Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1810

Xia Tian is very curious. Like such strong person, is actually who can lock him here, moreover locks is several thousand years. This name I remember, because my these years have scolded me to scold him like you, although I have not remembered why he locked me here, but I remember the name of this person.” Because the old lunatic was closed the time here to be too long, had many matters not to remember. What person?” Xia Tian very curious asking. Nine cauldrons Da Yu.” The old lunatic said directly. This name Xia Tian may remember, because this person is the China legend, moreover his small cauldron is Da Yu builds. „.” Xia Tian nodded. „Has boy, you also heard this person?” The old lunatic asked. Has heard, he is legend same figure, but is in the fables, what I do not know my.” Xia Tian said: Was right, do you name?” „Do I name?” The old lunatic has thought a meeting: Does not remember.” Volume!” Xia Tian a little admired the old lunatic, why his unexpectedly was closed including oneself here, named does not remember that this is closes silly, closed insanely. „Does your chain have multiple?” Xia Tian tried to guess. This shackle builds with the black ferrotungsten, he is connects here directly to the mountain , the dew outside these, each should have about 10,000 jin (0.5 kg), altogether eight, should be 80,000 jin (0.5 kg).” The old lunatic said. 80,000 jin (0.5 kg)!” Hears this digit time, Xia Tian had been shocked thoroughly. This old monster unexpectedly drags 80,000 jin (0.5 kg) chain to hit him every day, in other words he had not used fully, perhaps otherwise already died: 80,000 jin (0.5 kg), can your fist here mountain overthrowing?” You think anything, these chains are lock on my bone, so long as I make an effort, the chain will tighten my bone, that taste was not dug the bone to feel better compared with you.” The old lunatic said.

Good! You have not thought can run away?” Xia Tian asked that he today already thorough why turned into 100,000, he had too many questions, too many were curious. Just started to think, but afterward does not think that I already here when was used to it, lets words that I exited, I did not know this what course to follow, I only hope, some people do not disturb me again.” The old lunatic said. What thing is the rare treasure of there seal?” Xia Tian is now good while the old lunatic mood, starts to ask oneself all questions. There, is my weapon, I initially all of a sudden had killed 3 billion people with it.” Old lunatic very optional saying. Heard to kill 3 billion each time, Xia Tian had to accept after checking unable to bear, after all this digit was too terrifying, completely has really surpassed his cognition. He has not thought that unexpectedly of there seal is the weapon of old lunatic. This was also too terrifying. If such terrifying weapon comes out, that can be a disaster absolutely, but Xia Tian guessed that should besides the old lunatic that strong person, others have more than enough such terrifying weapon. Xia Tian a little wants to smile now, for these people this rare treasure struggles, but they cannot open this rare treasure finally absolutely, because this rare treasure is the old lunatic seal, feared nobody to open besides him. „Do you want to wait dead here?” Xia Tian asked. Otherwise? I cannot exit here, said again, I feel here like my family.” The old lunatic said. If I can save you?” Xia Tian asked. If some day you had with my same strength, you come back to save me again, otherwise I exited, is very lonely.” The old lunatic said. You are really an old lunatic, the odd person, you have not thought that before I am they send to deceive your? Now how what is willing to tell me?” A Xia Tian face strange looked that asked to the old lunatic. Ha Ha, you called me the old lunatic every day, but have you called me the old fool?” Old lunatic unexpectedly smiled.

His meaning is very simple, that is he, although is a little insane, but he is not absolutely silly. „Do you hit me every day?” Xia Tian most has doubts is this, the place that because the old lunatic hits every day is the fixed nine positions, just started him, although has not cared, but the time one was long he to want not to care is difficult. Under day Lingshan. Ha Ha, the person on mountain gave up resisting, these many people rush, perhaps they also hoodwinked, even if will be kills also to make them kill leniently, once they used to extinguish demon big, that will be finally big definitely to consume, no matter how mediated us to expect that was exactly the same.” Today we can take day Lingshan.” What wants to have a look on the mountain the person of that two tripod to see the time expressions of these many people is really.” Under the mountain these tripod Expert are very excited saying, in their opinion, the present war has finalized, they were to win today. Boss, was quick, was quick.” Day spirit second child incomparably excited saying. In day Lingshan. Abao, they soon reached.” Yu Wentao said. Has the person to kill, no rush.” Abao said. You go, come up many people to kill many to me, has remembered, cannot downward clash.” Yu Wentao orders to say directly that these Expert have killed afterward directly, these people majority are the ordinary common people, they even Heaven Grade, at this time climb mountains, is brings death simply. The slaughter started. After ten minutes. Can start.” Abao said.

Good!” Yu Wentao nodded, afterward under told one to person. Meanwhile. Bang! An entire fierce explosive sound transmits, afterward the flame soars to the heavens. Finished up? No, this is only starts merely. That moment when the flame clashes, explosive sound continuously has transmitted, these people who climbed a mountain were swallowed by the flame instantaneously, the person who under the mountain wants to climb a mountain is also explodes crushes the broken bone, such scene has shocked all people directly, although flame kernel, only then several million people, but the remaining prestige affected more than ten million people. Run away! Sees such scene, these people all opened ran away, cracked a joke, the words that at this time forwarded can only jump the fiery pit. Brings death completely. What?” These tripod Expert also completely present all was shocked. In dungeon. Well!” Xia Tian is waiting for old lunatic's reply, but he suddenly discovered at this moment the small snake crawled on his chest, on his face immediately one happy: Small snake restored.”