Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1809

Attacks mountain these two character exits time. The drumbeat resounds. That tens of millions residents like this like are the draft animals was driven away ascended the sky Lingshan, the population are many, day Lingshan is very high, the corridor is also very wide, usually will be the disciples in day Lingshan will not walk the corridor, they will only ride transmission, because the corridor will be difficult to walk, but compared with mountain climbing. After all one time crawls to the person of summit is only Xia Tian one. Bang! The enormous and powerful crowd starts to flush away upwardly. The population are many. Ha Ha Ha Ha, I must have a look at their extinguishing demon big to have any means but actually, these many people all killed.” Tripod Expert laughs to say. Snort, kills these many people to encounter the retribution, moreover their extinguishing demon big is impossible not to have the restriction on use, so long as the heavenly thunder died in battle with greatly, we can attack to ascend the sky at one fell swoop Lingshan, above only then two tripod Expert, here had nine, put together the population we also to win.” Suddenly extinguishes the imposing manner of day alliance to surge upward. The demon teaches the hegemons of alliance not to speak, his unusual low key, because he understands that these people at this time are the friends, but the next second probably turns into the enemy, when they face the benefit together definitely will have the difference, when the time comes who is most noticeable, that is first is possibly killed. Kill! The war cry rises from all directions. Boss, when I, after they have climbed mountains, I will follow in their behind, when the time comes I will find the way to rescue you.” Day spirit second child excited saying, regarding him, rescues Xia Tian is he biggest desire, so long as he can rescue Xia Tian, he has also completed his strong wish, because Xia Tian helped his to be too many. In day Lingshan. They came up.” Yu Wentao looks the person who under the mountain these kill said. Told all disciple retreat, originally the mountain road, let on them, after waiting for them to come up.” On Abao's face has shown the cloudy evil smiling face.

Kill! Regarding him, killing is the best solution. Moreover under he must enable to become the living hell. Tens of millions people, see these many people time, Abao somewhat has also gawked, he has not thought these people play is so big, but is these many people, his Abao also plays. The world is unkind takes the myriad things as dogs and hay worthless thing! In Abao's eyes, so long as can serve his purpose, how even if the way completely entire serious famine? Child who he is the God's favored one, ascending the sky, these people are doomed are only his stepping-stones. Um, perhaps but most one time also can only ruin several million people.” Yu Wentao said that after all the mountain road so was long, comes up several million people to fill. You felt relieved that moment when explosion presents will present the scene one by one, kills one another is the best result.” Abao said. Um.” Yu Wentao nodded. The decisive battle must start finally. In the serious famine only permits the person of their wave of tripod, other damn. This is Abao's disposition. In dungeon. Xia Tian lies down there, old lunatic sits there, has not hit him, but seems looking at anything. „Is old lunatic, what you looking at?” Xia Tian asked that he was almost killed couple days ago by the old lunatic, at that time he was puzzled, but he will respond from now on, the old lunatic definitely was discovered that Abao came, therefore under that heavy hand to him, this to not kill him, but to guarantee him, if his wound entire were good, that was his time of death. Abao is will not allow him to be good absolutely.

Since has thought through this matter, Xia Tian also no longer that complained about the old lunatic. How many people have you most one time killed?” Old lunatic extraordinary has not hit Xia Tian, but looked that asked to Xia Tian. Does not remember that several hundred people should have.” Xia Tian said. I most one time have killed 3 billion people.” The old lunatic said. 3 billion.” The time Xia Tian whole person who hears this digit has been shocked, this was also too terrifying, even if were these 3 billion people places in front of him the head, will make him chop leniently. Does not use that surprisedly, the person who I kill is not in the spirit world kills people absolutely many.” The old lunatic said. Kills you are more than?” Xia Tian very puzzled saying. Disposable words, should be I, but if accumulates in together, I absolutely am not.” The old lunatic said. That many people who you kill? You did not fear that encounters retribution?” Xia Tian surprised asking. Now also isn't the scourge?” The old lunatic smiling looked that asked to Xia Tian. Volume, how long were you closed?” Xia Tian asked. Does not remember that but here should change eight masters, the time that each master comes in probably is about 200-300 years appearances.” The old lunatic said. One 200-300 years, eight, 3824, you lived for more than 2000 years.” Xia Tian incomparably surprised saying. This has anything to be quite surprised, so long as I do not want dead, that I will again live in 2000 not to have the issue.” The old lunatic said. Actually you are any monster!” Xia Tian very surprised looks at old lunatic. I am not the monster, in the past in the spirit world Expert like me had, afterward them. Where that called, I do not remember that but afterward had not come back, should be entire, from then on can be getting fewer and fewer cultivation to my this Realm person.” The old lunatic closed time was too long, he did not remember these geographic names.

My Fuck! Xia Tian took a look at the old lunatic, the words of old lunatic said was very simple, however his meaning was actually, was almost fierce with him and died the people who he was fiercer, he was in the spirit world the strongest person. This was also too shocking. Boy, you in my eyes weak pitiful.” The old lunatic said. That is, you lived many years, I this year am only 19 -year-old, I from cultivation to the present more than one year of time.” Xia Tian by an old lunatic such saying, the arrogance also came up. Not the hit day is happy, but Xia Tian also understands that perhaps when this old lunatic on the convulsion, he perhaps will not escape death by a hair's breadth. „, Good.” The old lunatic spoke thoughtlessly a saying. What is good, you look like I such big time is the strength of what rank?” Asking that Xia Tian refuses to accept. I said you cannot understand, because of my Realm division and your difference.” The old lunatic said. „, Also is right, you lived for several thousand years, I have an issue to be curious.” Xia Tian very earnest looks to the old lunatic: You speak Chinese.” What is Chinese? Is the language? The entire spirit world uses this language, but the writing between tribes is different.” The old lunatic said. Tribe! Hears these two characters time, Xia Tian believes finally the old lunatic lived for several thousand years, because outside absolutely does not have the tribe now, is the city. I am more curious, you are so fierce, is actually who to close you?” Xia Tian asked hurriedly.