Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1806

The non- character book from heaven was snatched! Xia Tian looks positive. Result non- character book from heaven unexpectedly was snatched directly, does not need to guess that also knows is who does, because in dungeon, only then they. Old lunatic, your also my book.” Xia Tian angry shouting. Bang! On the face of Xia Tian layer on layer had gotten a fist. Here all things are my, including you.” Saying of old lunatic coldly, said that he opened the non- character book from heaven directly, but how to see does not have the character: This is any thing, such links a character, a chart does not have.” Bang! This type of book you look at anything to look that the hand muscle foot muscle and bone all broke, you also look.” The old lunatic said that will not have the character book from heaven to rip the pulp directly. The non- character book from heaven is solid, the water and fire does not invade. However old lunatic unexpectedly tore to pieces it directly. Sees such scene thoroughly, Xia Tian has been shocked, he sizes up the old lunatic chain at this time, these chains were also too big a point, moreover does not know that builds with any material quality, perhaps solely is the weights of these chains can be over 20,000 jin (0.5 kg). His daily unexpectedly drags these chains to move. Moreover these chains progressed now in his meat, melts with his bone for a body. Bang! What looks at to look? Refuses to accept.” The old lunatic looked that said to Xia Tian. Xia Tian looks at broke the non- character day printed part in the drop blood. He can study diligently non- character book from heaven with great difficulty, but now non- character book from heaven unexpectedly with also by old lunatic ripping. Lying trough you are old!” Xia Tian looks angrily at the old lunatic to scold.

Bang! The old lunatic fought with the fists on the body of Xia Tian. Lying trough!” Bang! . Continued to start once again, was this Xia Tian will is obviously overbearing than before. Do not hit eats meal.” The person who that delivers the food goes forward to say. What eats to eat?” Xia Tian angry shouting. Anger so is how big, this hitting is quite miserable, all right, although you cannot hit back, but you can scold.” Delivers person smiling saying of food. The person who delivers the food likes seeing the Xia Tian breathless appearance. How the ground makes is so chaotic.” The person who delivers the food watched a fragment of ground these non- character book from heaven. Hears him to mention the fragment of ground, the Xia Tian air/Qi does not hit one, he is angry, finally delivers the food person unexpectedly also to dare to raise: I cursed you to do finally, base, moreover gave birth to a son to continue to do, base.” Recently Xia Tian all scolded the words that all can scold. Bang! An old lunatic foot tramples the body of Xia Tian passed crookedly: Although does not know what you scolded was anything, but I know that you definitely were scolding me.” Lying trough!” Xia Tian cursed angrily one, afterward turned the head to look to the old lunatic, in the instance that he turned the head, he saw inconceivable one, although the fragment in ground scattered everywhere was, but actually combined four characters, only then carefully looked that will discover this unexpectedly had four characters: Vertical, broken, but \; It is not right, is broken then stands.” Sees these four characters time, the Xia Tian whole person was shocked.

How not to scold, what was hit?” The person who delivers the food looked that asked to Xia Tian. Lying trough!” Xia Tian scolded hurriedly, although expression he also fitted out is very painful appearance, but in fact this time innermost feelings happily blossomed, he knows finally the Tathagata god held true was secret. He now already thorough was excited. Who said that wasn't the person of Buddhism cannot the cultivation Tathagata god hold? Who said to the sensibility of Buddhist literature cannot cultivation? The genuine Tathagata god holds did not look that you will pray to Buddha to pass through, but actually is you are the demon or Buddha, even if the demon, so long as puts down the butcher knife also to achieve Buddhahood immediately. The Xia Tian ginseng ground these many days non- character books from heaven to discover inside secret finally. Originally this is the genuine Tathagata god palm. No wonder he is unable cultivation to succeed, is unable to display the secret that the Tathagata god holds. Originally must break then stands. Has saying that the cultivation condition that the Tathagata god holds was really too harsh, even if were beforehand Xia Tian is unable to achieve this point. Even if before is he saw that perhaps broken then sets up these characters not to have the courage to abolish own all then to start the cultivation Tathagata god palm, after all he does not give up oneself cultivation such long spiritual energy, wanting the cultivation Tathagata god to hold must ruin own dantian again cultivation. Was turned into a Caucasian by own strength. Only by doing so, Xia Tian can achieve truly broken then stands. Also only then he can cultivation become the Tathagata god palm like this. At this time he is the worst case scenario, tallies broken then sets up this point. After knowing this point, Xia Tian starts to close eye cultivation directly, but he forgot the side also to have a person. Bang!

„Did I make you rest?” The old lunatic fought with the fists on the body of Xia Tian. Afterward hitting of his fist then fist, before old lunatic, intentionally conceals, hits other place, but the old lunatic only played on Xia Tian that nine positions for these days, makes an effort very much, these positions are painful, Xia Tian beforehand unexpectedly had not discovered that on the body of person has these nine positions, is hitting the pain, but actually does not injure the internal organs. The quick old lunatic hit tired, Xia Tian started cultivation to draw out the Tathagata god palm hurriedly. He knows the opportunity that one dump tray came, the small insect has been away from the time of restoration to be getting more and more short. In day Lingshan. Abao, I looked up not a very good news.” Yu Wentao said. How?” Abao's puzzled asking. These people planned probably drives away the ordinarily resident to climb mountains, counter-balances we big might with these people.” Yu Wentao said. Snort, this matter?” Abao's helpless shaking the head. „Do you have means neutralize?” Yu Wentao's puzzled asking. Is very simple, before these ordinarily residents climb mountains, massacred directly, they came up many we to kill many, the match of this rank killed with hands down.” Abao very self-confident saying. Kills? Kills? That many person we kill leniently unable to kill, moreover kills that many people to by the scourge.” Yu Wentao frowns to say. Scourge? I have big destiny person, to encounter how possibly the scourge, I am a day of child, the heaven will punish how possibly own child.” Abao said. Volume! How does that kill?” Yu Wentao thought some truth that Abao said. Is very simple, arrangement day fire big, under the place of mountain and corridor will all give to bury the explosion crag, when they will soon arrive at the summit time, will detonate the explosion crag directly, when the time comes, bang.” On Abao's face presented the excited look. Saw that in Abao's appearance Yu Wentao heart pledged, absolutely with Abao is not the enemy, because Abao was too fearful.