Almighty Student - Volume 18 - Chapter 1800
We hope that! Regarding Xia Tian, does not die hopefully. So long as he does not die, then he can repair the condition of oneself body secretly, when his body repaired, he can use the [gold/metal] blade underground to run away directly from this, but the strength in dantian also made him worry, after all this small insect may be also injures. His dantian is now completely empty, does not know when the small insect can be good, if in the small insect training 2-3 years, were miserable, now Xia Tian completely cannot even feel the vigor of small insect. Bang! That old lunatic fought with the fists once more on the body of Xia Tian. I make you be distracted, is I hits was too light?” The old lunatic felt that does not have sense of achievement, he such is hitting Xia Tian, Xia Tian unexpectedly can also be distracted. You are waiting to father.” Xia Tian wicked saying. Do not hit, first has the mouth food to hit again.” The person who delivers the food came, he comes one time every day \; first, to deliver food, what to have a look at Xia Tian made into, so long as for these days he came, Xia Tian continuously punched scene, even he in secret has still been observing, he discovered this old lunatic may really suffice ruthlessly, just fell asleep in Xia Tian each time starts, hits tired on a rest meeting, waited for Xia Tian to rest again, hit to awake. Suffering on this not sole human body. Spiritual suffering, he may dare to imagine itself what, if turns into Xia Tian to be, perhaps he already collapsed dead. You did not fear that I do kill him really?” The old lunatic looked that to delivering that person of food said. Such amusing toy, do you give up? Slowly played, plays to enjoy oneself to the full, above told, so long as you did not kill him, later Tiantian ate up to you.” The person who delivers the food said. Added that is not one group, unexpectedly makes me guarantee you not dead.” The old lunatic said that is one beats. The person who the movement that sees the old lunatic, that delivers the food naturally cannot prevent, the happiness of but looking.

Before Xia Tian in Xia Tian, but the power and prestige has sufficed, has not watched this small role, but now, he is actually managing the Xia Tian life and death, he fed Xia Tian every day time will seize the chance to trample several feet, perhaps like this he can feel that was the talent does not have any extraordinary, equally was not stepped on by oneself in the under foot. After the old lunatic finished eating, possibly was a little sleepy, therefore opened rests, saw that the old lunatic must sleep, Xia Tian will not miss such good opportunity, he also opened rests. Bang! Xia Tian that just must sleep fought with the fists to awake by the old lunatic directly: „Did I make you rest?” Lying trough your grandmother.” Xia Tian scolded loudly. Bang! Lying trough!” . Also is a bloody scene. The person who that delivers the food left the dungeon with a smile. Suffering. Xia Tian every day the day suffers, how long at this time outside he did not know, because he cannot see Sun completely . Moreover the spirit break also keeps him from remembering time, he only knows one are very sleepy, wants to rest very well, but the old lunatic does not give him the opportunity. Sometimes in his subconscious was telling him to give up, gave up being relaxed. But he has been clenching teeth to insist.

Dungeon inside temperature is not low, under such temperature, the Xia Tian wound is very difficult to heal, if not he does not have the body and the meteor tears dying, his wound perhaps forever did not have to hope well, even if were so, his wound wanted well slightly, the old lunatic immediately beats, opened his wound once more. Boy, has not looked, your will is good, you came to should be 15 days, unexpectedly could also shoulder.” Saying that the old lunatic appreciates, the way that but he appreciates is to punch Xia Tian. Has not come out, your this old S , B also knows for several days.” Xia Tian scolded. Bang! Makes you scold me, reason that I know for several days, because he delivers the food every day, delivered a food has been a day.” The old lunatic said that is a fist. Bang! Lying trough!” . The familiar scene appeared again. Others were hit, that definitely has dozen of clothing time, but Xia Tian to the present does not know that anything is a clothing. He had been hit 15 days by the old lunatic, has not shouted the clothing, does not make him sleep including the old lunatic, he has not taken, this middle old lunatic had one time to rest for two hours, this may hi go bad Xia Tian, Xia Tian has also rested satisfactory thinks. Abao, had not been killed Xia Tian to the present, I looked that otherwise directly killed him to result, will too formidable of this boy, had been such suffered by that old lunatic does not die.” Yu Wentao always felt that Xia Tian is an astatic factor, because he has never seen the will so formidable person. Was suffered such not to give up by Xia Tian, moreover he also Tiantian is suffered by the old lunatic now. I warned you, this time you did not permit to begin to him absolutely, otherwise I definitely got angry with you, I must make him not die, must make him suffer greatly, wasn't he will formidable? That makes him continue to suffer hardship.” Abao said.

Good, that listens your, in any case he is a disabled person, but the recent demon will teach the people of alliance to draw near, will extinguish demon big not to open.” Yu Wentao said. That drags, day Lingshan Yi Shounan attacks, I do not believe him to dare the storm.” Abao's self-confident saying, they are two tripod Expert, moreover strength under is also very formidable, if the demon teaches the hegemons of alliance to dare the storm, they collaborated to kill the hegemon. What now is main is opening extinguishes demon big, otherwise other all are useless, attains the storehouse treasure chart may have ten people, these people will arrive at the serious famine sooner or later, who knows in these people to call the friend to come together.” Yu Wentao said. Um , can only step out.” Abao nodded. They are to have Baoshan now, but is actually not able to enjoy Baoshan, because is unable to open the rare treasure to the present. Although they cannot open temporarily, but they do not hope others to rob, after all they have the opportunity to open. Under day Lingshan. Hegemon, we had inquired, now above these people are very weak, because Xia Tian had attacked a day of Lingshan couple days ago, if some people do not sneak attack, that Xia Tian extinguished this group of people.” Xia Tian, what you said is that Wei Guang?” Saying of hegemon coldly. Right is he, he has paid the price now, heard that he was advocated Abao digging the bone by the mountain of day Lingshan breaks the muscle, and has abandoned the dantian.” Snort, what a pity, is not I kisses the automatic hand.” The hegemons hate Xia Tian, because a Xia Tian person all gave to destroy his entire alliance, if were not Xia Tian, his spirit stone will not lose, his person will not cause heavy losses, Lian Huyue the city will not lose, he several million subordinates, now only remaining 30,000-40,000 people. Heard that he has not died now, every day was also suffered, so long as the hegemon you can take day Lingshan, when the time comes you can also continue to suffer him.” Good, tonight night assault day Lingshan.”