bully us.” Saying that the day spirit second child regrets. Did not say this.” The day spirit fifth child shifts the topic hurriedly: Second Brother, you behind these three are?” „, Their three are the Xia Tian family members, she is the Xia Tian wife, these two people are the Xia Tian family's elders.” The day spirit second child answered, he mixed such a long time with Xia Tian, knew Lin Bingbing their three. Wife!

Hears this phrase time, the one side studied diligently Martial Skill secure and the others to look there to here. Especially Zhao Yushu and Xiao zither. Zhao Yushu has thought that is the Xia Tian fiancee, but Xiao zither is also incomparable looking up to Xia Tian, thinks that this whole life only wants to marry Xia Tian, now their two hear the Xia Tian wife, all looked at the vision. Xia Tian had mentioned person who he has the wife. But they have not been serious, when they see Lin Bingbing that moment, finally knows why Xia Tian can be dead set on to his wife. Lin Bingbing is very beautiful, but possibly was on the mental effort thin and pale face were recently many a sadness and ice-cold of faint trace. It seems has a flavor. beautiful! This is all people to her first impression. My this time comes is hopes that you can help me look after them, I complied with Xia Tian, must protect them, but I also know that he definitely has not died, nearby I must go to inquire the news, if there is an opportunity, I believe that his strength, I aid him outside, coming out that he runs certainly.” Although the day spirit second child does not calculate with the Xia Tian time is too long, but he compares to understand Xia Tian. The Xia Tian card in a hand many enough to is unable to imagine. Solely said that the dantian was destroyed, these people think that defeated the Xia Tian dantian the position to ruin the Xia Tian dantian with the elementary force? Made a mistake. Xia Tian does not have the dantian from the start, his spiritual energy all carries on the relay by the small insect.

However this is the Xia Tian secret, therefore he cannot tell others, this he does not believe these people actually, but was this matter was too shocking, the person who knew the fewer the better. Attention security.” Three elders said. Relax, I will not save others rashly, I aid, I outside, a day will not be good, two days, two days are not good for one month, is not good for one year, I believe in any case he can definitely come out sooner or later.” The day spirit second child said. What you said is real?” A Lin Bingbing face anticipates looks to the day spirit second child. Believes me, I followed him for a long time, I understand his strength very much.” Day spirit second child confident saying. Good, I believe you.” Lin Bingbing said. Day Lingshan. Boy, before you compare, that several people install has looked like, what what a pity is you are the attire will look like me not to believe you again, my such Tiantian will suffer you, I will think you to be able very several days.” That old lunatic with the Xia Tian bar on, can be said as he regards Xia Tian thoroughly is a toy. He aggrieved does not know that here many years, had found the toy that such anti- plays with great difficulty, he how possibly playing not well. Bang! The old lunatic fought with the fists once more on the body of Xia Tian. Old fogy, when the father restored to come to kill you.” Now Xia Tian and this old lunatic's dialog has no longer cursed at people. Bang! Also obstinate argumentative, you develop may be really good, to act in a play really the joint bone digging, the hand muscle foot muscle also all broke, your body everywhere is the wound, the place of dantian is also completely empty, develops real lifelike.” The old lunatic thinks from beginning to end Xia Tian is acting in a play.

Knows that I am acting in a play, you have not killed me.” Shouting that Xia Tian is not feeling well, no matter what whose Tiantian were beaten definitely is not feeling well, and is unable to hit back. You have a look, you acknowledged finally, you were the toy that I saw most anti- have hit, how I possibly such easily let off you.” The old fogies said that beats to Xia Tian once more. These days later, Xia Tian discovered that this old lunatic hits the person really a little skill, hurts also not injured, the place that as if hits is his nervous system most places , is stroking his acupoint probably. I have said that the old fogy, you and other fathers restored to come, my day punches your eight.” Xia Tian wicked saying. The dantian was abandoned this saying not to relate with him, he does not have the dantian from the start, because his dantian early by small insect eating. The small insect is his dantian, but this small insect has also been separated from his dantian, hid. Hateful, I since birth bone pill, so long as under the clothing it, my bone can be long, but my hand muscle foot muscle all broke now . Moreover the joint was also broken, even if I take me not to be impossible to admit the mouth fresh bone pill in small cauldron.” The Xia Tian first feeling from the distance of hand to mouths such far. Bang! What you are thinking, is finding still the way to deceive me? I told you, useless.” That old lunatic said that has hit a Xia Tian fist once more. Xia Tian is thinking the matter, all of a sudden hitting to fly by this old fogy, his pain. Was right, the small snake, it continuously in the training, after waiting for it to restore, it can help me take the compounded drug.” Xia Tian has remembered the small snake suddenly.