Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1801

Bang! First is Xia Tian is hit. You are really annoying.” Xia Tian already hit did not have temperament. Bang! My fist is itchy, stops itchy with you.” The old lunatic said. gauntlet (glove) is itchy, flexure lower part of wall goes.” Xia Tian indignant saying. Bang! Hits you, hits you.” The old lunatic has fostered the inertia, one can not hit Xia Tian he to be uncomfortable. Go away.” Xia Tian scolded. Bang! Lying trough!” . The bloody scene continues. In day Lingshan, the night falls. The heavenly two rounds bright moonlight shine above the earth. Puff! On the mountain road in day Lingshan presented bloody one. Dozens black-clothed person in fast kills to the mountain, their speeds are quick, the defending recluses before these days Lingshan had not responded had been cut to kill them, afterward large unit climbing mountains of quietly. Buzz! The leading troops have killed the summit shortly, at this moment the fierce sound transmits together.

Exposed. This group of waste.” After the hegemons scolded one, shouts loudly: All people give me full speed impact, tonight must take day Lingshan to me.” Kill! The war cry rises from all directions. Abao and Yu on Wentao mountain also immediately get up to meet head-on. Came, they killed.” Yu Wentao said. Hateful, this hateful fellows, unexpectedly also really dare to kill our day Lingshan, meets head-on fully.” Abao said that directly flushed. The war started. Under mountain. Scene is so chaotic, waits to meet me to come up to have a look, if some opportunities while can save to be good the Boss randomly.” The day spirit second child has hidden under mountain is observing here situation, he had also discovered the demon teaches the person of alliance, but he has not worried to climb mountains, because now the scene was too chaotic . Moreover the demon teaches the people of alliance not to kill on the mountain, if he mixes now, that was regarded the cannon fodder. He. When the demon teaches the people of alliance to climb mountains, so long as they attack on the mountain, had the opportunity, he knows that which Xia Tian was closed, was that dungeon of rare treasure site, when the time comes he will save others directly. You want the point of contention air/Qi.” Day spirit second child anxious saying. In remote mountain. Elder sister, I have matched the medicine to you, you drank, can help you recuperate the vitality.” Saying that Zhao Yushu cares about, since Lin Bingbing came, she has called Lin Bingbing for the elder sister, moreover looks after to Lin Bingbing. „Are you also his woman?” Lin Bingbing cold treats the bystander, since their three moves to here to come, here person looks after their, is good to them, especially Zhao Yushu, has accompanied every day side her, chats with her, spoke in the serious famine to her some interesting matters. Not be considered as, my father makes me be his fiancee, but he continuously me, when Little Sister regards, he said that he had the wife.” Zhao Yushu said here time lowered the head, the face is red, probably was embarrassed. Bingbing! I gave to look to assist your cultivation miracle cure.” Xiao zither walked directly, she and Zhao Yushu recently was the Lin Bingbing patron, when she saw Zhao Yushu nod of slightly. Thanks.” Although Lin Bingbing was still worried that the Xia Tian safety, however here person has been shifting her attention.

She understands that Xia Tian has had an accident, perhaps here everyone does not feel better, but everybody also such takes care of her, for she is concealing her worry and anxiety. Eastern Man and Northern Army also believe that Xia Tian will not have an accident, they were infatuated in Martial Arts, quick gesticulate with here Expert. Shan Zhu and the others, although turned into the disabled person, but their cultivation experiences and methods are also. After they 11 directions, now the strengths of these people are also the promotion unusual is quick. Before wanted Shan Zhu to direct 1-2, that was only then the scarlet disciple had the treatment that now the mountain advocates them to teach that every day for serveral days talent juniors in Lingshan, they will want to train the future of day Lingshan. In day Lingshan, war unceasing is continuing. Day Lingshan Yi Shounan attacks. Although these demons taught the people of alliance to rush to the halfway up the mountainside, but by the above person blocking. Hateful, clashes to me, with corpse, when the shield, gives on me, today in any event I must take day Lingshan.” The demon taught the hegemons of alliance to issue the dead order. Kill! The war cry rises from all directions. The war continued for night, the demon has taught the person casualties of alliance to be serious, but they actually did not dare retreat, because they knew the terrifying of hegemon. Next morning the demon taught the people of alliance to reach finally, the price of paying was the casualty several thousand people, the population of population and day Lingshan that finally reached has been almost the same. Saw that the demon teaches the alliance to reach finally, the day spirit second child slight hesitation under mountain, has not flushed away to the mountain directly: Boss, you must wait for me, I saved you immediately.” Above summit. Day Lingshan turned over to me.” The demon teaches the hegemons of alliance to say. boast shamelessly, depends on you also to match.” Saying that Abao disdains. „Were you that have won Xia Tian Abao with the dirty trick? Before Xia Tian, in me under is just a young private, but has almost actually killed you, therefore you do not have the qualifications to speak to me.” The demon teaches hegemon very aggressive saying of alliance. Snort.” Abao hears the demon to teach the alliance the words of hegemon, immediately cold snort one, Xia Tian truly is not he is defeated, therefore he is speechless at this matter: Do not think that I do not know, your demon does teach the alliance several million Expert? Was not destroyed by Xia Tian?”

Hears Abao's words. The demon teaches the hegemons of alliance not to be feeling well. Who said that the enemy of enemy certainly is a friend? They have suffered a loss in the hand of Xia Tian, but they are unable to become the friends absolutely, because they are the people of ruling by force, the person of ruling by force is doomed unable to survive together. This is the beforehand day Lingshan. Xia Tian is the person of ruling by force, Abao is also the person of ruling by force, therefore they can only leave behind one, because in a region only allows to have person of the ruling by force, will otherwise have the phenomenon that kills one another. You court death.” The demon taught the hegemons of alliance saying that fired into Abao directly. Limitless gauntlet (glove). Abao also directly hit to the demon has taught the hegemon of alliance. Bang! They simultaneously retreat. Treasure.” They have discovered treasure on opposite party fist. Good, unexpectedly mixed treasure.” Abao looked that is bewitched to teach the hegemons of alliance to say. You are also pretty good.” The demon teaches the hegemons of alliance to say. At this moment, Yu Wentao ran excitedly. Abao, extinguished demon big to open immediately.” Yu Wentao's excited saying, at the same time. bo! A huge strength covers instantaneously day Lingshan.