Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1808

Xia Tian, amusing?” A Abao foot stepped in the face of Xia Tian asked. Xia Tian reveals with his only one outside eye is staring at Abao: You to my, me must double present.” Ha Ha Ha Ha, why? Depending on you are a disabled person? Hand muscle foot muscle can meet, but after I want to know very much joins, you also how use the movement, another point, I dig is the bones of your joint place, how are you long?” Abao laughs was saying, in his eyes, Xia Tian already thorough turned into a waste, a disabled person. How regardless of Xia Tian clamors now is only spatially shouts, because he did not have the retaliation skill. Do not develop, I was unable to continue watching, spoke the idle talk again, I have killed him.” The old lunatic is one startled is obviously impatient. Comes the person, has remembered, later continue eat up, must be best.” Abao orders saying that he was happy at this time, because the old lunatic hits to Xia Tian is really very miserable, this is also he situation that wants to see. The old lunatic has not spoken. Xia Tian lies down on the ground has not spoken, because he could not say. After Abao they just left, the old lunatic started. Mountain lord, he got.” Saying that under worries about. All right, since he complied not to kill Xia Tian, he starts to have the discretion, making him hit.” Abao said that saw Xia Tian was hit, his innermost feelings are crisp, this feeling is unable to describe in the spoken language that in brief is a character: Real t , m , d is crisp. Bang! An old lunatic fist then fist is hitting, Xia Tian has fainted once more, but he fainted, the old lunatic has not stopped, this old lunatic has hit for day: Should be is soon similar.” In hills.

Second Brother also had the recent news.” Five elders took the news to run. Always thinks about quickly.” So long as this time hears the news that the day of spirit second child passes on, the people will encircle to listen. Second Brother said that alliance plans three days later attacks day Lingshan, the method that but they use is a little mean.” Five elders said. How?” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan asked. All residents of their unexpectedly day Lingshan nearby city all drove away, they wanted these resident mountaineering to become their shields, was used to counter-balance the big might.” Five elders spoke of here time complexion a little to be also ugly. What? They did not fear that encounters the scourge?” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan asked. Does not know that is more than ten million people.” The day spirit fifth child said. This group of people will encounter retribution sooner or later, what they and do Abao have to distinguish? Is one group of degenerates.” Mountain main angry saying of day Lingshan. I am not really clear, does nobody manage? Their strengths early have surpassed the limit of serious famine, six levels of cities no matter manages them? Whatever they do continue to deliberately create trouble? Teaches the attack of alliance to start from the demon, how many people died? Several ten million? Hundreds of millions?” The day spirit fifth child shouts loudly. Six levels of cities, what nobody knows is, perhaps only then sounds of nature City Lord can contact with them, what a pity the lord of sounds of nature actually has abandoned us.” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan said. Why although they do not know, but they truly by sounds of nature City Lord getting rid. Under day Lingshan. Three days, Boss also three days, these people can definitely rush, when the time comes I had the opportunity to save you.” The day spirit second child may, no matter the lives of these people, he does not have the third child and fifth child their general ideas, he only knows one owe many of Xia Tian, he must repay a debt of gratitude.

Therefore here dies many people, he will not pay attention. Rank 5 city, in sounds of nature city. City Lord, that group of people played in a big way, they must drive away tens of millions person attack day Lingshan.” Under a famous artisan reported. What to do can I? I now am a criminal, the entire serious famine was scolding me not to have the conscience, ungrateful, but can that be what kind of? My daughter in Abao's hands, if I such do not do, my daughter will have the danger, I will rather be shouldering the infamy of this eternity, does not hope that my daughter will have an accident.” Sounds of nature City Lord said. City Lord, we reported the people in six levels of cities, making them send Expert to rescue the young lady, and told here matter to six levels of cities, when the time comes these tripod Expert died.” Under the famous artisan urged. If Rank 3 above Expert does not have business to forbid to enter the serious famine, this is the stipulations of six levels of cities, but in the serious famine unexpectedly came these many tripod Expert now, moreover they also broke the rule of serious famine, here massacres innocently, this itself has violated the stipulation. „It is not good, once these Expert came, so long as alarms Abao, he will certainly kill my daughter.” Sounds of nature City Lord said hurriedly. But.” Not anything, but, this, I was tired, I want to rest.” Sounds of nature City Lord was very recently tired, he does not even dare to leave the gate, before exited everybody specially to respect to him, all people all look with the vision of worship to him, but he exits always to feel that now others direct to him. Moreover outside the serious famine was scolding him everywhere. Day Lingshan has made many matters for the serious famine, but he was actually broken the bone to hang to day Lingshan Shan Zhu and the others this matter on the mountain ignores. This itself already cold the heart of people. Other these entrances also shut tightly the entrance, forbidding any disciple to go out, they feared, moreover they did not believe the sounds of nature city.

These had been rescued by the allied armies what person scolded was most ominous, because Xia Tian and day Lingshan Shan Zhu was their saviors, is now their savior so is miserable, no matter sounds of nature City Lord not only, instead was Feng Abao for new day Lingshan Shan Zhu. All people all think that he is unfair. daughter, because of your willful, the father became the criminal of serious famine, the father hates unable dead to apologize, but the father is incurable you, after the father rescues you, the father apologizes on the martyr who whereabouts day Lingshan died.” Wiped tears from the eye average of sounds of nature City Lord. Three days later. In day Lingshan. Abao, these people have prepared to attack.” Yu Wentao said. I said prepared?” Abao asked. Prepared, I guaranteed, regardless of they came many, died.” Yu Wentao said. Good, this time has had it all them, when the time comes in the entire serious famine nobody can contend with us.” Abao's excited saying. Under day Lingshan. Tens of millions people were driven away here, but their only then more than 30,000-40,000 people, but these 30,000-40,000 people are the generations of strength Gao Qiang, the person strength that especially leads is strongest, they are Expert in legend. Time was up, attacks mountain.”