Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1807

Tathagata god palm! In non- character book from heaven strongest Martial Skill. The heads of Shaolin 70 two Unique Skill. Wooded mountain 70 two Unique Skill are very formidable, even if and Heaven Grade Expert to fighting, Shaolin 70 two Unique Skill are also very good Martial Skill, if were not Xia Tian had Finger of Consonance, he really earnestly will perhaps study diligently Shaolin 70 two Unique Skill, although in his opinion 70 two Unique Skill formidable, but 70 two Unique Skill were used to kill people is not quite sharp. However is used for and match carries on protracted war definitely is very fierce. But Tathagata god palm is in 72 Unique Skill strongest Martial Skill. I must learn the Tathagata god to hold the first type in the shortest time, like this after waiting for me to repair the body, I can not need to not to have the dantian, but was worried, the small insect this time perhaps was also heavy of wound, does not know when can come out, Finger of Consonance has had more than enough, Wan sword returned to the birth family this domain also to have more than enough, solely only depended on the meat stamina quantity the words, I linked two cauldron Rank 5 above people perhaps not to hit . Moreover the suppression of spiritual energy I do not dare to use Vampire easily change the body, once otherwise changed by Vampire the body control lives, I on will turn into a murder. Fiendish people.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. Xia Tian is thinking deeply about own change fast, he but was actually not worried now own bone and muscle, so long as because the small snake recovered, he can make the small snake help him with fresh bone pill, as for breaking muscle Xia Tian also tried to find the solution. Before he most was worried after is he injured , can only flee in all directions, because the small insect hides, his dantian has disappeared. Without the dantian. His strength could be said as falls short greatly. When the time comes do not say that more step has challenged, Expert of words cauldron does not do well keeps possibly uses the element attack to cut to kill him for him. Although his human body very formidable, which person but also has to be willing to go to put together the human body with him. His five lines of links were also taken away by Abao. Bang!

The old lunatic fought with the fists on the face of Xia Tian. Lying trough, hits person of face-smacking, the father by continually does not eat meal.” Xia Tian scolded. Bang! Xia Tian spoke these words, old lunatic on hitting of fist then fist on the face of Xia Tian, before long, Xia Tian was black and blue, on his entire face the hit inadequate human appearance, the left eye swelled looked to disappear, moreover his mouth also by old lunatic ripping open. Old lunatic, I will kill you sooner or later.” The Xia Tian sound was bashful. Bang! The old lunatic has not stopped, he then hit on Xia Tian these wound places, although the bone of Xia Tian is not long, the muscle has not joined, but the wound soon healed, but old lunatic unexpectedly all opened his wound today once more, the blood kept flowed to outside. Hateful, actually he must do.” Xia Tian felt own blood is draining. He has thought the old lunatic will not kill him, is at this moment, he felt really died, the blood keeps flows out from his within the body, but he does not have any means that because he cannot move, he most minimum hematischesis cannot achieve. Such the class gets down, he will die. Bang! The old lunatic this time was thoroughly was probably insane, meaning that he has not called a halt completely. Do not hit.” At this moment, the sound conveys together. Bang!

The old lunatic has not paid attention completely. Bang! Hitting of old lunatic fist then fist on the body of Xia Tian. Stop.” The form fell outside the shackles together, Abao, was Abao comes. Bang! Depends on your brat also to dare to order me?” Very the old lunatic disdains looks to Abao. Abao has not been angry, if were others said that he, he naturally will be angry, vision that especially that disdained, if others dare to think so him, he will certainly exhaust the eye of opposite party, was this old lunatic is different, this old lunatic lived did not know many years the old monsters. Moreover on him by the locked significant several thousand jin (0.5 kg) chains. Abao before him is actually is a brat. This is the common failing of humanity, if he weak or is looking down upon with his strength similar person by a strength, he naturally unusual not being feeling well, Expert that person but who if he is unable to touch temporarily is looking down upon, he will not think that had anything not to be feeling well. Such amusing toy are you cruel enough to kill him directly?” Abao looked that asked to the old lunatic. I a little played to suffice.” The old lunatic said. You leave are being worried to death him, I ensure within seven days catch a new person to you, moreover does the strength compared with him, when the time comes your two same places play absolutely how is it?” Abao receives hurriedly, he does not want to make Xia Tian such die, he must continue to look that Xia Tian suffers greatly every day. Good, I make him live for seven days, but you , if not give him quickly to treat, he should be dies.” The old lunatic said.

Although the Xia Tian resilience is very strong, but his present resilience could not keep up with his injured speed thoroughly. Class that the blood keeps. Revives him, cannot make him die.” Abao shouts hurriedly. Abao's subordinate ran over directly, they start are Xia Tian stop bleeding, but the blood of Xia Tian cannot stop, under a famous artisan said: Mountain lord, he is not perhaps good.” He, if died, I want you to be buried along with the dead.” Abao said loudly. Hears Abao's words, that person picked up the speed on oneself hand . Moreover the panacea that he will also collect all used on the body of Xia Tian, cracked a joke, although the compounded drug was good, but compared anything not to consider as finished with the life, after they several treatments, the blood of Xia Tian has stopped finally, but his complexion was still ugly. Xia Tian, you have not died.” Abao smiling looks at Xia Tian. Abao, you will regret.” Xia Tian that flash is thinking really one died, because he felt the degeneration of his body function, however Abao's person stiffly him from Gate of Death pulling back. Made you die I to regret that I think now you made into this every day, I was happy, provoke my person am your such fate.” Abao said. Develops, you continue to develop, you save him definitely are because he is in that you send, deceitful!” Very the old lunatic disdains looked that said to Abao. Abao has not spoken, had not explained that he likes the old lunatic thinking, because such old lunatic can suppress oppressive Xia Tian. In uncultivated land beast region. Elder Brother Tian, you must wait for me, must wait for me, I exit to save you now.” Spirit after these many days efforts, she ran away finally, she feigned illness, then ran away while the opportunity of that faint trace.