Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1805

The non- character book from heaven rear Tathagata god held Xia Tian to study, he even tried to use. However finally is unable to use the complete might. He does not know one are not very insufficient to the Buddhist literature comprehension spiritual energy foundation of basic skills. In the past the corrupt wolf closed right up against non- character book from heaven to use many Inner Strength manifestation, this was the non- character book from heaven formidable place, moreover initially coveted simplest several Unique Skill that the wolf depended, what in the non- character book from heaven was most mysterious was the following Tathagata god palm, does not have the true discovery the mystery that but the Tathagata god held to present Xia Tian. Our two discussed a matter, today makes me rest for day to be good?” Xia Tian looked that asked to the old lunatic. Bang! „Were you recognize instigate?” The old lunatic fought with the fists on the body of Xia Tian, he overcame the stage also to hit for one month, but Xia Tian has not recognized has instigated, but his unexpectedly recognizes today instigates. Goes to Damn.” Xia Tian heard the words of old lunatic, the anger has come up immediately, scolded one directly. He wants to rest for studies the non- character book from heaven, but one hear of old lunatics said that he recognized has instigated, he could not bear, he had been hit by the old lunatic was so long, how possibly now to recognize instigated. Bang! Lying trough!” The old lunatic such has hit, finally the old lunatic hit tired, narrowing the eyes. But Xia Tian while old lunatic fell asleep has also put out the non- character book from heaven, although his present body cannot move, but the small cauldron can control with Spiritual Force, he will not have the character book from heaven to take from the small cauldron directly, manual he wanted to look that the non- character book from heaven can only rub with the body, bit by bit opened page rubbing. Moreover he must be careful that do not awaken by noise the old lunatic, otherwise makes the old lunatic discover the words that one read went bad. Since Xia Tian this time starts to look from the first page, he wants a research non- character book from heaven well, therefore since can only from the beginning look, re-examines. Buddhist literature! The opening of non- character book from heaven is some Buddhist literature and so on thing, some major principles of Buddhism, if in the normal situation, Xia Tian absolutely does not have that time and energy looks at this type of thing, but now he early idled was bored, now his daily amateur activity is punched.

The knowledge is the foremost productive forces. These words forever right. Learning as long as one lives. This is the Xia Tian celebrity famous saying. He now is the good child who a love studies. Even if the body is so inconvenient, he is still also doing everything possible to study. Looked for probably about one hour, Xia Tian hurried received the book, he does not dare to make the old lunatic discover that he is reading, otherwise has not killed him by the disposition of old lunatic while still alive. Bang! The old lunatic awakes is very punctual, after awaking, he has not disappointed Xia Tian, but starts directly. Do not hit, rests a meeting, eats to meet the food to hit again.” The person who delivers the food said. Bang! An old lunatic fist hits Xia Tian out of breath, afterward starts to eat meal. Xia Tian, is the present feeling crisp?” Delivers looks at Xia Tian that the food a person face badly smiles to ask. Crisp!” Xia Tian clenches teeth saying that no matter what who were such hit perhaps also crisply, but he clenches teeth to insist. The body can instigate, but the spirit cannot instigate absolutely. Xia Tian, when is dying says one, before starting off, delivers you a good food, you did not scold me to be so long in vain.” Saying that the person who delivers the food taunted.

Really is you despicable thing, I scolded you you also to me the food eat.” Xia Tian scolded one. Looks your hit is so miserable, scolds me me also to like listening.” The person who delivers the food smiling looks at Xia Tian. S , B.” Xia Tian said that must open directly rests. Bang! „Did I make you rest?” The old lunatic fought with the fists on the body. Damn!” Xia Tian scolded one. After the old lunatic finished eating the food , to continue to start, does not have the human appearance that Xia Tian hit once more, fired off the old lunatic to open rests, Xia Tian dragged the exhausted body to start to read the non- character book from heaven. Day-by-day, starts once again. Xia Tian every day in the ginseng research non- character book from heaven. Xia Tian difficultly gets by each time. After spirit was brought back to the desolated place, she starts to find the way to run away toward outside, but she ran away was very long, was blocked, now her the elder brother is closing up, these wild beasts in serious famine completely have looked like her, did not give the opportunity that she any ran away. Elder Brother Tian, you must wait for me.” Spirit innermost feelings anxious saying. In hills. Second Brother came the news, he said that now that under day Lingshan helped Expert combine anything to extinguish the day alliance, was calling the troops secretly, they could begin recently.” The day spirit fifth child said. These people must begin finally, now in day Lingshan has not passed on the news that Xia Tian dies, that now should also live on behalf of Xia Tian.” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan said. I guess that he definitely used any method to preserve his assigning temporarily, does not know that his present situation is what kind.” Saying that the day spirit fifth child worries about.

Do not be worried, we should believe him, now in the serious famine the current political situation is volatile, the sounds of nature city is also the confinement city gate, nobody knows that will have any important matter.” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan said. Not to mention that ungrateful fellow, was Xia Tian has saved him, was we helps him defeat the demon to teach the alliance, but his unexpectedly Feng Abao mountain lord for day Lingshan.” The day spirit fifth child remembers this matter on the vitality, moreover is the unusual vitality, their unexpectedly nobody manages them laboriously finally. Make Abao there wild. Considered as finished not to mention he, right told this news to the Xia Tian wife, she state of mind more and more was not recently good, making her hear this news, could change for the better.” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan said. Um, my this goes.” The day spirit fifth child said. I said that his good and virtuous person has the day, but he our legend.” Eastern Man proud saying. Was right, had not asked where you are come from?” Mountain main curious asking of day Lingshan. We.” In day Lingshan. Abao, these fellows more and more were not recently law-abiding, their unexpectedly started to recruit soldiers, will attack evidently our day Lingshan recently.” Yu Wentao said. Snort, has to extinguish demon big, they come many me to kill many.” Saying that Abao disdains, Abao thoroughly has relied on to extinguish demon big now, in his opinion extinguishes demon big is the barrier of day Lingshan, nobody can pass through, anyone, comes to die. Um, I did not feel relieved that I send for again.” Yu Wentao said. In dungeon. Xia Tian is studying diligently the non- character book from heaven in the pains, recently he looked the non- character book from heaven looked was enthralled, the non- character book from heaven above thing attracts him sometimes, making him understand many truth, even if he did not believe in Buddhism, he also in little comprehension the true meaning in Buddhist literature. What are you looking at?” At this moment, the ice-cold sound appears near the ear of Xia Tian together, at the same time his book on hand was robbed directly.