Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1802
When the hegemon hears extinguishes the demon big this glossary, his under foot dodges, escapes directly. The speed is fast. This is his first running away rapidness of such, that flash, he felt a moment ago suddenly not well, moreover he does not believe the words that tripod Expert said were deceive his, therefore he escaped directly, he just ran away shortly, felt the entire day Lingshan to be covered by a terrifying aura. This time, he believes firmly one guessed right. The day spirit second child just rushed to the halfway up the mountainside to feel that this terrifying strength, ran away afterward directly to the mountain. The demon taught the people of alliance to be shocked, their hegemon unexpectedly escaped, that incomparably formidable hegemon unexpectedly in their mind ran away directly. Abao was also shocked, he also thinks a moment ago the opposite party is a ruthless role, but opposite party now unexpectedly, when heard to extinguish demon big directly to escape. Run away! These demons teach the people of alliance to open directly run away, crack a joke, old mostly ran away, they also stay behind, isn't this is sick? Day Lingshan is not you wants to come to come, wants to walk walks, pursues to me!” Abao is not affable. Wait / Etc. Abao.” Yu Wentao said hurriedly. „After having anything I to extinguish this fellows, said again.” Abao impatient saying. Wait / Etc., I cannot certainly make them run away, I must make you have a look to extinguish demon big fierce.” Yu Wentao said that has put out a plate, then puts one pile of spirit stone, uniform spirit stone: All people all come back to me.” For serveral days the disciples in Lingshan all removed. Um?” Abao looks very puzzled to Yu Wentao. At this moment, Yu Wentao's finger according to plate on two bright places one of the. When Yu Wentao's finger after coming up. Bang! Abao's front presented the innumerable heavenly thunders, the heavenly thunder drops from the clouds together, pounded directly in the crowd, when the heavenly thunder pounded.

Bang! The region that the day caps and dynamite get down changed into the nihility immediately. But all these have not stopped, fall change into the innumerable small lightnings to explode once more to all around on the ground heavenly thunder. Puff! The flash, all people have all been shocked, on Yu Wentao's face presented the excited look: Ha Ha, legend really real, extinguishes demon big, the heavenly thunder extinguishes the demon.” At this time in front of them all vanished, still taught the alliance Expert like this to turn into the flying ash over ten thousand demons of escaping a moment ago, thorough disappearance in the eyes of people. Terror! This, this was also too terrifying.” In dungeon. That old lunatic has lifted the head slowly: Big was opened.” Trough!” Xia Tian scolded one. What is extraordinary is old lunatic unexpectedly has not hit Xia Tian, this makes Xia Tian also think inconceivable, this is first time he scolds the old lunatic, the old lunatic has not hit him, but he is not a you despicable thing, old lunatic not greatly he, he happily also without enough time, therefore he opens directly rests, this rests the dark day to be secret. Xia Tian does not know how long has rested. Bang! He was hit to awake by the old lunatic. When the old lunatic hits awakes he, he directly woke, he can affirm one this time did not rest 1-2 hours to be so simple absolutely. Took a beating.” The person who delivers the food smiling looks at Xia Tian. Trough!” Xia Tian scolded one.

Bang! The old lunatic is one beats. Do not hit, eats to sate the appetite hits again, where does not eat to the full to have the strength to hit the person.” The person who delivers the food said.I cursed you to have the son not to have ***** Xia Tian angry shouting. Scolded, you now except for cursing at people anything could not achieve.” Delivered the food person to listen to Xia Tian to curse at people listened to be used to it, he more listened to be happier, simply was at heart abnormal. Bang! I ate meal first, finished eating hit you again.” The old lunatic said that eats the thing directly. Has saying that their treatment differs, every day the old lunatic eats is the ample food, each time he eats is the compounded drug of appeasing hunger, moreover 34 days of families eat one to him, gives his hungry former heart to paste the back each time. Moreover the old lunatic idles is being all right hits him. He idles is being all right is hit by the old lunatic. Yesterday was best a day that Xia Tian rested, he thinks was the old lunatic breaks faith, the matter that but the miserable item endured to see occurred, after the old lunatic finished eating the food, started intensely was hitting Xia Tian, played that several positions, this time has hit Little Tian, just the good point wound all opened to Xia Tian, at this time the Xia Tian whole body was the blood. Yeah, should unable to insist that several days, such hit, any people killed.” He had not walked a moment ago, but observes in the hidden place, because separates for several days he to report here situation. Old lunatic, I will kill you sooner or later.” Xia Tian cursed angrily. Come, how long father lived not to know that has the skill you to kill me.” The old lunatic said that continued hitting of fist then fist on the body of Xia Tian. Bang! Lying trough!” . The frigid matter continues to occur.

In day Lingshan. Good terrifying extinguishing demon big, regardless of Expert of any rank is impossible to resist the attack of heavenly thunder, had this big, regardless of comes many Expert perhaps dead finally.” Abao's excited saying, he has not thought that this extinguishes demon big unexpectedly to be so fierce. Um, this rare treasure nobody snatched with us.” Yu Wentao said. Was nobody snatched with you, I did not dare the interest to your rare treasure, I only want to catch the crown prince now.” So long as Abao holds the crown prince, he can swallow the talent of crown prince, after swallowing the talent of crown prince, his talent and destiny can achieve completely, becomes the legend. When the time comes his talent friendly games are more abnormal than the present ten times. Regardless of any treasure cannot compare own talent. The treasure forever is only the auxiliary function. Has a look finally is any rare treasure, my Yu Wentao is not the ungrateful person.” Yu Wentao strikes one's chest to say. Was right, on that plate is another switch is used to do?” Abao asked. Ultimate extinguishes kills, concrete is any I do not know, but cannot use probably easily, once after use, will extinguish demon big some time unable to use.” Yu Wentao answered. Um, that should not use.” Abao said that previous time releases him to see was shocking enough. I also hope to should better not with it.” Yu Wentao when knowing the function of this switch is also very surprised, after all that small switch might was terrorist enough, then this big? Ultimate extinguishes kills. Seven days later. Mountain lord, is not good.” Delivers the food that person to report. How?” Abao's puzzled asking. Perhaps Xia Tian could not support, that old lunatic clarified for these days must kill him.” The person who that delivers the food said.