Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1804

The person who delivers the food just came to see the whole body is Xia Tian of blood. Was needless saying that he also knows what happened, Xia Tian just definitely maliciously had been punched, he starts a little to sympathize with Xia Tian now. Recently this old lunatic probably went crazy was the same. He hit Xia Tian almost almost to kill Xia Tian each time. However he also gave the time of Xia Tian rest, he was makes Xia Tian rest for several days, then hit. Senior, your this was changes the way, owed comes out these many ways of giving people a hard time really you thought.” The person who delivers the food said. The old lunatic has not responded him from the start. Looked continually has not looked at his one eyes. He has not had a joke backfire, delivers the food to walk, but he hides in hidden place observation secretly, he discovers the old lunatic, although did not go to hit Xia Tian, but was idling the bored time will trample several feet. Really miserable, lives this, might as well died considering as finished.” The person who delivers the food said that leaves directly. After he leaves, the vision of old lunatic looked that to position that he just had hidden. To the road of serious famine on. Spirit after knowing Xia Tian was dug the bone to break the muscle, turns toward the direction of day Lingshan to hurry, person but who came out by the serious famine in a while discovering, 45 people spirit surrounded forcefully, finally spirit were directly helpless, can only follow them, but this spirit could be said as wants completely various means to escape all the way, but cannot run finally, these five people did not eat all the way completely do not rest. Looks at spirit. Your five had not to have.” Spirit childishness straight scolded. Young lady, you go back with us, the temperament of Sir you are not do not know, if we looked to throw you, several of us went back to meet with a disaster.” A person said.

Good, I go back with you, a bit faster walks, I do not want to waste the time.” Spirit said that sped up footsteps, he wants a bit faster to withdraw now, then rescues Xia Tian. However now looks like, should not have the opportunity, therefore after she can only wait till returns to the serious famine, to find the way to run away first again, but she is worrying every day, she knows that she late goes for day, Xia Tian on dangerous one day. Somewhere in remote mountain. Second Brother had the news to pass on.” Five elders go into the inner courtyard to say. The inner courtyard is some and Xia Tian relations very good person. Said quickly that is what news?” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan asked. He said that in the past the demon taught the hegemons of alliance to have tens of thousands people to attack the mountain, but does not know that above what happened, finally only then he ran away, other people, nearby recent day Lingshan were all many many Expert, these Expert strength formidable, should not come from the serious famine.” Five elders read the content. It seems like these people come to the buried treasure.” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan said. I guess am also, but actually on the mountain to have what?” Five elder puzzled asking. They open big that in a day of Lingshan hid, is called to extinguish demon big, is terrifying Formation that Ancient inherits.” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan said. „Does this type of thing exist?” Five elder puzzled asking. I also just discovered shortly, however the condition of opening is harsh, needs tripod above Expert to open, my then Realm was insufficient, therefore cannot open.” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan said. Tens of thousands people all die, in this did extinguish in demon big? Such ruthless.” Five elder surprised saying. Should not be, day Lingshan Yi Shounan attacks, I estimated that tens of thousands people overrun to the summit time can remaining be less than 10,000 is good.” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan answered. That was also terrorist enough.” Five elders said.

Now these many Expert gather there, perhaps Second Brother there really has the opportunity, so long as these people can take over day Lingshan, the Second Brother certainly has the opportunity to mix the life-saving.” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan said. Good, well.” Five elders continually said three good. But currently has two difficult problems.” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan said. What difficult problem?” Five elders asked hurriedly. First, if I guess right, they definitely lived several hundred years of old monster to close with that Xia Tian in the same place, that old monster was closed was so long, the difficult insurance temperament not to be strange, Xia Tian is dug the bone to break the muscle now, a revolt ability did not have, I feared that old monster can kill Xia Tian, next wanted to rescue from that old monster not to be easy hotly.” The mountain of day Lingshan main has worked as 200 years of mountain hosts worthily, analyzes the matter to come rationally. Hears his words, the people on the scene remained silent, because they know Shan Zhu said right. In dungeon. Xia Tian this time does not know how long one have rested, when he wakes up discovered that the old lunatic smiling looks at himself. Smiles anything to smile.” Although Xia Tian has not had a good sleep, but he knows that he rests again is not definitely good, otherwise this sleep can rest for several months. Bang! The old lunatic replied the Xia Tian words with his motion. Xia Tian discovered that the fist of old lunatic is truly heavy, but his almost most time on hitting oneself nine positions, other places, although has also hit, but occasionally hits, these nine places are the old lunatic must hit each time. You are waiting to father!” Xia Tian angry saying. Bang! The old lunatic fought with the fists once more on Xia Tian.

Milk, the milk, the small snake should cultivation be soon good, waited for its cultivation I therapy well, so long as my body physical fitness moved that here unable to block me, when the time comes I can escape from here directly.” Although Xia Tian present 1 : 00 spiritual energy does not have, but his human body very formidable, so long as he can fully restore, that is the support of a wee bit spiritual energy does not have, he same can resist ordinary two cauldron Expert, moreover he also has Vampire changes the body, what he has not tried not to have in the spiritual energy situation to use Vampire changes the body can be. Bang! Old fogy, no wonder you will be closed here, this, I cursed you to close again several thousand years.” Xia Tian scolded. Bang! Hitting of old lunatic fist then fist on the body of Xia Tian. Lying trough . The old lunatic is hitting Xia Tian to find relief now. Xia Tian was the selfless offer own body has also made the old lunatic hit. Naturally, his non- selfless contributions were not good, the old lunatic may, no matter these, hit. Is good because of me does not believe in Buddhism, otherwise also really study the Buddha sheared the meat to feed the hawk.” Saying that Xia Tian is not feeling well , this is must shear the meat to feed the old lunatic. Well, how I forgot it.” At this moment, Xia Tian has remembered the also thing suddenly, this thing cannot be regarded any rare treasure, but is actually he to the thing that the present completely has not ravelled. Non- character book from heaven.