Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1803
Can Xia Tian die? Hears this news time, Abao brow immediately a wrinkle, although he one time has not gone to look at Xia Tian, but he compares to pay attention to Xia Tian, hears Xia Tian to take a beating every day, his mood is crisp, but heard that now Xia Tian must be killed, he is a little not happy: Leads me to have a look.” Abao goes to not to rescue Xia Tian, he could not rescue, even if were he does not dare to approach that person. Enable homicide Xia Tian the long range to leave attack, but he will help how possibly Xia Tian. In dungeon. At this time Xia Tian is the air vent are many, the air admission was short. He was the blood, face is hit from top to bottom to lose shape, saw this time Xia Tian, Abao thinks very happy: Xia Tian, asked me, asked my me to you a happiness.” Your defeated, I goes to Damn.” Xia Tian difficult scolded this. Hears defeated these four characters time, Abao's complexion turned pale, afterward he looks to that old lunatic: Today do not hit, you keep his life, I later eat up to you.” „Are you are ordering me?” The old lunatic looked that asked to Abao. Bang! Meanwhile, as soon as he fought with the fists on the chest of Xia Tian. Puff! A blood spouts from the Xia Tian mouth. That as you like, if you have killed him, I ensure you do not have the food to eat.” Abao said, looked that said to Xia Tian: Xia Tian, aren't you very fierce? Two cauldron Rank 1 must put down me and under all Expert, has the skill you to get up me to show.” Abao, lying trough Damn!” Xia Tian is the consciousness blurred now, but he can scold the person. Ha Ha!” Hears Xia Tian to scold him, Abao not only has not been angry, instead is smiles very happily, he first time noticed that Xia Tian is so distressed, looks at Xia Tian this, he thinks very crisp: Scolded, continued to scold.”

Ha Ha Ha Ha!” Abao laughed was leaving the dungeon. Xia Tian completely is the consciousness blurs now. Boy, sleeping well.” On the face of old lunatic has shown the mysterious smiling face. Under day Lingshan. At this time nearby city came and went to present the mysterious person, these people were mystical, moreover strength formidable, some local aristocratic family young masters went to provoke, finally hit unusual was miserable. In a mysterious room, is sitting well nine people. Extinguishes demon big? What is that? Has not heard.” A sound hoarse person said. Now Yu Wentao and crown prince collaborate, in addition that extinguishes demon big, if we did not collaborate, that rare treasure turned over to them finally.” The demon teaches the hegemons of alliance to say. Truly should collaborate, but how does the rare treasure divide finally?” Some people said. First let alone divides the thing matter, the thing has not succeeded in obtaining, how to divide? First solves Yu Wentao this trouble.” The demon teaches the hegemons of alliance to say again. Good, that unites, I do not believe their any big also to be able our these Expert to kill.” Since there is an alliance, that gives the alliance the giving a name character!” The demon teaches the hegemons of alliance to say. Called to extinguish the day alliance, our times were extinguish day Lingshan, therefore called this name.” Good, but my idea, this idea should be able to restrain extinguishing demon big of day Lingshan.” The demon teaches the hegemons of alliance to say. What idea?” Drives away the average person to bring death, extinguishes demon big definitely to have the limit, impossible infinite use, so long as we pursue one group of people to bring death first, we go in should be safe.” The demon teaches hegemon mean saying of alliance.

This has the wound day.” Immediately some people said. What murder is Yu Wentao they, is not we, you fear anything.” The demon teaches the hegemons of alliance to say. Good, that such decided.” Invisible, extinguished the day alliance to appear. In day Lingshan. Abao, the scout reports back, recently the mountain had gotten down some extraordinary figure, moreover is the new faces, dares to hit including these local tyrant.” Yu Wentao's light saying. New face, dares to hit including local tyrant, obviously is outside comes, other people who it seems like, you said came.” Abao's light saying. Um, I guess am also, but does not know that they came many people, any strength.” Saying that Yu Wentao worries about. Manages his anything strength, has to extinguish demon big, coming many to kill many.” Abao very self-confident saying, extinguished the demon big might he to experience to cross, that called one ruthlessly, even if were he is also extinguished demon big institute deep shock, although started extinguishes in the demon big need spirit stone, but he most did not lack was spirit stone. I always thought that is not simple, the previous that demon taught the hegemons of alliance to escape, he should know extinguished demon big existed, I feared that he will play any trick.” Yu Wentao said. Any method is useless in the face of absolute strength.” Abao said. These words were he most like saying that because these words, only then said in the superior mouth has the makings, he has thought one were superior, therefore he said these words to be persuasive. I know, but is I always did not feel relieved, ok, I send for careful nosing one, knows oneself and other side can be undefeated in many battles.” Yu Wentao said. Abao turns the head to have the interest very takes a look at Yu Wentao. „Do you visit me to do?” Yu Wentao looked at a little not comfortably by Abao. I discovered that you is a good military strategist, what kind, considered, mixes with me.” Abao said.

„, Wanting me to mix to you, present you are unqualified.” Yu Wentao stared Abao one eyes. Was quick, after I catch the crown prince, you think that I was qualified.” Abao very self-confident saying, so long as he has swallowed two cauldron Realm crown princes, he will soar, the strength has the tremendous changes. The whole person turned into the day from the place. Good, I the day and others.” Yu Wentao said. In dungeon. Xia Tian does not know how long one this time have rested, this time was not hit to awake by that old lunatic, but is awakes, his first feeling sleeps to rest to the nature awakes unexpectedly to be so crisp. The person who for these days delivered the food came to see Xia Tian to lie down there, thinks that Xia Tian could not live for several days, has not said anything. Abao really gave the old lunatic to add vegetable. Awoke.” Old lunatic unexpectedly was greeting with Xia Tian. Approaches with my father, the father does not have with you are so ripe.” Xia Tian scolded one. Bang! The Xia Tian words just said that the old lunatic has beaten to him once more, this time previous time is more ruthless, Xia Tian that just had a good sleep, this stiffly had been knocked down by the old lunatic again, moreover Xia Tian that this hitting thorough nobody has raised: Boy, rests to be good to think.”